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Project • By Marco MaioChapels


Prague's Saint Augustine School project began 10 years ago as a Christian and Augustinian educational alternative school with a vocational strategy. With a long pedagogy history and practice, with more than 270 schools and 10 universities around the world, the Augustinian school is to be a harmonious synthesis between thought and practice, ideal and reality. The main task of the educator is to support the originality and creativity of each pupil, to help find his own deeper identity. Was in the beginning of 2009 when the Augustinian community based in the Augustinian Monastery in Mala Strana, decided to move on with the opening of the first school in the Czech Republic. The vision of the project was established by Juan Provecho, a Spanish... More

Project • By Listen CommunicationChapels

Christine Chapel

The Chapel is not only a symbolic building of Yeonsei University but also a place to be inspired by the Christian spirit represented by the missionary Underwood who arrived in the country 136 years ago. The building has been praised for embodying the spiritual value of aesthetics that the university pursues. The design of Christine Chapel is focused on adjusting balance while meeting the needs of its primary purpose as a chapel and to be served as a multi-purpose hall. In addition, the design takes into consideration the relation between environment, space, and human in order to harmonize them as a whole. These aspects of the design that the designer has value can be found from the use of material. Oppose to the heaviness of hardwood and s... More

NewsMaterialization • 27 Jul 2020

Finnish Forest Chapel a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit

Located in Finland, the Forest Chapel is a new addition to a popular campground called Tervajärvi. Hosting confirmation camps, small weddings or christenings, the chapel is a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit. Credit: Essi Nisonen As the assembly of the chapel was carried out by volunteers, professionals prepared in advance to ensure ease of assembly with glulam parts, for example, coming prefabricated from a factory. Credit: Essi Nisonen The single most important component of the chapel is the glulam timber roof truss. The truss design was based on structures found in nature, with a cross-section of the components in a harmonious proportion to their height. In the final design, beams curving along with the... More

Project • By BWM Architekten und PartnerMuseums

Vergilius Chapel/ Wien Museum

The listed Gothic architectural jewel was made accessible to the public through a new direct entrance and preserved as a place of contemplation.The Vergilius Chapel was discovered in 1973 during the construction of the Vienna subway network and integrated into the Stephansplatz subway station. This capella subterranea(subterranean chapel) of the Magdalenenkapelle (the outline of which is still visible on the pavement of the Stephansplatz)dates back to 1250 and is one of the best-preserved Gothic interiors in all of Vienna. It may originally have been intended as a chapel for burials, but by the 14th century it was already being used as a crypt for a wealthy Viennese mercantile family. The chapel was adorned with Byzantine-influenced crosses... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Chapels

Chapel & Communication Center at Kyotanabe

This is a chapel and christian cultural center at Doshisha University in Kyotanabe, Kyoto Japan. University hopes this facilities become symbol of Doshisha University insisting "Basic moral education by Christianity" and is handed down for 100 years, 200 years at Kyotanabe campus. We hope student at kyotanabe campus feel to study at Christial university by watching and using these facilities.We also hope these buildings will be told in graduates in memories. Silent ForestThese facilities are proposed as reincarnation of Kyotanabe forest.Myriad of colums covering building surface create sunlight filtering down through the coloums. The light has different expression depending on season and time.  Chapel space helps that people meet w... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsHospitals

University Medical Center Princeton

The Chapel of Light at the Princeton Medical Center is the centerpiece of a large remodel and expansion effort in this RMJM Hillier Architects design. Designed around the concept of divine light, the entryway to this chapel is created with Lumina™ panels. The fixed window panels of Lumina are edge illuminated with neutral white LED lights, whereas the doors also are Lumina with ambient illumination only. More

Project • By 21 ArquitecturaCemeteries

Lobato´s Chapel

From the creative process of this project,they present the guiding concepts that are: divinity and perpetuity; The first is achieved with an acute angle cover with the intention of touching the sky, and perpetuity is achieved visually with a strong, heavy and natural material, thus being the concrete that has a great resistance to the passage of time. Each evening within the place has a special intention, meaning ten years of life each; being a total of 9 pieces More

Project • By Ing.arch. Michal Gaj jr.Chapels

ST. URBAN'S CHAPEL in Zbehy / Slovakia

Motto: "Just like grapes in the press, even man is under pressure... a social one. " (MG jr., October 2017)•The St. Urban's chapel, dedicated to the patron of wine-makers, is located in the rural environment of the agrarian and historically valuable landscape around Nitra, the oldest town in Slovakia. The village of Zbehy used to be a well-known wine-producing area in the past. The first written record of the village is from 1156, however, the village officially dates back to 1292.The new chapel was built at the original location of the old chapel as per the will of the citizens. This unique conceptual and technical design was authored and materialized by the project author Ing. arch. Michal Gaj jr.. In collaboration with the Former mayor a... More

Project • By MASSIMO MARIANIMemorials

Cemetery Extension

The design concerns an area of about 4,500 square metres, which is placed next to the already existing cemetery in order to complete the area allocated for this purpose. This plan, which also involves the south side, where we can find the current side entrance, it const the building of about 1,230 loculi, 720 ossuaries/cinerary urns and 12 private chapels, thus the complex will cover the citizen’s needs for the next 15 years. From the urbanistic point of view, the cemetery is divided into 2 parts. The first-one bears a clear 19th century influence and defines it as a worship place, it’s similar to other places of the surroundings and of Tuscany. The second part, dates from the 60s/80s, therefore the different languages of two different plan... More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioRegionals

Chapel in Artsakh

In this church in Artsakh, we stayed true to the longstanding values of Armenian monumental architecture and recalled traditional hierarchies of space, but also presented a contemporary structure rooted in our era. Though the interior of the church follows a typical Armenian Orthodox floor plan, the exterior form of the church is abstracted, changing the way that the traditional structure meets both the earth and the sky. We give visitors time to process this contrast between an unfamiliar exterior and a familiar interior as they pass through a descending, partially subterranean entry space towards a reflecting pool directly outside the nave’s entry. Overall, the space is a contemplative one which investigates notions of past and present,... More

Project • By Messner ArchitectsChurches

Saint Joseph in the Woods

The church in Stella is an appreciated spiritual place for people from far and wide, not least because it is located along the popular Sigmund Freud path in the alpine woods at 1300 m.a.s.l. The conversion and renovation of the building dating back to the fifties is aimed at reevaluating the existing structure and making it more attractive. The main focus of the modification is in achieving a friendly and inviting atmosphere and a well-defined architectural structure. The east facade of the building was broken through to provide the church interior with more daylight. The huge rectangular opening behind the presbytery bathes the interior in light and underlines the pursuit of linking inside to outside, in a way spiritual to profane.... More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsChapels


The historic chapel in Aarle-Rixtel, a listed building, has been converted into a sleek new residential and care complex called Mariëngaarde. Architect Erik Aarts from Helmond opted for sleek, light, wood, glass and other natural materials, as well as a secure, slip-proof and moreover hygienic flooring from Forbo Flooring in white, called SureStep Snow. The medical center in the chapel hosts a doctor, dentist and pharmacy. In addition, a care-organisation named Zorgboog moved in with departments of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietetics, psychology and a specialist in geriatric medicine. The floor and many of the furnishings were installed by Total Project Service in Veghel. The contract for the renovation and... More

Project • By Divece ArquitectosChapels

Filamentary Chapel

The concept for the Filamentary Chapel is to create a processional scheme, a peripheral pathway around the chapel that promotes an introspective process in preparation for the religious ceremony and for a personal spiritual seclusion.The traditional axial and finite scheme that ends at the altar, is turned around 180 degrees in order to create a peripheral procession that makes the altar the center of the composition.The emplacement of the chapel idealizes the duality between the absence and the presence; it is a construction that is built but it is also excavated. It is like an archeological finding that obliges to make a descendant course which is awarded by the unexpected entrance from the back and also that maintains the atrial cross as... More

Project • By Seliuk designChapels

Chapel of the Intercession

Silhouette of chapel is taken from traditional Ukrainian wooden church tower. Surroundings of pinewood forest conditioned vertical shape of the chapel. Small floor area (9 m2) compensates by high interior space. Square floor plan, thanks to tilted walls, twisted at an angle of 10⁰, ends on the top in the form of octagonal star. The lower horizontal light gives the impression of elation. The structural scheme is a traditional frame covered with shingles. Two types of lighting: the first resembles candles, the second - luminous cross. Entrance is a part of opened wall. The glass door gives the impression of openness. More