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Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

The color dose flat

Yellow, green, and a bunch of natural colors combined with modern art. If this is not the definition of comfort, we don’t know what is. The distinctiveness of this design is in its details. The grey rug coming from under the colorful sofa, and surrounded with exclusive furniture elements. That, as planned, is the central element of the whole room. It is rather intriguing how much an interior can tell about the owner. Our client, as can be guessed by the style, is a person of unique taste, creativity, and courage. Interesting people have interesting friends - and hence, rather fancy house dinner parties. So, we made sure to provide the guests with ultimate comfort: look at those chairs!Another thing worth mentioning is the ultra mod... More

Project • By Studio LukaOffices


In collaboration with On studio, we created a colorful, happy and sophisticated space for Konimbo, a company specializing in e-commerce. The design, which reflects the character of this innovative company, was created in direct communication with the colors, textures and surfaces of the architectural design. We also created special pennants for every room, different from every sign you’ve ever seen!  Project Managers: Dina Bigger and Aviv Bronstein.    More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Lenovo Offices in Bratislava

Slovak Branch has grown The Slovak branch of the international leader in IT - Lenovo - has grown significantly since 2006 and thus needed more space. They chose offices in a modern business center in Bratislava. The three floors of the offices provide all the facilities and top equipment for their users.   Open-space coworking We are used to that the modern offices are created mainly as open-space. But Lenovo offices have gone a step further and work just like coworking hubs. There are also floating tables, so everyone works right there and with who they need. This allows you to collaborate freely between teams and change positions as needed. Unified IT equipment (Lenovo, of course) and therefore full compatibility of all devices o... More

Product • By TuntexT665 Granite

T665 Granite

Our Granite collection is a terrific choice when adding a touch of extravagant of your space. Coming in 10 fantastic beige, grey and brown shades not only does this carpet feel great but it looks it too.  The durable stain resistant Granite carpets from Tuntex has nexlon premium Solution Dyed Nyon. More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiOffices

Furniture for the National Audiovisual Institute

The furniture project for the new building of the National Audiovisual Institute occurred as a result of research amongst users of the space. The principle of balance was applied as the right answer to the identified needs of employees; providing balance between dominant and neutral colours, standardized and untypical forms as well as different character between spaces for employees and visiting NInA guests.   As a result colourful mobile couches traveling between different zones became the foremost bonding element. The rest of the furniture made of white and black plywood strictly relate to the recognized functional needs of Institute’s employees.   In overall, more than forty different models of furniture were designed... More

Project • By Ballina Group, LLCOffices

Spark Orthodontics

This 3,400 SF orthodontics office features wood planks and bright colors throughout creating a place designed for the patients comfort. The hallways has light features that run into the ceilings to guide patients through the hallway. The lobby offers multiple seating options so everyone is comfortable with outlets in the furniture to charge mobile devices and small refreshment area. More

Product • By Max Q Holzmarketing GmbHTandem Acoustics®

Tandem Acoustics®

Tandem Acoustics® is a broadband Absorber for sophisticated spaces for peace and colour in space. More
View of Lobby from Second Floor

Project • By Ballina Group, LLCOffices

VSP Dental

VSP DentalCompleted in 201712,000 SF two story, state of the art dental facility featuring high end design solutions for both patients and staff experience including an interior "live wall" and employee fitness center.This steel framed building boasts modern aesthetic fiber cement panel cladding, foam insulation, solar panels and much more for maximum efficiency at low operating costs. More

Project • By BrigadaShopping Centres

Food Palace in Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall Food Palace is the center of happenings and social activity of the mall. In spite of its location on the upper-most floor, where high attendance is usually a challenge, Food Palace turns out to be very successful according to the numbers. Different types of seating have been designed for slow and fast food restaurants located in the same zone – the slow food zone being more intimate and hidden with comfortable chairs, the fast food zone more exposed to passers by and open to the mall corridor. Food Palace has been introduced into the existing Mall interior with its colors and refreshing design. With thoughtfully selected materials, furniture and lighting fixtures, all the restaurants have been connected and incorp... More
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi

Project • By Brani & DesiApartments


"in s i d e - beyond the noise" is а room for a college girl who studies Illustration & Graphics. The reason to study this discipline is the love she feels to the art of the contemporary illustrators. She would like to combine her another passion philosophy and art together. Her room represents the inner self. Everything inside is open and visible for the eyes, even the wardrobe is without doors. The room is in light blue – the color of true. There are a variety of forms for the different zones. The dominated acute shapes in the zone of the bedroom provides a feeling of warmth, and the rectangle shapes in the work zone - feeling of comfort. Somewhere the shapes are intertwined one within another and to be balanced, they have been filled w... More

Project • By Metcalfe Architecture & DesignHousing

Curran House

Metcalfe converted three historic, late 19th-century brick carriage houses in Center City Philadelphia into a single dwelling, creating a unique, light-filled, dramatic, and highly personalized artistic retreat. The renovated space now boasts an expansive artist's studio on the first floor and open and airy living spaces above. More

Project • By Metcalfe Architecture & DesignHousing

Cohen House

We designed the renovation of this 1925 stone colonial in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia to support the social life of an active family. The home features custom-built shelves, cabinets, bureaus and expanded closets in each room. Its open floor plan puts the focus on the back terrace and glass encased entryway. We also inserted a new mudroom in the back of the home for the family's use. Creative inspiration from the family's art collection can be found in colorful vignettes and artistic finishes - design that represents our clients' unique style. More

Project • By Metcalfe Architecture & DesignPrimary Schools

Wissahickon Charter School

Metcalfe worked with Wissahickon Charter School (WCS) to design a new 48,000-square-foot school building, on a brownfield adjacent to the Awbury Arboretum in Germantown. WCS’s mission focuses on the environment, service learning, and family involvement. Its new home is a light-filled, sustainably constructed building featuring a green roof, public meeting spaces, composting, a student-run bio-diesel program, rainwater permeable parking and sidewalks, and a programmatic connection to the Awbury’s gardens and farmland for outdoor education. The school’s entry and hallways are punctuated by social spaces that facilitate informal learning and social interaction. 2013 PA Brownfields Conference, Extreme Makeover Award Winner More

Product • By KonceptTono


Tono is an original LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Turn on the white color mode and choose between warm or cool light to suit your preferences. Switch to the color mode to splash any desirable color onto your wall/furniture. Turn on the color shuffle mode to let a rainbow of colors dance freely around your room. Featuring 126 LEDs, Tono can cycle through 1,500 light color combinations of red, green and blue at various speeds. Surprisingly, Tono consumes just 18 watts and emits approximately 600 lumens. The LEDs are rated to last 10,000 hours – that's 9 years assuming 3 hours of daily use. For those who crave the non-traditional, Tono is the lamp for you and all of your moods. More

Project • By Metcalfe Architecture & DesignHousing

Spence House

Soaring ceilings, sustainable materials, and bursts of interior color make this a simple and comfortable home in the woods. The house is designed as a sequence of spaces that provide intimate and expansive indoor and outdoor views for the owner’s daily movements from garage to interior and outdoor spaces. More