CASULO - Conteiner Flexbility

MEIUS Arquitetura as Architects

The CASULO studio is a changing space, designed in a container, where we want to demonstrate how today dwelling can be flexible. With this, the project allows different "faces" from the same fixed furniture. What we want is a space that is palpable and experienced by the user, a space that can be touched and unfolded, not only with a simple look, but with the individual curiosity. We imagine an interactive and lively place. The idea is that by simple layouts new systems are established enabling the use environment for different activities. From a living space, a barber or even a small residence. MOUNTING With the emergence of new construction technologies, the container comes as a new alternative. Basically the structure comprises a container that without proper treatment is a dark unventilated environment. Customization of containers is relatively fast, and many companies are projects directed to trade, homes and offices, to be a constructive system of easy expansion through a modular system of plugins that extends significantly the structures.

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Daylesford 1863
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Daylesford 1863

Private Houses
Daylesford VIC, Australia - Build completed in 2019
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