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Project • By ESTUDIO MMXPrivate Houses

CVC House

The CVC House is generated from the articulation of the garden´s exterior spaces, terraces and the central patio with the spaces that were required by the client, as a way to generate a dialogue between the built space and the open space. In addition to a sequence of open spaces with varying degrees of intimacy, that allow to pass gradually from the large space of the street to the green space at the back of the plot.  Rafael Gamo Inside a 3x3x3 grid, 10 volumes are distributed around a central patio. This way, the project intertwines two units that can be inhabited independently. Rafael Gamo A compact program within a porous massing, allows the interior spaces to have optimal conditions of sunlight and views without... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Terra House

Casa Terra arises from the intercalation of parallel walls made of pigmented concrete that are perpendicular to its central circulation axis. The articulation between these components generates spaces while defining residential functions and creating patios that open to the main garden. The closure between the vertical (walls) and horizontal (slabs and floor) planes is made with large glass panels that dilute the visual boundaries between the house and the landscape. The route along the central circulation reveals a succession of openings and closures while offering constant visual contact with the exterior.   Design team and collaborators:Acoustic: Roberto Thompson Motta Air Conditioning: Argen Automation: Noise Cons... More
Ground floor plan

Project • By PORTHousing


Designer: PORT ( privateFunction: single-family housingArea: 239 m2Project location: WrocławYear: 2018 More

Project • By Michel Macedo ArquitetosPrivate Houses

RG House

Conditioned by an environmentally protected area on the backyard, the RG house diverges into two distinct priority facts, one environmental and another human: the uneven topography, characteristic of the city, and the contemplative value that the preserved vegetation offers to the residents on the most private limit of the lot.   The project proposes an alternative that reconciles these two aspects. From the street, the house extends from the upper level to the backyard, in a way that floats on the topography while suits it, creating a shaded area on the ground and linking the main access to the street. In this conformation, the project assumes a elevated ground floor for intimate purposes - whose elevation allows privacy and the bes... More

Project • By Michel Macedo ArquitetosPrivate Houses

JK House

Composed by two fundamental aspects: structural design and nature, this house merges building elements into a beautiful valley landscape in Paraná state - Brazil, interrelating the geographical aspect and the local topography. Implemented as a stone inserted into the landscape, the raised ground floor on a single plateau is bounded by a concrete wall at a more private level relative to the street, adding the pool at its edge minimizing landfill impact. The design of the structure that rests on this stone is positioned in a way so that the premise of the proposal could it be revealed in the access as a sculptural piece that unites structure and architecture, keeping the natural concrete with strong appeal to the local techniques . T... More

Project • By studio203Private Houses

Lilyfield House

Lilyfield House is a spatial assembly of internal and external rooms and volumes, opening to the light, to green spaces and rising to the district outlook. The rooms and platforms of the house pviot around a central atrium, integrating portions of a historic shop.   Accessible from only two sides and subject to acoustic constraints under a flight path, these 3-storey alterations and additions cater for family living and working from home. Accommodation includes two living areas, a large kitchen and dining area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, existing garage, carport and outbuilding.   A reduced materials palette of off-form concrete, black steel, plywood and bamboo flooring and historic fabric in white-set plast... More

Project • By D. Champsas architectural officeHousing


A. ANALYSIS | Typological background   - In the past, the island's economy was largely based on agriculture, which exploited the fertile lands. In the case where the property was not flat, the farmer was building retaining walls with the stones he had taken out of the field, a technique that preserved the precious soil from being washed away and turned the slope into arable terraces ("pezoules" ). (see photo 1)   - A characteristic type of island’s vernacular architecture is the stone farmhouse, usually of α rectangular plan. It consisted of the "crevatos", where the couple would sleep together with its children, the kitchen and rarely a reception room. (see photo 2) It was only later on, when families could afford to expand this core-house... More

Project • By Radical ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House in the Golf Course

Fact File:Project name: House in the Golf CourseArchitect’s Firm: Radical Architecture Design ConsultantsWebsite: www.radicalarch.comContact e-mail: manivel@radicalarch.comProject location: Bangalore, IndiaCompletion Year: 2018Gross Built Area : 6280 Sq.FtLead Architects: Mani Vel Rajan, Janani Vedha.           Project Team: Faizur Rehmaan, Kishore Sankar, Aravinth Shanmugam.Client: Ashok ChokalingamStructural Consultants: BASE ConsultantsContractor: Sannidhi AssociatesPhoto credits: Priyan Yoganathan             Photographer’s website: Description:An ultra contemporary hous... More

Project • By Cera StribleyPrivate Houses

Robinson Beach House

A truly laid-back holiday house this design seeks to adhere to a minimal aesthetic genre, the clients wanted to create a sophisticated, textural house with a rich materiality that wasn’t overwhelming or fussy.A busy couple with teenage children, the clients were specific with their functional brief, with an elevated and relatively open and level site to work with, this house is all about orientation and creating areas for living in at different times of the day. The foundation of the architecture was to create two rectangular forms perpendicular to one another to allow circulation around and between the forms. The first floor, a black, timber lined box and the lower rectilinear form created by intersecting in-situ concrete walls with timber... More

Project • By Cera StribleyPrivate Houses

Parkside Beach House

Taking inspiration from the iconic Mornington bathing boxes, Parkside Beach House features concrete bricks and timber batten cladding throughout. The property is ideal for multi-family use and balances open and spacious communal areas with the privacy of secluded retreats. This holiday home is designed to accommodate multiple families and guests simultaneously, creating the need for both insulated, private spheres as well as functional and welcoming communal areas. With apartment-like spaces, private entry points and a kitchenette independent of the main living/kitchen area, Parkside fits this brief perfectly. With the dramatic juxtaposition of the timber batten cladding and block work of the carport area, the exterior of the... More

Project • By Besonias Almeida arquitectosPrivate Houses


The place Costa Esmeralda is a real estate development over the dunes on the coast, 390 km from Buenos Aires. This is a recent urban development with young acacias and pines forestation and some sectors of consolidated forest. © Daniela Mc Adden The lot to intervene is a high rise dune with the peculiarity of having in part aged woods and also a recent pine plantation, although undoubtedly its most prominent feature is the abruptness of its relief. Between the access road and the highest sector of the lot, located approx. in the plot center, there is a height difference of 12 m, so that in order to access to it is necessary to ascend a slope of more than 45 °. © Daniela Mc Adden The commission The request was a hou... More

Project • By Besonias Almeida arquitectosHousing

Om House

Location: Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, Argentina Design: María Victoria Besonías, Guillermo de Almeida Collaborators: Arch. Diorella Fortunati Land area: 1535m2 Built area: 218m2 In project More

Project • By Besonias Almeida arquitectosPrivate Houses

Berazategui House

Design and Project Management: María Victoria Besonías, Guillermo de Almeida. Collaborators: Arch. Diorella Fortunati, Arch. Micaela Salibe. MEMORY by María Victoria Besonías The place It is a lot in a new closed district, with a young vegetation and very few buildings, so that the house had to be conceived lacking of all data provided by an already established neighborhood. The particular location of the lot, still without adjoining houses, neither added relevant data to the described environment, except those related to its orientation. The challenge of this request then was to conceive a house which will set their own laws, pending completion of the boundaries lots that, according to the regulations of the neighborhood, shall be on... More