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Project • By AARTChurches

Strängnäs Cathedral

With the restoration and further development of Strängnäs Cathedral, a new chapter is added to the history of the church and the surrounding area, known as the hilltop-cathedral, which for more than 1,000 years have been a nerve centre for religion and culture. A new chapter that aims at embracing the many players of the cathedral and facilitating a living, culture-historical environment. Caption A culture-historical environment As the winning piece, the cathedral is restored with respect for its proud history while creating more space for it to hold more activities than it does today – including exhibitions. Simultaneously, the outer spaces are brought into play again, while three new buildings are established to giv... More

Project • By Beneito FaureChurches


Chrurch  More

Project • By KHR arkitekter ASChurches

Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of Holy Cross is conceived and designed as an abstraction over the open horizontal landscape around Jyllinge. The building is built in glassfibre composites and appears translucent. Homogenous surfaces with changing angles The rooms in the building are designed with regard to the church’s functions and the changing character of the skylight. The idea was to let homogenous surfaces change in angles and planes and thereby create light, shadow, heaviness, lightness and transparency inside and outside. Intimacy and flexibility The room narrows in towards the choir and has several different entry points to ensure intimacy and flexibility during different arrangements. The light flow into the church defines the room’s function;... More

Project • By Wilmotte & Associés ArchitectesChurches


A PROJECT DEVELOPED ON A LISTED SITE The land chosen for the Russian Orthodox Spiritual & Cultural Centre project in Paris was originally occupied by the former headquarters of Meteo France. It is close to a number of very popular Parisian tourist attractions and it is adjacent to the banks of the River Seine. The development adjoins the Palais de l’Alma and is not far from the Eiffel Tower, the Quai Branly museum, the Invalides Esplanade on the left bank, and the Grand Palais and the Museum of Modern Art on the right bank. A PROJECT THAT RESPECTS THE NEIGHBOURHOOD AND THE ENVIRONMENT The project is closely incorporated into the existing urban fabric, and particular care has been taken to landscaping. The height of the four building... More

Project • By Joao Morgado - Architectural PhotographyAuditoriums

Boa Nova Church

The site’s name was the “End of the World”. It was one of the city’s last slums. The project brief was determined through a participative process involving everyone in the local community in order to guarantee the project’s social and economical sustainability. The final brief included a church, a community centre (providing jobs and childcare to some of the slum’s former residents), a primary school and an auditorium. The local community set as one of the main goals the creation a new identity in order to rescue the site from its decade long negative stigma. To the East and South, anonymous suburban surroundings offered no interesting references; hence, we decided to design the church’s tower as an iconic reference. To the West, we d... More

Project • By Meixner Schluter Wendt Churches

Stephanus church

Within the scope of restructuring measures implemented by the protestant church in Frankfurt, it became necessary to extend the Stephanus church in Unterliederbach, a building from the 1960s, by further rooms for the parishioners. This extension process was also required to incorporate an optimisation of the functional procedures and room organisation. The Stephanuskirche is a solitary building in a public green space. As well as some changes to the interior, the concept envisages a new portal construction as a prominent symbol of the extension. The portal construction further develops the plastic impression of the stand-alone ensemble consisting of church body and the tower – without abandoning the authentic impression of the 1960s. As... More

Project • By Meixner Schluter Wendt Community Centres

Dornbusch church

The Dornbusch church is situated in a residential area in the north of Frankfurt. Due to the poor condition of this 60 year old church and due to the extreme decline in attendance at church services, a complete demolition and the new construction of a small „prayer room“ as a replacement were under discussion. Planning studies were able to show, however, that the best choice is only a partial demolition. From a town planning point of view, a spatially and functionally intact ensemble remains – consisting of a community centre, „residual church“ and tower: a new churchyard, with an attractive potential for public use, is created. The spacious area round the altar and the choir remains as the old / new church. Reconstruction/ New construc... More

Project • By STUDIO KUADRAChurches

The new Church

As befits its central role in the community, this Church is a Landmark and point of congregation for all in the area of Piacenza. The aim of this project is to keep the religious function of the building to the fore while incorporating the necessary space and facilities for other, everyday, activities. The concept for the design came from the idea of leaves: emphasising the natural attachment to the earth and at the same time the spiritual detachment from it, creating a dynamic floating form to inspire worshippers with a material recreation of an ideal of the Church connecting earth and heaven. The two undulating leaves of the Church form the wall and the roof of the building; the former, seeming to rise up out of the ground and fold around... More
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Project • By OOIIO ArchitectureChapels

New Valer Church

A few years ago, the inhabitants of Valer, an quiet Norwegian village not too far from Oslo, surrounded by forests and close to the Swedish border, watched how sadly their ancient wooden church was on fire and got totally destroyed. This is why at the end of 2011, they decided to invite architects from all the world to design a new temple that mean a new beginning for the religious community at town. OOIIO Architecture designed for Valer a different and new typology of building, trying to solve two problems of the city at the same time. They need a new church, and they don´t have a representative public space, a meeting point where all the inhabitants could meet or immediately associate it to Valer, and nowhere else. Usually, churche... More

Project • By Boczkó ArchitectsChurches

Memorial Church of Heroes

The construction site for the reformed church is located in Vác, in a small Hungarian town near the capital Budapest. The aim was to design a recent and modern church with low budget in the background. The contour of the building has been determined by the amorphous shape of the building site - the most practical exploitage, the slightly curved streetline on both land-side and the road sight / view. The shape of the building has to communicate the austerity and unornamented design of the reformed church in a contemporary architectural language. The considerations above have led to the introduction of the curved side walls, hands clasped in prayer imitated building in an abstract way. The crowd longitudinal axis of the plot have been... More

Project • By RRAChurches

Community church, Knarvik

The Church of Knarvik holds an important position as a cultural provider and a communicator for the Christian message and community, on holidays and during every day. The church will be central for a safe childhood environment and at the same time be a platform for cultural development, arts and music in the community. The church is friendly placed in the terrain and has dimensions that respect and blend harmoniously into the landscape’s vegetation, topography and that stress the space qualities. The church and its outdoors are developed to the place and the soon to come central square in Knarvik. The church of Knarvik will become a local venue for visitation and faith through the whole week. The project shall appear invitingly and includin... More

Project • By Skidmore, Owings & MerrillCathedrals

Cathedral of Christ the Light

The Cathedral of Christ the Light resonates as a place of worship and conveys an inclusive statement of welcome and openness as the community's symbolic soul. The glass, wood, and concrete structure ennobles and inspires through the use of light, material, and form. More

Project • By Cino Zucchi ArchitettiChurches

"Christ Resurrection" Church

The new church and parish center is located in a narrow plot of Milan’s industrial periphery. The hard townscape of the neighbourhood and the story of the previous church (a warehouse-like building built in the sixties by workerpriests) suggested the simplicity of its design, which emerges from the surrounding fabric only by few strong gestures. The street façade bends inward to acquaint for the main diagonal view, and the high hall takes the shape of a large rectangular box enriched by two large “sails” embracing the assembly. The fronts are panelled in vertical strips of different materials (concrete, white stone, zinc, glass) whose rhythm responds to the different edge conditions. More

Project • By Inkpen Downie Architecture & Design LtdChurches

Vision 21 St Peter's Church, Harold Wood, Essex

St Peter's Church, Harold Wood is expanding and has a fifteen year plan to make its church 'mission shaped'. We at Inkpen Downie have worked with the church community to help make their building meet the varied needs of its growing congregation and welcome new generations to the church whilst ensuring planning permission is obtained. The revised design has provided the church with: * Creche and pre-school facilities area * Commercial kitchen facilities * Modern offices for study and meetings * Welcome desk and bookshop * Increased accessibility through widened corridors and doorways, lift installation and a new entrance. More

Project • By Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Cathedral of Christ the Light Graphics

The Cathedral of Christ the Light employs state-of-the-art technologies to create a space of extraordinary lightness. Architecturally scaled graphic elements highlight the play of light and the integration of Catholic symbols that are key elements of this new 1350-seat Cathedral. The design conveys an inclusive statement of welcome and openness as the community’s symbolic soul while merging Catholic traditions with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. More