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Project • By JMADApartments

Ming Dynasty Suite

Richly appointed, our client’s condo on Nicollet Island presented the opportunity to create an atmosphere, spaces to display their art collection and a highly detailed primary suite.  JMAD JMAD JMAD JMAD Architect James McNeal started with the stair railing that connects the upper floor to the suite. The suite was tight on space, so we wanted to use details that would open up the space without eliminating any. Since the tub takes up so much space, we decided to make the tub an art and water feature - with a hand-carved dragon serving at the helm. All the detailing was custom designed by us, with granite and a pebbled tile flooring underneath the tub. We hired local artists to bring our designs to life. JMA... More

NewsNews • 29 Apr 2024

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre echoes chevron patterns of migratory birds

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre is defined by the acclaimed architectural studio’s futuristic flowing lines and sweeping curves. The expressive design echoes the chevron — V-shaped — patterns of migratory birds as they fly in formation. Conceived by the studio as a “hub of contemporary creativity”, the Civic Art Centre is at the heart of Aviation New City, a large-scale urbanization project in Zhuhai’s Jinwan District in Guangdong province, southern China. CAT-OPTOGRAM STUDIO Yipeng Lyu The new Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre is constructed in glass fibre reinforced concrete, steel, and glass, and consists of three discrete cultural institutes: a Per... More

NewsNews • 26 Feb 2024

Stacked boxes create a zigzagging indoor-outdoor plaza in Nanhu District, Jiaxing

B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio (Beijing Laboratory for Urban Environment) has completed Seed Plaza in Nanhu District, Jiaxing, China, a zigzagging indoor-outdoor plaza composed of a series of stacked boxes, set in a semi-rural location. In use as an exhibition and retail space for the local community, the plaza will eventually serve as a community center. Eiichi Kano B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio noticed more and more people wishing to interact with nature and spend time outdoors. This led the studio to think differently about the inherent value of architecture, creating a space in which the urban environment and nature c... More

NewsNews • 12 Feb 2024

Restrained architecture of new wellness retreat by Studio A+ emphasizes closeness with nature

Studio A+ has completed the Mu Feng Yue Hot Spring Hotel, a wellness retreat located in Fengxi New City, Shanxi Province, China. The hotel’s restrained architecture emphasizes a closeness with nature, from its rustic facade to the meticulous landscaping.  Archi-translator Archi-translator More than a physical structure, the hotel is defined by the careful placement of a series of walls that compose and frame its myriad spaces. “These walls fold and unfold the spatial experience, integrating the ‘environment’ with its larger context,” says Studio A+. A sunken courtyard gives the impression of a structure that emerges from and is a part of the land. The building’s board-formed concre... More

NewsNews • 21 Dec 2023

A grid of customized skylight modules creates a highly sculptural gallery ceiling

The Sky Light Gallery was designed by Beijing-based People’s Architecture Office. Located in TANKO Park in Beijing’s Mentougou District, the structure is made up of a series of white geometric forms. People’s Architecture Office set the gallery on an elevated site, overlooking the grounds of TANKO Park and the surrounding area. The studio explains that “Sky Light Gallery anchors the culmination of a prominent park route and functions as a hub for exhibitions and events.”  Zhu Yumeng PAO Yuan Yingzi The 300-square-meter (3,229-square-feet) gallery’s varied geometric forms serve a number of purposes: A deformation in the lower half of the folded facade can be used as public... More

NewsDetail • 23 Nov 2023

Detail: The material essence of Liuba multifunctional service center

Shulin Architects has completed a multifunctional service center in Liuba County, in the southwest of Shaanxi province, China. At the entrance to Liuba’s scenic mountain area and the Qinling Mountains, the service center provides a reception, public toilets, and retail facilities. With a material palette of warm wood, concrete, and natural stone, the meticulously crafted structure offers travelers and locals a place in which to stop and rest. Zhao Yilong Zhao Yilong Zhao Yilong Based in Zhuantang Town, Hangzhou, Shulin Architects was founded in 2015 by architect Chen Lin. A small architectural studio, the firm places an emphasis on rural construction and traditional culture, materials and nature, the enviro... More

Project • By Greater Dog ArchitectsShops

Renovation of 5 X 7

“ The greenest building is one that is already built. ” — Carl Elefante Metaviz Studio ADAPTIVE REUSE Recognize the value of all buildings, even when it lies abandoned in a corner. Greater Dog Architects was commissioned to renovate a small brick and concrete mixed structure near the ééé building and Its previous function was as a backup room for a substation. The building 5 X 7 is situated on the edge of a riverfront plot. The owner hopes to transform it into a stopping point during the tour of the BSH goose down tourist factory to meet the daily activities of tourists and customers. In response to this requirement, the architects employed an adaptive reuse strategy, making effective use of th... More

NewsNews • 30 Oct 2023

Neri&Hu’s Sanya Wellness Retreat is inspired by an ancient Chinese walled city

Sanya Wellness Retreat is located in Haitang Bay on Hainan Island, a popular Chinese resort destination in the South China Sea. Designed by Shanghai-based Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, the wellness retreat is inspired by the majesty of an ancient Chinese walled city — raised on a plinth, wooden pavilions were usually surrounded by water for protection. Neri&Hu’s design is thus defined by two parts: a large wooden dwelling that contains guest rooms on top of a masonry base that consists of various public spaces and amenities. Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Spread across an area of 83,000 square meters (8... More

NewsNews • 6 Oct 2023

Wuxi Meili Site Museum embraces an ancient archeological site and the public realm

The Wuxi Meili Site Museum was built on the archeological site of the Chinese Shang and Zhou dynasties. Located in Meili Ancient Town, part of the Xinwu District of Wuxi, a city in Jiangsu province, the museum was designed by the Institute of Architectural History, CADG and Atelier Diameter, ZSA. The Wuxi Meili Site Museum is situated in a built-up urban area, close to the ancient Taibo Temple (on its west side) and Bodu River (on its north side). Sitting amidst commercial buildings given the appearance of those from the Ming and Qing dynasties, the museum’s focus is on telling the founding story of Wu culture. Yang Chen Yang Chen Yang Chen Built on a site measuring approximately 2,000-square-meters (21,528... More

NewsNews • 14 Sep 2023

Archi-Tectonics and !melk complete an Eco Park Master Plan for Hangzhou 2022 and beyond

New York-based firms Archi-Tectonics and !melk, in collaboration with the Local Design Institute at ZIAD in Hangzhou, have completed a master plan that forms part of the 19th Asian Games: Hangzhou 2022. Postponed due to Covid-19, the Asian Games 2022 take place in Hangzhou, China, from 23rd September to 8th October 2023. (The Games are a huge undertaking and constitute the second-largest international athletics competition after the Olympics.) SFAP: Shao Feng Photography Shanghai Located on a 116-acre (47-hectare) site, the master plan consists of seven buildings and an eco park, set amidst Hangzhou’s dense and fast-growing urban fabric. When designing the buildings and park, architectural studio Archi-Tectonics and lan... More

NewsNews • 27 Aug 2023

Zaha Hadid Architects complete the new 295-metre Jiangxi River Bridge

In Chengdu, the new 295-metre Jiangxi River Bridge by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is now complete. Designed to accommodate vehicular traffic, cycling enthusiasts, and pedestrians, the bridge is the first of a series of bridges planned along Chengdu's reimagined West Line Road, which will form part of the Airport New Town Ring Road and Cycle Path in its redeveloped state.  Arch Exist Designed using sophisticated structural analysis software, the symmetrical bridge comprises two primary steel arches that rise from either side of the road deck. As the arches rise, they lean toward each other, touching tangentially at their crown and thus stabilizing the structure from lateral wind forces.  With a maximum height of 30 meter... More



The challenge posed to MC-A was the creation of the Portuguese Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lisbon. This space would host a vast exhibition on the various treatments and techniques available in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as some of the tools and medicines used by this ancient practice. Caption Caption Based on a history as rich and long as the one that today represents the People's Republic of China, MC-A carried out a reinterpretation inspired by the imaginary and tools typical of traditional culture, resorting to a metric of pieces and evocative rhythms of the writing systems Chinese. Caption Caption The outlined program consisted of an area dedicated to ancestral products used as medicines,... More

NewsNews • 20 Mar 2023

Ambitious Nanhai Guicheng Jingui High School maintains and simple rhythmic architecture of order and poetry

As part of a larger urban planning project to provide improved and increased infrastructure to the growing urban centre of Foshan, Guicheng, China, the new Nanhai Guicheng Jingui High School by Atelier cnS is a 90,000 square meter campus designed to meet the needs of 3,000 teachers and students. As an ordering principle, the architecture features pure forms for the large-span spaces, including the swimming centre's concrete arches and the gymnasium's repetitive X-shaped columns. The result is a simple rhythmic architecture of order and poetry. Siming Wu Located on a site that provides direct connections to the city centre via two main roads, the school complex includes teaching spaces, accommodation, administration buildings, audi... More

NewsNews • 16 Jan 2022

Cave-like Zolaism Café offers a sensual and perceptual feel of returning to nature

In Aranya-Qinhuangdao, China, Zolaism Café by B.L.U.E Architecture invites visitors in to escape the pace of the city. With the inclusion of man-made stones that recall the mountains and the seas, the design aims to highlight the ability of architecture to create emotion and memory.  Eiichi Kano The architecture of the cafe is carefully orchestrated to look improvisational. Centred around organic forms, the rocks supporting the cave define three sides of glass enclosures. The different rock column sizes conceal the steel structure that divides the space. Furthermore, private restrooms can be found in two of the stone formations.  Eiichi Kano Chairs and tables are located freely throughout the spaces between the... More

Project • By TRA StudioShops

Pearl River at Chelsea Market

Pearl River Mart started almost fifty years ago, when the relationships between the US and China, were non-existent, it was since the beginning a symbol of friendship between the two countries, an attitude which, during the years, evolved into a beloved neighborhood Institution. TRA studio TRA studio has worked with PRM since 2001, when we were approached to design a vast 20,000 square feet space in SoHo, followed in 2008 by the 10,000 square feet Pearl Home, to house the vast Emporium that constitutes the Pearl River Mart’s diversified merchandise, encompassing over 15,000 products, ranging from inexpensive home goods to the most curious and expensive. The SoHo store already incorporated some of the support spaces that are now... More