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Project • By 08023 ArchitectsHousing

Barcelona Container House

BARCELONA CONTAINERS HOUSE IS AN EXAMPLE OF SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE ARCHITECTURE  WITH A DIFFERENT AESTHETIC. A HOUSE OUT OF THE ORDINARY.   In the surroundings of Barcelona we have built a design house with containers, the Barcelona Containers House. A rational architecture design, recyclable and balanced with the environment. A family with new ideas and a desire to change the world proposed us the challenge of building a house with recycling. Much of the reused elements had to be used in the construction of the house. Its construction should be simple since they themselves wanted to be part of the house by building it step by step. More

Project • By Hombre de Piedra Arquitectos Transports

Seville Cruise Ship Terminal Phase 2

The second parts can also be good. This is the second part of our Seville Cruise Terminal project, which expands and upgrades the original building. Ports and cities share the common feature of undergoing constant change. To resolve the challenges brought on by that interaction, port buildings must be able to change over time, without recourse to improvisation. One solution can be to propose modular industrial architecture that highlights the port’s distinctive nature, though designed with the architectural quality required to ensure the respective urban integration. In that regard, the Port of Seville needed a new cruise ship terminal that would be flexible, multi-purpose, extendable, easily removable and even transportable. That w... More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa 40Foot

Villa, Location: Fasham, Tehran, Iran More

Project • By KS arquitetosPrivate Houses

Container House RD

The Container House RD emerges from the owner’s intimate rapport with metal structures. A metalworker by profession, he dreamt of participating in the construction of his own home, alongside his team, putting to practice industrial solutions to conventional construction practices. The idea of reusing and repurposing marine containers as highly-resistant, ready-made structures, resonated fully with the aspirations and ambitions of our architectural firm to develop a challenging project. Another important factor which informed our decision to opt for this material modality was the optimization of the work, both in terms of time and ease of assemblage, a far cry from traditional masonry and reinforced concrete.   In principle, the... More

Project • By yellow office architectureOffices

mercato comunale bucarest

Mercato Comunale is manifesto, a recovered city space in the center of Bucharest. It is a new food and culture market in the heart of Bucharest. A lost space brought to life.Enjoy the contemporary design, food and cultural experience. More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

The Adris group Pavilion

The visitors of the 2016’s Weekend Media Festival were bound to notice a 10-metre-high structure in the courtyard of the former tobacco factory Tvornica duhana Rovinj. Its three floors were home to food tasting, socialising, and dancing, but also the platform for a unique perspective of the festival’s events. It was a promotional pavilion for the main festival sponsor, Adris group, and was designed by our team and executed in partnership with Bruketa&Žinić OM and Pepermint. The pavilion’s step-pyramid shape is a continuation of the creative concept of the recent Adris annual report called The Success Factory, which was inspired by the constant growth and development of the Adris group’s business: the companies that make up the Group... More

Project • By Estúdio HAA!Bars

Box St.

Located in the Vila Mariana, neighborhood of São Paulo, the Box St. project is based on the desire of customers to carry out a food trade with containers that allow a new interaction with external space and even a public use of space. With reduced budget and short term, the program and the implantation were a great challenge, as several difficulties were presented for HAA! Studio. Seeking to minimize resources and materials, prefabricated solutions were employed, reconciling the production of the office with the idea that was presented to us. In a land of 4m x 40m, located in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, there was the desire of the clients to carry out a food trade made with containers that would allow a greater interac... More

Project • By MEIUS ArquiteturaOffices


The CASULO studio is a changing space, designed in a container, where we want to demonstrate how today dwelling can be flexible. With this, the project allows different "faces" from the same fixed furniture. What we want is a space that is palpable and experienced by the user, a space that can be touched and unfolded, not only with a simple look, but with the individual curiosity. We imagine an interactive and lively place. The idea is that by simple layouts new systems are established enabling the use environment for different activities. From a living space, a barber or even a small residence. MOUNTING With the emergence of new construction technologies, the container comes as a new alternative. Basically the structure comprises a contain... More

Project • By ATÖLYEOffices

Container Park

İDE.EGE Technopark A. Ş. is a technopark project as part of Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. The first development project within this 50,000 m² masterplan repurposes 35 second hand shipping containers to galvanize a talented community in Izmir and beyond. The facility houses independent R&D firms focusing on biotechnology, energy, materials and software. This program is coupled with “catalysts” such as a hackerspace and a gallery to increase interaction and collaboration potential among all members.The project’s need was the creation of a space that housed office and laboratory units to be rented out and moved to different locations as needed. At this point, building types with a simple construction process and the opportunities i... More

Project • By Measured Architecture Inc.Private Houses

Grade House

The Grade House in East Vancouver began with a focus on quality over quantity. Our clients carefully considered the space they needed to build their single family home, opting not to build the maximum allowable floor area for the lot, a move distinctly against the norm in Vancouver where property values are astronomical. It was important to our clients, a landscape architect and physics professor, to optimize the grade relationship of the main floor living space with the garden. This desire, combined with the mandate to keep the building small, enabled an elegant solution. The slab-on-grade design that emerged from these considerations maximized the landscape opportunities of this 33′ x 120′ lot by keeping the main level finished floor j... More

Project • By DraftarchShops

Temporary pavilion

This temporary structure was born out of the Noceto municipality desire to improve and innovate the facilities of its annual local traditional town festival through the installation of a café/bar, an exhibition space and a movie screening area. A dismissed refrigerating container previously used as a scrapyard by a local slaughterhouse, a number of wooden pallets and a few boards from abandoned construction sites take new shape through a balanced and contemporary design composition. The café/bar is housed inside the container, which has been cut in order to get a wide opening towards the public space as bar counter. The pallets, which have been repainted and set side-by-side in modularity, divide the different functional area of the space:... More

Project • By Hombre de Piedra Arquitectos Passenger Terminals

Seville Cruise Ship Terminal by Hombre de Piedra + Buró4

The Port of Seville needed a new Cruise Ship Terminal with a flexible character, multipurpose, extendable, easily removable and even movable. This would permit to accomodate the unpredictable number of passengers in the port and it would not limit the possibilities of the urban-port valuable space of the Muelle de las Delicias. Re-using shipping containers was proposed. On the other hand, the place, near the historic centre, was claiming an object of architectural quality to dialogue with its urban environment. The on-site construction work could only last 15 days, the maximum time between two consecutive cruises docking. The modular construction with recycled shipping containers would be mostly finished in workshop, it will ensure the p... More

Project • By Playze switzerland ltdPrivate Houses

Tonys Farm

Context Tony’s Farm is the biggest organic food farm in Shanghai, which produces OFDC certified (member of IFOAM) vegetables and fruits. But Tony's Farm is meant to be more than just a place for vegetable production. The vision is to integrate the consumer and therefore promote a natural lifestyle. To link the activities of the working people with the visitors of the farm, playze developed a building complex, which combines the main reception, a lobby, (working also for the future hotel rooms) and a vip area, with the new offices and an existing warehouse, where the fruits and vegetables are being packed. The building provides transparency within the manufacturing process. Thus it supports the vision of integrating the visitor and hel... More

Project • By O + A strategies and architectureExhibitions

Temporary shipping container city

Over Het IJ Festival 2012 opened in a temporary shipping container city designed by O+A at the NDSM shipyard in North Amsterdam. The festival for site-specific theatre performances have been organised at the NDSM shipyard for over two decades. Theatrical artists, both young and experienced, are challenged to employ and investigate the disused shipyard for unique and context-specific performances. In the fall of 2011, artistic director Lode van Piggelen asked O+A to collaborate on the 20th anniversary edition of the festival. The brief was simple: use the festival's literal building block - the shipping container - to create the beating heart of the event. Besides the central hospitality space, the containers offer context for the thea... More