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NewsNews • 5 Nov 2021

Circular Pavilion by Studio ACTE demonstrates how circularity can create inspiring aesthetics

In the heart of a wild garden in Rotterdam, the Circular Pavilion by Studio ACTE is an experimental, temporary cabin. Expressing that circularity can be an inspiring aesthetic, each material is already reused and harvested from the local area and it is anticipated that the cabin itself will ultimately be recycled.  RubénDarioKleimeer The architecture dialogues between mass, transparency, time and durability with each element and detail visible from inside and outside, offering a permanent dialogue with the garden.   RubénDarioKleimeer The aesthetic of the rammed earth base emphasises the contrast between natural and artificial materials. It is the first time that rammed earth is been used in Rotterdam, an... More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Monumental Gare Maritime in Brussels is restored and reimagined

Neutelings Riedijk Architects in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechnik have restored and reimagined the monumental Gare Maritime on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels’ Kanaalzone as a lively city quarter encompassing office, retail, dining and leisure functions.  Filip Dujardin | © Neutelings Riedijk Architects Dating back to the early 1900s, the site has functioned as a hub of multi-modal freight transport platforms, incorporating water, rail, and road.  Mixed-use facility and urban regeneration specialists Extensa commissioned the revitalization project, which involved two core phases.  First, the existing 280m long x 140m wide building and its’ distinctive supporting structure of riveted lattice g... More

Product • By GispenTurn office chair

Turn office chair

Gispen Turn distinguishes itself by its design and simplicity. The clever frame holds a single piece of netweave string to create a sleek design. The hybrid motion technology automatically adapts to the user’s weight and provides comfort and freedom of movement. Turn is available in three versions: with a black, medium grey or a light grey frame. The star base hub is available in black or polished aluminium.   More

Project • By FIBANDCOResidential Landscape

Eco Home

Material used are all sustainable and they includes Green Blade banana veneer, bamboo flooring and acoustic fibers tiles. Penetrable window frames and sun screening louvers, all dressed with Green Blade create an open living environment incorporated with passive climate controls. Bladeless ceiling fan, food waste digester, and a portable hydroponic farming greenhouse provides a green kitchen environment.  The bathroom, clad in blue glass, is equipped with air drying faucet, vacuum water closet, water saving washing machine and grey water recycling plant in a stylish “green house library” environment.   More

Project • By FIBANDCOBanks

Le Village by CA

The Village by CA is a business accelerator that connects startups with large companies, ETIs and SMEs. It helps startups to grow and develop as close as possible to its 40 corporate partners (Naval Group, IBM, PSA, Capgemini...) in an open-innovation logic. ERG Architecture has chosen Green Blade® acoustics for a sustainable and elegant design in the auditorium guaranteeing excellent acoustics for presentations, pitch, and musicians speaking in the Village.    More

Product • By GispenCIMO desk programme

CIMO desk programme

Circular and Modular CIMO derives its name from the innovative combination of its ‘circular’ and ‘modular’ characteristics. The CIMO desk collection combines peerless sustainability with clever design. Not to mention its smart adjustment mechanism, as well as a unique design that supports a healthy way of working. Flexible, quick and simple to operate, CIMO allows you to freely alternate between sitting and standing at your desk. More

Product • By GispenSETT CE couch

SETT CE couch

Circular designGispen’s Sett CE is not simply a designer sofa; this sofa is made of 95% recycled material! In order to reduce the production of plastic waste, Gispen has taken its own plastic waste and has made a sofa out of it. We 3D printed packing materials to create the shell of Sett CE, for example. When you reuse materials, you must always make sure that they are separable again, ensuring that they can be reused in future production processes. All materials of the Sett CE sofa are separable and the innovative technology ensures that every single component can be reprocessed into a new product. More

Project • By RAUOffices

Triodos Bank

The natural surroundings of the Estate were considered during the development of the new office. The design and construction are centred around principles of nature and biomimicry. Biomimetic architecture seeks solutions for sustainability in nature by following its set of principles and using it as a model, taking inspiration from natural designs and processes. Building heights have been adjusted to remain below the treeline. Bat flight routes were respected, and a special light plan was developed to prevent disorientation and to protect fauna. The energy-neutral building consists of sustainable materials and a demountable, wood-hybrid construction, which was designed by Rau Architects and constructed by JP van Eesteren... More