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Product • By Tejas BorjaALICANTINA-12 FLAT ROOF TILE | RED


ROM TRADITION TO AVANT-GARDE IN CERAMIC ROOF TILESThe most versatile roof tile: A roof tile format that remains elegant and stylish over the years. ALICANTINA-12 is a flat roof tile format that Tejas Borja (Francisco Ramon Borja) has been manufacturing since 3 generations ago. This classic flat profile, known as French roof tile, has two curved lines as a barrel-pan effect and together with its installation in staggered formation (joints “heringborne” fashion) facilitates water drainage. Length: 43 cm.Width: 25.2 cm.Weight: 3.2 kg.Units/sq.m.: 12.3 roof tilesUseful length: 37 cm.Units per ml eave line: 5 roof tilesMinimum pitch: 40% – 22º (*)Useful width: 21.5 cmLateral overlap: 3.7 cmHead overlap: 6.0 cmWeight per... More