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Project • By KettalHotels

Arima Hotel

Arima Hotel is a new concept of luxury and sustainable boutique hotel with an unique design, surrounded by a natural environment, in the Basque Country. More

Project • By CE-A Studio + Carlo EzechieliParks/Gardens

Deep Matter Garden

This project for a public garden wants to rediscover the deep roots of a place. The area consists on the reclaiming as a public garden of a site where 1,000 years ago used to stand the vineyards of Ariberto, Archbishop of Milan and leading character of the Church of that time. The design consists of three rings, whose shape was suggested by the topography of the site. While giving shape the internal pathways they identify a system of ‘rooms’. The continuous, monolithic, rings are stuck into the ground literally dissecting it with the aim of revealing its historical depth. The surface of the main ring is understood as a ‘one-thousand-years clock’, where black limestone inserts, the same present in local Romanic cathed... More

Project • By Estudio Bher ArquitectosHospitals

Dental Clinic in Aranda

While designing this clinic we have faced and resolved a great contradiction: the frontal shock between the necessity of natural lighting and privacy of the working places, and the desirable visibility of business premises located at street level. The project is performed at a rough property at an strategic corner position, which our client wishes to get the most out of, and therefore to benefit from its consequent business opportunities. Simultaneously the patient requires an intimate and friendly place, which allows him to relax in a situation that for many is synonymous with nervousness and pain. We decide to create a double skin, interposing an intermediate garden between both of its  layers: a large glass pane to the inside, tha... More


Passage of Time Garden

Project Statement:   As physical evidences of history, museums are what keeps the human spirit alive through the ages. Gardens within museums are complex on the outside, but also sophisticated on the inside.   Passage of Time Garden is located within Anji Archaeology Museum, which sits near Anji Ancient City Ruins and Longshan Yueguo Noble Tombs. Within this design, we strive to balance the relationship between natural and man-made. The site spans from the museum all the way to the surrounding mountainous landscape filled with wildlife. Yet the ambience of the garden takes on an opposite approach with the museum area being more natural and the natural area more man-made.   The design follows the museum tour route which... More

Project • By ESTUDIO MMXPrivate Houses

CMR house

The plot features the extraordinary garden of an old house, the project explores a defragmentation of the programme by placing it along the strength of the immediate natural environment. The total volume demanded by programme requirements was disturbed, fragmented and then distributed alongside the garden. The volumes are connected through transitional spaces that frame views of the garden, encouraging the user to make pauses while moving through the house. A subtle and constant link between exterior and interior spaces, blurs the perception of spatial borders.   While the public spaces of the programme have direct relationship with the gardens, a sequence of spaces and level changes builds up varying degrees of intimacy. When it rea... More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.   The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play... More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiResidential Landscape

Country Garden

A farmhouse, a garage and a weedy lawn on a slight slope are the existing elements of a property between the hills of Gavi’s terrotory. The project is characterized by four elements: a wooden sleepers pavement laying like an embroidery texture, a clay canopy with an iron structure covering an open-air living room, a bio-pool with a stone-wall following the different slopes of the ground and a perfectly mowed flat circle lawn at the center of a slanting flower garden. The project tries to create a multiplicity of places and to define a process of uses well identified adding them to the existing functions. Every element of the project not only solves a practical problem but also represents the new use with specific design: the theme of... More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Zinfandel Lane Garden

Set within one of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in California, the St. Helena residence floats above the surrounding vines, extending the landscape into the house and pulling life out into the garden.  An olive tree lined gravel driveway frames the entrance, culminating in the oak-lined property edge, where an existing heritage oak anchors the property.  This oak orients the site, marking the central axis of the house, pool and—through the vineyard—the barn.  Salvaged ancient olive trees are integrated into the barn landscape, tying into the reclaimed wood of the barn siding and framing the entrances to the building.  Exuberant perennial plantings frame the trees and provide seasonal interest—Nepeta fl... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAPrivate Houses


This amazing contemporary design residence, located in the heart of Aspen, was designed by the team Connect One Design. It is a discourse that plays with the contrast of rocks, wood, cement, and black lacquer on the profiles and front panels of the facade. All in an unrivaled setting that required connecting the indoors with a lush garden surrounding the house. The flooring patterns follow a design using a combination of colors from URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo’s DEEP line, creating a harmonious and vibrant surface that intertwines with the garden area through lines of lawn. Thus, at the entrance, the two flooring colors create color bands through which the first lines of lawn make their way. Next, closed garden spaces are cre... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsPrivate Houses

Chelsea Townhouse

The existing 3,400 SF [316 m2] brownstone townhouse is a landmark, located in Chelsea, NY. It will be gut-renovated and a 550 SF [52 m2] garden extension will be added with two floors and a roof terrace. The client, a fashion designer, is interested in a ‘textured’ and layered approach. The new rear extension is conceived as a light airy space which creates a filter to the garden space beyond, adding more light and better views. The new garden façade is a 3D folded steel and glass structure with reclaimed tropical palisander infill. It extends the library on the garden level, the living room on the parlor floor and creates a terrace for the master bedroom area above. The interior of the townhouse is gut-renovated; the t... More

Product • By PermaFencePermafence®

Chaffinch Range with Trellis

The Permafence® design has been carefully put together that incorporates aesthetics and practicality that includes rigidity and robustness to with stand most challenges More

Project • By [i]da ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Namu House

The place, a few meters from the Obidos Lagoon, is characterized by pine trees and dense vegetation of the Natural Ecological Reserve park to the South, creating a strong feeling of natural closure.The project seeks to emphasize this natural specificity of the location, orienting the main spaces of the house to the south, in order to create a strong relation with the landscape whilst taking advantage of the best sunlight. The most private spaces of the house are located on the opposite side.This configuration defines two distinct areas, daytime and night-time.The daytime area is where the social spaces can be found, such as living rooms and kitchen, with large glass surfaces that allow the visual and functional extension of the interior spa... More

Project • By Workshop, Diseño y ConstrucciónPrivate Houses

Casa Picasso

Casa Picasso is a project that turns every square inch of available space into a functional one. Indoor-outdoor interactions serve as the foundation of the project’s design, and the use of regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity.Located in Merida’s historic downtown district, this 145 square meter house is an oasis in the city. Designed as a vacation house, this two bedroom home offers its owners refuge from cold New York winters.Throughout the home light colors have been used to transform the small space into one that feels spacious and inviting. These light colors can even be found in the Polish white concrete floors, which keep the space feeling fresh. Vegetation and natural wo... More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopApartments

AMLI Sawgrass Village

Landscape Design Workshop has won a 2018 Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects design award in the Residential category for their project AMLI Sawgrass Village. The project site is located in the City of Sunrise with two residential buildings and a parking garage tucked in between. The 350-apartment community also includes a free standing leasing center, a dog park and intimate garden spaces. Each building is overlooking an interior courtyard. Landscape Design Workshop designed the courtyards as an amenity space for the residents, but did not want them to feel identical. The first courtyard is designed with rectilinear and crisp lines, whereas the second courtyard is designed with fluid and curv... More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopPrivate Houses

Key Biscayne Penthouse

Landscape Design Workshop has won (2) 2018 Architecture MasterPrize™ Design Award for their Key Biscayne Penthouse project.  The first award is in the Landscape Architecture / Garden category and the second award is in the Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs category.  Landscape Design Workshop also won a 2018 APDC*IDA Design Excellence Award in the Indoor Garden & Hanging Garden category and a 2016 Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects design award for this Key Biscayne Penthouse project.This private ocean-front penthouse unit is located on a magnificent island just south of Miami, Florida.  The open-air terrace provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami.  The... More