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Project • By Designsmith InteriorsRestaurants

Nourish Restaurant

While the UAE has many health-food concepts, Nourish is a unique outlet, that looks to not only help people eat better but also adapt their lifestyles, learn about the importance of nutritious food (and enjoy it!) as well as providing wholesome dishes – living a healthy life can be so much fun!   Opened in May 2017, Nourish is the brainchild of two Emirati cousins, born and raised in this very community. Their vision for Nourish is to be the first holistic ‘healthy concept’, where the food tastes great.   After an amazing response from the Dar Al Wasl Branch, Jumeirah, they decided to expand the  Nourish family furthermore.   The new branch located in Last Exit Mall, Khawaneej, Nourish is more tha... More

Project • By Valdemar Coutinho ArquitectosOffices

Law firm office S. Pereira, R. Miotti, R. S. Reis

The new office of lawyers Susana Pereira, Roberta Miotti and Rute de Sousa Reis identifies itself as a project full of symbolism, innovative and charismatic, as well as a space that emanates safety, serenity and comfort. The existing space, with certain determinant constraints for its new interior dimensioning design, namely the configuration and openings, resulted in a creative and practical project idea, responding to the requests for the office concept sought by the lawyers. Caption Caption Compartmentalized into a waiting room, work spaces, cafeteria and meeting room, the new office, deliberately designed with symbology, sobriety and dynamic lines, offers tranquility and confidence. The delineated space offers the adequate s... More

Product • By Baxter SrlALMA


Leather chair designed by Draga&Aurel More

Project • By anesis, comfortable designsApartments

Dumont Penthouse

Inspired by the skyline views of London and in particular the colours created in the early evenings in the metropolis, from dark ink to pastel blue, TG- Studio has created a sophisticated, calming and balanced mood within the Dumont Penthouse. Our Abata chair in custom finish ideally furnish its dining space. The Abata chair is designed by Athanasios Babalis. Photos by Philip Vile. More

Product • By TeknionMetric


Metric gives task seating fresh possibilities with a trio of upholstery concepts – single fabric, dual fabric and a mixed upholstery option. Unique to Metric, a double layer of cushioning allows for one fabric to be applied to the seat and inner back, and a second fabric to the seat underside and outer back. This distinctive mixed upholstery option invites expressive combinations of color, pattern and texture to convey a message or create a mood. Shaped and cushioned for comfort, Metric also reveals a residential influence and flair.  More

Project • By STGK Inc.Shops

JR Yokohama Tower

Finding your place at Yokohama stationJR Yokohama Tower is part of a reconstruction project and the landmark structure for the west exit area of Yokohama Station. It is also a lead project of "Excite Yokohama 22", the development project for the Yokohama Station area sanctioned by the city of Yokohama. With a total floor area of approximately 100,000 square meters, and a height of approximately 132 meters, it was designed as a complex facility consisting of commercial facilities, offices, and a movie theater. In 2014, we were selected through a nomination competition and were in charge of the environmental design of the exterior corridors, atrium, and rooftop garden. Yokohama Station is an "accessible" place for many people, for it is a hu... More

Product • By Adorjan PortikArmchair Transparent Silentbox

Armchair Transparent Silentbox

Composition of two shapes: the dynamic wooden frame and the calm veil of the acrylic sheet. With all the apparent, strong structural joints we have a frozen moment of balanced tension, forming the receiving armchair. For details visit www.portikadorjan.com More

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersHousing


This interior design is part of a bigger renovation for a generous home and garage, and is inspired step by step by a series of stories and feelings that the clients wanted to experience in their every day life. The entire design is built around a veil of "dark silk", an allegory for the way in which the transition between spaces and rooms of the house is done - dark tones, seemingly rough and hard materials. In reality, we managed to combine textures considered too cold with warm, friendly ones, creating as such a very comfortable, hospitable interior design. The Garage - The story begins by capturing an image of the northern lights on the garage floor. The vivid colors of the epoxy resin are complemented by the micro cement wall finishe... More

Project • By AND StudioOffices

IIINC Office

Office for India Innovation Inc. is based on one core principle: the requirement of flexible, open workspaces for a young, dynamic team. That meant making sure space felt like home for both the young, agile techies and app developers who wanted their space to reflect the wide open spirit of their team. The design carefully plays around with rustic-industrial demeanor with a colour palette that arrests the eye. With mixing of mechanics and furniture design to use of extremely tactile materiality - every aspect of this environment is meant to enhance the experience of the creative people who are working in the space. More

Product • By Spoinqchair quin

chair quin

Comfortable and nice stacking chair Quin. You can design it any way you like with all the colors and fabrics available. Also available in non-stackable and connectable. More

Product • By TeknionChez


Danish designer Rikke Frost shapes the Chez chair with a circular seat. Minimal structure and simple materials give the chair an informal air. The designer’s attention to utility is evident in the way the rolled backrest detail of the side-sit chair meets and is mounted to the metal frame, creating a place to drape or rest the arm. This detail also ensures a firm grip when moving the chair.  Chez is comprised of a side-sit chair, side chair, counter stool and bar stool – each with a round, slightly scooped seat that unifies the series.  The seat bottom is mechanically fastened, allowing one to replace or exchange wood and upholstered seats. Chairs are also available with an upholstered seat and back pad. More

Product • By TeknionSicla


With Sicla, designer Claus Breinholt has created a modern “basket” chair, with a lightweight shell curved along the edges to obtain strength and stability. Adding a detail and dimension, the inventive design incorporates a rib that leads around the back of the chair and along the armrests. The rib ensures structural integrity while providing a distinct design language. Featuring ash wood components, Sicla is available with a 4-leg wood or metal base and as a rocker with a wood sled base. Each model offers the option of replaceable seat pads or single-unit seat and back pads. More

Product • By Baxter SrlJORGEN


Chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni More

Product • By PIKO Edition.Collection "Les 10 Chaises" - Tsé & Tsé

Collection "Les 10 Chaises" - Tsé & Tsé

Ten original chairs that form a beautiful tribe ! These are the "Les 10 Chaises", each one has its own little character... In the kitchen, in an office, a bedroom, around a table ... on your terrace, "Les 10 Chaises" are there, with gluttony and functionality!     More

Product • By AngoSylph Chair

Sylph Chair

In a reworking using the slimline 100% stainless steel frame from “Garden Boy”, Maison et Objet best product design in Paris, 2007, comes another design with a unique hand-weaving in nylon rope for indoor /outdoor use. More