Archi-Tectonics is a research-based design practice located in New York City, founded by Winka Dubbeldam in 1994. She and Justin Korhammer, Partner, lead a diverse team of designers that works on multiple scales, spanning from cities and buildings to design objects. We are not limited to a specific program or style; rather, we develop a unique identity for each project. Our design teams conduct rigorous project-specific research and as a result, our clients receive customized experiences and optimal spatial formations. We are passionate about the use of smart systems and sustainable materials to create healthy and energy-efficient environments. “Abstract and skeletal, Dubbeldam’s folds imbue this salon with an unmistakable elegance and sophistication while maintaining an equal measure of tectonic clarity, aesthetic economy, and purpose” writes Henry Urbach in Interior Design Magazine.
Our Projects
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111 John Street, New York, NY, USA