Coloured glass

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Project • By Archi-TectonicsApartments

Loft 8B

Loft 8B resides comfortably in the 497 GW Building, where we translated the architectural design of the cascading glass facade to the interior, with a folded bogwood spine that spatially organizes the apartment— separating and connecting, displaying and privatizing. The bogwood’s lit axis branches to the music room, guest bathroom, master bedroom, and bathroom. The interior also includes a blue-glass master bathroom, which contains an overflow bath and steam shower, and art storage areas, which are either within the bogwood spine or in rooms concealed behind pivoting walls. The loft also includes a 7ft long steel fireplace set in a mantel of local stone.   Material Used : 1. Stone: Stone Source 2. Glass: Carvart Glass 3. Kitchen: Boffi... More

Product • By FARELLBOBBIN side table

KALYDO Low Table

KALYDO is a coffee table inspired by the kaleidoscope. Its edgy design plays with the metal shines and tinted glass to create compelling reflections. The transparency of the glass that allows you to see the floor beneath gives it a lightweight feeling. Together with the DUB stool, you can create elegant combinations, full of light and color, ideal for lounge spaces with modern interior design and bold style. Design by Kickie Chudikova More

Product • By OmniDecor glass designDecorGem & DecorOpal - coloured glass

DecorGem & DecorOpal - coloured glass

DecorGem® - Color collection Enamelled glass with etched or glossy finishing. Modern architecture and interior design rediscover the magic of colour through DecorGem® temperable coloured glass, a sturdy, unalterable product with a pleasing touch and easy to clean. DecorGem® enamelled glass sheets are produced using an exclusive proprietary technological process with high temperatures, which melt the colour onto the glass. This process guarantees colour consistency and inalterability in time of both the enamel and the glass itself. This creates new opportunities for cladding or partitioning solutions that enable glass to be used outdoors as well as indoors. DecorOpal® - Color collection The innovation and aesthetic vividness of DecorO... More