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Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsLibraries

Librio Yukuhashi Library

It is a complex facility centered on a library located in Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture. When building public architecture, especially in a  rural region, we believe that the utmost importance is to create a building that is only possible there. By drawing upon the historical context of an area, we want to create meaning  of the architecture to situate in the area.    A Town Called Yukuhashi [行橋] Yukuhashi City, in Fukuoka Prefecture, is located about 25 kilometers South-Southeast of Kitakyūshū City. It is a central city of the Keichiku Region with a population of roughly 70,000 people and, in recent years, has become a commuter town for those working in Kitakyūshū City. The name “Yukuhashi” comes fr... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The location and the resulting image of the project at the initial stage set the basis for the idea. All elements of the interior are brought into the exact balance of volumes and colors, textures and materials, as well as in the fullness of decor items. The house is surrounded by a pine forest, with a low floor the windows are at the level of the tree crowns. The surroundings bring natural colors and materials to the interior, while the interior is shaped by a structure that unites the living areas. Everything is as flexible as possible to erase the framing contour of the apartment. Technical issues are minimized or visually hidden to give the space as natural as possible. There is the required number of lamps, electricians, ventilation is... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant

'Eighty Twenty Meals' is a Saudi-based health-conscious food brand. This outlet based in Riyadh is their most recent venture. CAS participated in the graphic designing of this Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant. The green theme of the logo emulates a refreshing vibe and can be easily replicated on the brand merchandise. The easy communication and attractive themes, typography and straightforward patterning instantly appease the customers and makes the concept more accessible to them. More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsUniversities

Utah Valley State College Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center at Utah Valley State College is a 29,000 square foot building which had 21,000 square feet remodeled. The building was designed in order to accommodate future growth with a second level added to the new addition. The focal point is a large space with a skylight providing natural light to the interior. More

Project • By STO.M.PPrivate Houses

House in a Grove

Heritage is this gamut of inherited objects, ideas, culture, and traditions. Not to be confused with preserving or restoring old things, values and ideas; It is often the collective of the tangible and intangible that has been passed on over time. Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is a city known for its wealthy merchants that were once hosted to wealth from across the globe.  But the Great Depression of the 1920s’ led to their gradual downfall. Even the opulent homes crumbled as the inhabitants couldn’t afford its upkeep. The city today, perhaps, resembles a discolored painting. A standalone palace haunts a desolate land with impressive exteriors but disintegrating within. In the case of Chettinad and alike, what does the current time inherit?&... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUPrivate Houses

FH1 house

FH1 house was designed for temporary and permanent stay, is intended to provide both a connection to the outdoors and a feeling of warmth and protection from within. It is locate in Norway, just near the water. Given the location and the steep plot it had been desirable that the house be dug into the landscape, so it would act as an element integrated into the nature. Dmitry Koloskov The design of the house allows a close interaction with the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery. It provides a feeling of being outdoor when inside. South-facing glazed openings from floor to ceiling provides ample daylight. Veranda can be closed if we need to save important temperature in the cold season. Dmitry Koloskov A concrete walls o... More

Project • By AUM Pierre MinassianPrivate Houses

White Snake house

The White snake house is a particular souvenir for the architect Pierre Minassian and his architecture studio AUM based in Lyon, France – a peculiar challenge of an exceptional construction of a home sculpted from concrete and glass perched on top of a lake. The site in itself represents 40 hectares of lake and oak forest. The lake is oval shaped and located in the middle of the forest.The clients originally wanted to build their house in the middle of the forest, but the architect Pierre Minassian convinced them to build it on the lake. The house is composed of 2 slabs of white concrete. The level of the lower slab varies so that there are different levels in the house.The layout of the rooms depends on sun exposure and viewing a... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturWorkshops


MARIN EDUCATIONAL CENTERRibersborgsstranden, MalmöThe marine educational center stretches out along Ribersborgsstranden shore, where city and landscape meet. A concrete floor is laid out level with the sand. Sand from the shore is mixed into the concrete to give it the same color and reflecting qualities. From the floor a constellation of solid volumes rise up to lift the room underneath the massive, reed-covered roof just above the horizon.The interstitial spaces created between the floor, the roof and the volumes open onto the surrounding nature, transmit light and provide visibility through towards the horizon. The activity of the marine educational center unfold for anyone who dwells on the shore, while at the same time this activity fr... More

Project • By Allaert AluminiumShowrooms

Showroom MV

Installing high windows, doors and structural facades in a new Mercedes showroom in Ypres created by Govaert & Vanhoutte. More

Product • By Spring ValleyCAAST Ultra-High Performance Concrete

CAAST Ultra-High Performance Concrete

CAAST® is an Ultra High Performance Concrete ( UHPC ) panel made from a cement based composite, reinforced with PVA( Polyvinyl Alcohol ) fibres.CAAST® offers superior strength and durability compared to other cement-based solutions. These attributes create a material that is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. CAAST® panels are developed and manufactured at our Ancaster, Ontario headquarters.The highly moldable nature of our technology aids in rendering high quality aesthetic details. We have access to a wide range of profiles and can collaborate on customized solutions as well. Once permanently installed, maintenance is limited to cleaning the surface as desired by the preference of the owner & building management team. CAAS... More
Concrete Tube House
Concrete Tube House
Interior Pool
Concrete Tube House

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersIndividual Buildings

Tube House

Situated on the outskirts of Bucharest, this elongated, low height house respects the treeline and the small vegetation typical for the Romanian plains. ▪ The interior layout differs from the traditional one - the rooms are set on both sides of a central axis that separates the day-time area from the night-time area. The bedrooms are placed on one side, and the shared spaces are situated on the opposite one. Instead of an simple hallway that allows access to various rooms, we decided to transform the corridor into the centrepiece of the house. We chose a sculptural concrete tube, perforated by skylights that create a dramatic effect as one passes from one side to the other. It is the main attraction of the composition, proving that technica... More

Project • By Bernard Mallat ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

the Backyard

Cluster H - The Backyard, Hazmieh - Beirut The human mind is forever inclined to order and organize objects into patterns in an attempt to create easily recognizable, navigable environments. However, unplanned human settlements clearly show more random configurations that cluster around various attractors; typically, natural resources and mercantile spaces. Beirut, displays such an unruly pattern. Being an ancient city it has fallen subject to the influence of numerous cultures and has altered itself to adapt to its occupiers. Layers have accumulated and recent wars compounded by explosive growth have seen it engulf the suburbs. The lack of proficient planning and a succession of conflicts have driven the residents and their city to be... More

Project • By Mustard ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Block House

By extending at ground floor and reconfiguring the plan, a spacious and light filled minimal home was created with open plan kitchen, dining and living areas opening directly to the outside with frameless triple glazed windows and large sliding door framing the garden with views from the front door increasing the sense of space and garden connection.Industrial materials were exposed and celebrated such as black MDF for the kitchen, concrete blocks for the exposed blockwork walls and concrete floor which also reduced construction costs. Externally, black paint conceals and unifies the use of low cost bricks with existing brickwork.A black painted core was created housing services, utility room, storage, WC, family bathroom and stud... More

Project • By Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbHPrivate Houses

O House

On both, the front and the lake side, this sculptural villa shows very expressive and ornamental facades. Facing Mount Pilatus the white concrete elements are dotted with circular openings that allow glimpses into the two-levelled orangery with its exotic plants, as well as the lounge, the guest tract and the staircase accessed through one of the openings at the ground floor. The lake side with superb mountain views of the Rigi and the Bürgenstock shows off a protruding, glistering loggia made of round glass bricks. Very decorative, such elements are a strong contrast to the rough renderings of the side facades. The basement nestles along the slope and opens into a large fitness area with a 25 meter pool, half inside, half outside, which i... More

Project • By Graphic Concrete Ltd.Memorials

SC Johnson Fortaleza Hall

Inspired Architecture by Foster + Partners: SC Johnson Fortaleza Hall.Fortaleza Hall honors the SC Johnson family history and celebrates the spirit of adventure. Curved graphic concrete™ interior walls add to the visual effect of the experience of Project Honor: Fortaleza Hall and the Community Building.Photography: James Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography Fabio Gherardi Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc. More