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Project • By OJAN Design StudioHousing

Layers Villa

OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio Layers Villa is located in Hashtgerd region in Alborz province with the area of ​​1200 square meters. This building has four floors and the area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, including a reception hall, kitchen, dining room, four master bedrooms, a complete suite, sports spaces, swimming pool, service spaces, utility rooms, etc. In the initial analysis of the site, we realized that the climatic conditions of the area and the neighborhoods could be a threat to security and privacy in this house, which was one of the most important concerns of the design team in the first design steps of the project. OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio The main idea of ​​the project is base... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Stories Tailoring Varteks

One hundred years of Varteks conveyed through 14 appealing stories We shaped the exhibition using the materials and the stories that Varteks used to build itself over the course of more than 100 years of its existence. The physical design elements of the exhibition are represented by textiles that create zones, and each zone is a story which gives shape to what we remember best about Varteks and brings an insight into the future of this fashion house. Each story captures the visitor for a few minutes, and it immerses them into a moment from the history of Varteks, be it when the company was concluding global collaborations or when it was building its brand through striking posters and advertisements. The reflection on a hundred-year histo... More

Project • By Marco Maio ArchitectsChapels


Prague's Saint Augustine School project began 10 years ago as a Christian and Augustinian educational alternative school with a vocational strategy. With a long pedagogy history and practice, with more than 270 schools and 10 universities around the world, the Augustinian school is to be a harmonious synthesis between thought and practice, ideal and reality. The main task of the educator is to support the originality and creativity of each pupil, to help find his own deeper identity - School with all the senses, the mind and the heart. The architectural solutions for the main existing building were settled in the sense that the new spaces should induct people, in particular the students, to interact and have the continuous sense of hu... More

Project • By MAHDI MARABEApartments

Kindl Housing

The project examines the relationship between an Urban object in the city and itsimpact on the Urban context and how to transform such an object into acontextual architecture. Our site is located in the Neukölln neighborhood inBerlin, a special site that separates different parts of the neighborhood, a sharpchange of levels that stops the movement abilities between the areas. A hugeurban object is located on the site, a large and opaque warehouse structure, builtover a timeline, and each part of the building was added at a different time, thiscan be identified through the section of the building and by identifying variousconstruction technologies that indicate the period of build up.The first thing we wanted to do was to turn this arch... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Daarbast Cafe

Daarbast Café is about 376 square meters. The main goal of its interior design is creating social interaction among people. The possibility for establishing other branches of the café in future was considered in order to fulfill the owner’s request. Scaffolds are used as the main structure of design which grants an identity to the space. A part of the exterior wall is destroyed to benefit from sun light and natural views. The scaffold provided the context in which we could increase the area of the space and create visual transparency. Implementing the scaffolds not only impose low budget to the project but also create the possibility of various decoration fashions. There are different forms of settings in the café, made with scaffolds.Lead... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsCultural Centres

Hafezieh prayer room

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsLead Architects: Amirhosssein AshariDesign Team: Zahra Jafari, Niloofar AskariArea: 155 m2Project Year: 2015Hafezieh prayer room is designed in order to serve the prayers, visitors and passengers in Hafez Tomb. Due to the project site which has the history of hundred years, the design process is created in harmony with the Tomb’s environment form. Utilizing the brick material (in Fakhro modins configuration) at tomb complex, led the design to a brick cube with hollow surfaces. One of the important aspects of this concept was that, the of men and women entrances form to the prayer room were highly influenced and derived by Qibla direction and main axis of the Hafez tomb. By creating a modular hollow pattern for th... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Throwback Tunnel

For the occasion of the Croatia Insurance Company’s 133rd anniversary, Zagreb Grič Tunnel has been transformed into a multimedia time machine transporting into 133 years of an interlaced, stormy history of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and individual histories of every citizen and visitor.The exhibition has been created by three agencies – Millenium promocija, Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, and has been named Croatia is Croatia, emphasizing the historical role Croatia Insurance Company has had in the economical growth of the country since 1874, when it was founded by great Croatian writers and politicians August Šenoa, Ivan Vončina and Gjuro Deželić.The exhibition covers 2100 square meters in total, spanning the full 3... More

Project • By Didonè Comacchio ArchitectsParks/Gardens

Auditorium and park in Albignasego

The project develops from a deep analysis of the existing context. The site is flat, characterized by cultivated areas that give strong lines to the landscape. The buildings surrounding the site are mostly small residential settlements with pitched roofs. In the distance there is the presence of the Euganean hills, with which the building will relate.The project is organized in an organic and not invasive way, respecting the natural environment and the previous settlements, but at the same time firmly declares its existence, "a strong silent presence".The alternating combination of natural and "contemporary" elements constitute the strong point of the project, characterized by simple shapes that are boldly integrated with the countryside an... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitectureIndividual Buildings

1149 Broadway – New York, USA

The building on 1149 Broadway has a long history. At the end of the 19th century it was a confectionery factory and later it became the headquarters of a local automobile brand. After a considerable period of abandon in the 20th century it now has to be re-established in order to be rented once again. The building plan is narrow and long, which makes the interior quite dark. The only natural light comes from the windows on the main façade and the small openings towards the backyard. The client’s will is to transform the ground floor into a piano bar which will perfectly integrate the surrounding artistic neighborhood. The upper floors will become an office for a local industrial design brand. The project uses very few materials in order to... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitectureMuseums

Home of roman culture – Nîmes, France

The city of Nîmes needs a new museum for its roman artefacts. The archaeological museum has no more space for them and there is an entire collection of restored pieces waiting to be exposed. The strong presence of roman culture in the city guides the city towards the idea of building an entire “home” for it: a place where one can not only visit the museum but can also read about roman culture, study it and share with others about it. The selected plot is located next to the Arena of Nîmes, the biggest roman artefact in the city as well as one of the most well preserved roman arenas in the world. Like other roman buildings in the city its simple geometric shape disconnects it from the surrounding urban network. Those observations lead to the... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitectureCultural Centres

Cultural center – Vienna, Austria

The project for a new cultural center in Vienna aims to combine various cultural, urbanistic and landscape objectives. The chosen site, the artificial isle Donauinsel, separates the Danube river form the channel. It also divides the city in two parts: to the southwest there is the old town, the city center, an active cultural pole and a symbol of the Vienna Secession. To the northeast there is the new business pole Stadlau, with skyscrapers built in steel and glass. Donauinsel is a beautiful place where people come to walk their pets or to do some sport. It has wonderful views to both the old town and the business center. But its distance from them keeps its status of a transition space where only few people go. That is why the place was ch... More
The Delicate Apartment
The Delicate Apartment
The Delicate Apartment
The Delicate Apartment
The Delicate Apartment

Project • By MUZAApartments

the delicate apartment

We named this project “the delicate” apartment because every part of it is very special and carefully designed. This 89 square meter apartment was created in 2016 and is located at the center of Prishtina, Kosovo. Given that it is a new building, our focus was to design the elements inside the apartment in a creative way, so that the space and the product usage would be optimized. The kitchen, winery, the coffee table, chairs, TV set, the library and everything else are handmade and are designed especially for this apartment. Our clients agreed to our proposal not to use doors to separate the living room from the hallway so that there would be a better flow. They were newlyweds and had a special request, to have a corner for the wines. To t... More

Project • By o25Hotels

Concept for a 7-star hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece

The site lies in Pylaia, Thessaloniki. It is a five minutes distance from Thessaloniki International Airport and 20 minutes from the International Fair of Thessaloniki. The whole area embraces a great potential to develop into a core of new and upcoming programs, activities and interests that will engage not only the visitor but the wider area as well.The “fillet” of land that extends from the Farm School Road to the foreshore of Thermaikos Bay in Pylaia renders a very attractive piece of land that a 50-acre “Resort Club” prospects a dynamic program that will successfully engage different kinds of occupation and activities. Access is possible by car, by helicopter on the hotel’s rooftop helipad or by boat to the new marina.The proposal to t... More

Project • By dmitryman.comApartments

Modern apartment

This modern showroom created by for Ukrainian building company Bartolomeo RT. Natural materials, natural colors, space and functionality harmoniously unite and create freedom and serenity. Wooden floors, veneer furniture, plaster, natural carpets form the atmosphere of a country house. Large windows open a magnificent view of Dnipro river, flood the rooms with the sun and set the feeling of even more space of the apartments. There is a lot of storage space, WC site is divided into two zones. More

Project • By dpai architecture incShopping Centres

SouthTown Improvement Study

SouthTown is a unique district nestled below the Niagara Escarpment near downtown Hamilton. It encompasses the prominent streets of James and John South and includes major attractions such as St. Joseph's Hospital, the Hunter Street GO Station, the Augusta entertainment area, and the historic James South Terraces. The vision for SouthTown recommends several actions to guide improvement in the district. To name a few, the City of Hamilton can help improve the physical condition of streets and sidewalks by investing in urban design that maximizes the use of the more popular corridors. This includes a redesign of the sidewalk in front of the historic James South Terraces, the introduction of public art at key gateways, and the transformation o... More