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Product • By Love TilesLIGHT


Light collection was created in Single Fired Wall Tiles – for coating – and in Glazed Porcelain – for flooring. This collection expresses a minimalist language. More

Product • By Love TilesCORE


In strong alliance between colour and cement base robustness we present Core. Symbol of new decoration tendencies, this collection reproduces richness and versatility of micro cement without renouncing ceramics intrinsic attributes. Natural and Formwork are two of the main surfaces of this collection. Both work as a foundation, but it is Formwork – elaborated just like typical old construction system also known as formwork, to sustain and mold structures – that can be used to a complete wall and floor covering or only as a decorative note. In a sublime and minimal way, we transformed Core to highlight the contemporary side of its creations.   More

Product • By Love TilesBALANCE


Balance captures the true urban sphere and renews the industrial style. The result is the sum of several inspirations in cement, a contemporary symbol of current trends. This collection, in a search for places to live and grow, puts a new spin between the balance of a ceramic collection and the minimalist style.   One of its main characteristics is the differentiation it can offer, since the surface reflects distinctive features and a graphic intensity with fluidity and movement.   Its composition, a coloured-paste porcelain stoneware (Coloured full body porcelain), makes it suitable for use on walls and floors.   The trend today is the experiences and the simplicity of each moment. This collection suggests a minimalis... More

Project • By PLUS ULTRA studioApartments

ALM | Domestic Jungle Apt

Two levels for a young family of four: the project has been an opportunity to experiment with new combinations of materials, colours and textures, creating different scenarios within the same apartment. The reuse and refurbishment of the large space of the attic allowed to experience an unconventional layout with the living area extended on two levels: on the lower level a cosy and spacious entrance area in continuity with dining area and kitchen; on the upper level a large living area characterised by sloped ceilings and a large terrace. The lower floor plays on the presence of greenery, real and illusory: in front of the entrance a large wall covered with a "palm jungle" motif wallpaper, by Cole&Son, hides the door towards the sleep... More

Project • By Estúdio MineralShops

Mels Brushes Store

With the demand to design a fragrance store by Mels Brushes, the office of Estúdio Mineral, together with Plante Comigo, proposes the LOJA ESSÊNCIA. To create the concept of the project, a path was taken to articulate and to develop an understanding of the word essence, which comes from the perfumery sector, but also is often used in an architectural context.  By integrating the foundations of contemporary architecture – the natural and the artificial - the whole project highlights their duality, while also maintaining their distinct and contrasting coexistence. On one hand, natural ceramics are used to emphasize organic characteristics, beckoning towards earth, raw brick and the powerful craft work of pottery throw... More

Project • By ITT CeramicPrivate Houses

Origami Australia project

Element Interior Design & Styling has covered the three bathrooms of a luxury house on the southeast coast with this porcelain seriesThe contrast of volumes and geometric textures that it is able to reproduce have been determining factors in the choice of the Origami model by ITT Ceramic to cover the three bathrooms of a luxury house located on the coast of the Coral Sea. The project was carried out by interior designer Toni Empringham, owner of the firm Element Interior Design & Styling, who assures that "this ceramic series, combined with the details of the accessories in black (full trend), allows an exceptional result to be obtained". According to the Australian interior designer, the bathroom is a very important room in today's... More

Project • By FAQ arquitecturaShops

Eleven Tourist Apartments And Two Shops

This work has consisted of completely rehabilitating a building in the center of Seville to turn it into a building of tourist apartments and shops. The building was the historic headquarters of Almacenes Arias, traditional weaving shop of the capital of Seville, on the pedestrian and commercial street Puente y Pellón. During its history it underwent different renovations, some due to the fire that took place in the year 75, being a heterogeneous construction materially and structurally. It is decided to replace a large part of the structure due to its poor condition and the intervention is used to empty and make a large semicircular patio that allows the appearance of interior apartments. Given the irregularity of the place and the need t... More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade ceramic Nozzle

Handmade Ceramic Ns Nozzle

Handmade ceramic size is 20x20 cm. It can be used in wet and dry places. It can be produced in special colour for Project. We have 25 colour varieties as standart. More

Product • By ElemexCeramitex®


Strong. Beautiful. Lasting.Introducing Ceramitex®. A facade system that simply outperforms. Our large format sintered ceramic facades are lightweight yet durable enough to defy graffiti, scratches, weather, and the test of time. The system is fabricated to your exacting specifications on our proprietary Unity® integrated attachment technology, giving you a complete system engineered to beautify and protect your project. Ceramitex® is North American code compliant and is supported by the Elemex® 360° Advantage. More

Product • By Love TilesGENESIS


Genesis: at the cutting-edge of design.We went back to the roots where everything began. In a true awakening of senses, we find textures and decorations with a bond to sensory origins, to touch and visual sensations. A colourful and textural combination, collection settings bring terrain and sensory elements, as a starting point heading to elegance and irreverence. Versatile, Genesis present ten different structures. Float, Desert, Dune and Wind remind fluidity and continuous movement. With Stellar and Rise we can understand the constant attraction for tridimensional and strong design. As with Palm and Leaf nature patterns are visible and clear. Its smooth colours also allows to build minimalistic settings and combine them with bold decor... More



CUPACLAD Design opens up a world of possibilities for the design of ventilated facades by introducing new shapes and combinations in natural slate.   It is proof that CUPACLAD® has become the best solution for the latest architectural trends.   CUPACLAD Design embrace 2 objectives: Design Assistance Service at your disposal: we will make every effort to adapt your slate solution to the real constraints of your construction site. Creative laboratory. From the most daring forms to the most complex, nothing stops our designers. All our proposals are technically reliable & achievable. Such as Honeycomb design. Hexagons are trendy! They have always been around us. Hexes have now become a source of inspiration in contemporar... More