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NewsNews • 29 Apr 2022

A fog inspired ring of canopies connects cultural center by Sou Fujimoto Architects to terraced landscape

Sou Fujimoto Architects were inspired by the site’s village landscape of terraced fields draped in fog. The architects proposed a floating lightweight canopy that hugs the landscape like a cloud. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy starts from the main buildings and cascades downwards the terraced landscape to connect with the river. According to Sou Fujimoto Architects, the canopy ring provides a sense of continuity and allows the building to blend with its natural surroundings. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy is made out of naturally woven lightweight materials and provides a soft boundary for the cultural center. The volume that punctures the canopy breaks with the village morphology and signals a public function. Shanghai F... More

Project • By a small studioPrivate Houses

A Canopy House in Nairobi

This project was to re-imagine a private residential house that was sited in a steep and lush hill. Paying homage to the existing dwelling was at the forefront of the design. Instead of demolishing it, we investigated what was underneath.  We re-orientated the house so it looked away from a parking bay and opened up towards the rear where the woodland understorey provided an exquisite backdrop. We didn't want to impose an imported idea. We appropriated local materials in innovative ways and through recycling original features and opening up of new spaces, we gave a new life to the house. MOD Photography MOD Photography MOD Photography MOD Photography MOD Photography MOD Photography MOD Photography... More

Project • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretSports Centres

Bakü Olimpic Stadium

Architect: Heerim Architects & Planners Facade Applier: Çuhadaroğlu Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Application Area: 12.600 m² Scope of the Work: Aluminium Stick System Curtain Wall, Aluminium Composite Sheet Claddings, Shading, Canopy Caption Caption Caption   More

NewsNews • 11 Feb 2022

Sou Fujimoto nestles House of Music inside Budapest City Park

The 9,000 m2 House of Music is nestled amongst the trees inside Budapest’s City Park. Sou Fujimoto wanted to design the museum as a continuation of the park. Liget Budapest - Palkó György A large undulating canopy, made out of 1,000 honeycomb-shaped elements, aims to blur the boundaries between museum and park. The canopy is covered with 30,000 decorative tree leaves and punctured with 100 crater-like holes. Some are punctured by trees and others allow for natural light to flood the interiors. Liget Budapest - Palkó György “We were enchanted by the multitude of trees in the City Park and inspired by the space created by them. Whilst the thick and rich canopy covers and protects its surroundi... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

The Sculptural Canopy at Sungang MixC

The frontage of SungangMixC Market Hall, China Resources’ new mixed-use development in Shenzhen, is now complete.  Created by Ted Givens, Design Partner of 10 Design, the frontage is marked by a stainless steel canopy that forms a dynamic sculptural first impression for visitors to the new complex, acting as an artistic gateway. The sweeping form spirals into a loop and pulls visitors into the retail street. Two large office towers frame the edges of the retail street, and the canopy is used as a mechanism to create a comfortable pedestrian scale. The metallic skin is highly reflective to add vibrancy in both sunlight and the glow of early evening.     Construction of the entire development is well underway with an an... More

NewsNews • 22 Jan 2021

Structural work on Sou Fujimoto’s Hungarian House of Music is completed

In the designs for the highly anticipated House of Hungarian Music project Sou Fujimoto aims to dissolve the boundaries between the building and the Városliget park surrounding it. The key element is a large floating canopy structure punctured with holes that represents sound waves.  Liget Budapest Project The voids function as light wells to flood the interiors with natural light in the same way as the foliage of trees. The park gradually changes into a big floating roof that Sou Fujimoto describes as an “architectural forest”. Liget Budapest Project Sou Fujimoto adds lightness and transparency to the building in some places by implementing 12 metres high glass walls. The walls are made up out of 94 cust... More

Project • By Liqui GroupPavilions

Park Pavillion

For this public space project Liqui designed a canopy-like pavilion, constructed from corten. It was important for the pavilion to act as a noticeable focal point from different vantage points within the park, and despite its large size, the structure was designed to be inviting and encourage exploration. To achieve this aesthetic an open canopied framework was designed, supported by four tree-like columns on a raised base. The centre of the pavilion features raised levels giving visitors a fresh vantage point to view the surroundings. More

Project • By Smith ArchitectsNurseries

New Shoots Bayfair Early Learning Centre

Situated within the magnificent context of Tauranga, is the newly designed New Shoots early childhood learning centre by CASA (Collingridge and Smith Architects). With the passion of delivering beautiful purpose-built human spaces, the architectural proposition uses sustainable design strategies to provide children with a nurturing and healthy learning environment, promoting growth and exploration. The core vision of the architecture was to reflect the city’s relationship with the sea, while framing the significant nature of Mount Manganui. Located within the fastest growing neighbourhood of Bayfair in Tauranga. The New Shoots early childhood centre accommodates for children ranging from infants to preschool, the project facilitates... More

Product • By heroalheroal OR

heroal OR

Modern patio roof with especially wide span widthsThe roof system heroal OR creates a perfect solution in modern design, thanks to its cubic shapes and concealed rafter feet. The two variants heroal OR Slim Line (SL) and heroal OR Grand Line (GL) offer a wide range of patio roofs for every need – with an identical processing of both variants. With a span width of up to 12 metres, heroal OR GL provides for unlimited panoramic views. heroal OR SL, in turn, stands out for an especially slim design of the supporting framework.The versatile accessory systems available for heroal OR, e.g. the horizontal sun protection heroal HS, the vertical sun protection heroal VS Z OR and the all-glass sliding door system heroal S 20 C, make it possible... More

Project • By Alvidrez ArchitectureOffices

Sun Metro Operations & Maintenance Facility

In the expanding border city of El Paso, Texas, there is a need for expansion of public transportation and it’s facilities. Sun Metro, the City Mass Transit Department, is the public transit provider to the metropolitan area. The facility is situated on 50 acres and is comprised of four buildings: Operations (26,000 sf), two storey Maintenance Facility (94,000 sf), Fueling Facility (13,948 sf) and Bus Wash (9,200 sf). It houses bus driver amenities, check-in areas and training facilities, as well as related supervisory and man­agement functions.The design intent of the space is a welcoming environment a large canopy highlighting the main entrance, a continuous corridor for ease of access where all spaces are connected and distributed, and a... More

Project • By DCM Architecture & EngineeringOffices

Peter W. Rodino Jr. federal building new vestibule

The Peter W. Rodino Jr. Federal Office Building is a 16 story, 467,550 square foot structure housing several government agencies, including the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Regional Center, the General Services Administration, and the US Attorney’s Office.The original main-entry vestibule of this secured building consisted of two narrow entrances, with only one scanner in each and an oversized exit pathway between them. To alleviate the daily congestion and long visitor lines waiting to go through security, the vestibule was expanded outward to the building’s existing two-story exterior columns. Taking adjoining first floor space, the two security screening entrance spaces were expanded to fit two baggage and portal b... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectPrivate Houses

HHCR | househut

A country house is anchored to the horizon line, where the bank of the Tresinaro torrent stands as background and scene of the environmental field. The house reinterprets an historical countryside typology space named porta morta in contemporary terms, defining a hollow space that becomes the fulcrum of architecture.Two side wings help to ground the house in the plot: they slide on each other by a transparent double height passing through which links and connects the spaces of the bedrooms / studio on the first floor through an hanging balcony.The porch as a solar diaphragm and jasmine canopy configures the open-air extension of the living room, while the first floor rooms extend the house towards the landscape.&nbs... More

Project • By Tolga ArchitectsOffices

Adatarım Farm Administrative and Accommodation Bui

Farm Facilities in Eskişehir is designed for managing and accommodating for a big ranch. An Administration building and a Accommodation building is serving for owners and workers in the most appropriate way.Administration building is providing laboratories, a meeting room and working spaces for veterinaries, agriculturalists and administrative staff.Accommodation building designed for all kinds of employees and guests. It includes bedrooms, a dining hall and a big gathering hall for celebrations and conversations. More

Project • By KUBE ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Casa Abierta

The Owners are from Costa Rica. After the second meeting, their second child was born. At the third meeting, their house was filled with family and friends, a common occurrence in their home. The suburban box did not at all fit their lifestyle. It was closed, dark, and divided into very small rooms. They said that there was not one space in which they felt comfortable. They wanted a house of openness and light, where their children could be free to explore and play independently, still within view of their parents. The solution was to create a courtyard house, with large sliding glass doors to bring the inside out and outside in. The existing house was completely opened up, and a cathedral ceiling created in the living room. Programmaticall... More

Project • By HENNPavilions

Porsche Pavilion

Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg Architecture, landscape design and exhibition concept A few weeks ago the Dr .Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG celebrated the opening of their Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg in the presence of 200 guests of honor. For the first time since its opening in 2000, the theme park receives another building structure in the form of the new Porsche Pavilion, which expresses the importance of Porsche within the Volkswagen Group family. ‘The building is unique and its construction is extraordinary. This pavilion also has a symbolic and historical dimension, as it hints at the common roots through which Porsche and Volkswagen have been connected from the very beginning and will conti... More