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Product • By TWO PARTSCalcium


Calcium is the bashful twin of Lithium. Despite its conspicuously outstretched arms, this four point star chooses to shine upwards so as to not impose upon those below. The milky white glow north of its equator, care of an ultrasonically welded polycarbonate shell, is refracted by a clear acrylic enclosure as if coated by an aqueous membrane. More

Project • By Jost ArchitectsApartments

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... More

Project • By Axis MundiApartments

432 Park Avenue - New York

Conceived by architect Rafael Viñoly—432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. This apartment designed by John Beckmann and his design firm Axis Mundi has some of the most breathtaking views in Manhattan.Known for their glamorous low-slung aesthetic, Axis Mundi took the challenge to design the residence for an American client living in China with a family of four, and an important art collection (including the likes of Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter, Susan Frecon, Vik Muniz and Lisette Schumacher, among others).In the dining room, a Bocci “28 Chandelier” hangs above an intricate marble and brass table by Henge, with ceramics by John Born. Entering the main living area, a monumental “Let it Be” sectional f... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Daarbast Cafe

Daarbast Café is about 376 square meters. The main goal of its interior design is creating social interaction among people. The possibility for establishing other branches of the café in future was considered in order to fulfill the owner’s request. Scaffolds are used as the main structure of design which grants an identity to the space. A part of the exterior wall is destroyed to benefit from sun light and natural views. The scaffold provided the context in which we could increase the area of the space and create visual transparency. Implementing the scaffolds not only impose low budget to the project but also create the possibility of various decoration fashions. There are different forms of settings in the café, made with scaffolds.Lead... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

Parisian apartment

This pensive space is a perfect balance of design and function. IMA Interiors imagined a place that boasted confident, original taste where shades of green compliment each other endlessly. The unity of natural colors and original materials within a palette of wood and glass creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere.      More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

7:37' House & Studio

Project Name:   7:37' House & Studio Category:   Interior Design Completion Date:   June 02, 2015 Project Area:   122 m2    Country :   Iran Company Name: AshariArchitects Design : AmirHossein Ashari Design co - worker : Zahra Jafari - Mostafa Yektarzade Construction: Saeed Jamali - Nima Asadi - Aida Bazoobandi 3D modeling : Mostafa Yektarzade - saleh banisefat Photography: Aida Bazoobandi - Zahra Jafari Accessory : Sahar Gharaei   A different house for a different family The approach for this project was initially started from the time when a family from the U.A.E was willing to spend their holiday by purchasing a property in Shi... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallApartments

Brf Leanderklockan

Brf Leanderklockan is a residential project consisting of 18 apartments, designed by Lindvall A & D. The project is part of the first phase of Ystad's new Trädgårdsstad (Garden City) district, which will provide approximately 400-450 new homes in the city of Ystad, southern Sweden. The plan consists of three apartment blocks, each with six apartments, to be built on a 2,076 sq metre plot in the northwestern part of the new district. The apartment plans vary in size, from 79-145.5 sq metres, with features such as mezzanine floors, double height volumes with over five metre high sliding glass partitions and private terraces and/or balconies. Inspired by classic expressions reminiscent of modernism, architect Jonas Lindvall juxtaposes larg... More

Project • By Collaborative DesignworksPrivate Houses

HOUSE 1700

Located in the deed-restricted Cherryhurst subdivision of Houston, House 1700 developed out of negotiation and compromised with both the city and homeowner’s association. The site and design is organized around a mature oak tree located in the city right of way. In order to preserve the tree and still have room for the house on the lot, a trade-off was proposed: the setback line was reduced along a portion of the lot and increased in the vicinity of the tree. With agreement from the Houston Planning department, the design received a green light. Additional HOA requests included a sloped roof and third-floor space only within a dormer. These requirements, as well as the desire to focus primary living spaces on the old oak tree, controlled mu... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceApartments

Casa Dolce Vita

Author’s report The assignment for me as the designer and my studio - as the implementer, was as follows - Recreate a relatively new, medium sized maisonette apartment in Prague city centre for the needs and level of cosmopolitan couple, while I got almost unlimited freedom as the author. Inspired by modernism and the love of the Tugendhat villa in Brno, I drew the concept from just these sources - not as formal as ideologically rather. As the clients, constantly on the road, should use the flat as a point of contact and a haven, I had the pleasure to create it calmly and comfortably, with a spark of playfulness - what I was aiming for in a purely geometric scheme, simple to strict shapes and a noble material scale supported by uncompr... More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses


The X HOUSE was designed in rather extraordinary circumstances. Before any design work started, the client commissioned a series of talks/discussions on architecture with our team. During the meetings we discussed and analyzed many various houses from all around the world. The aim was, on one hand, to provide a wide context for the work, and on the other – to get to know better the needs of the client and his family. These architecture sessions allowed us to set the framework for the future house quite precisely. The X house is not only supposed to serve as a comfortable living space for the family of four, but also to allow each of the family members to pursue their individual passions. Therefore, on top of the regular scope of a single fa... More

Project • By Campos StudioPrivate Houses

Zacatitos 03

Off grid desert dwelling   This project is the third of a series of desert dwelling prototypes that comprise an ongoing body of research into off-grid living in a relatively extreme climate. All three research sites are located in the remote community of Los Zacatitos, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.   Zacatitos 03 was designed as a formal expression of the local construction methodology - concrete-reinforced insulation panel system. The program elements are organized in a linear fashion across the sloping site in response to the orientation sun, direction of local prevailing breezes. The double line of panels was then shifted and laterally accommodate views, maximize ventilation, and protect against solar gain. More

Project • By Campos StudioPavilions

Zacatitos 04

This project is an exploration of the modernist pavilion in an extreme desert context. The site is a west-facing rocky knoll with distant views of a volcanic mountain ridge to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the south. The organization of the architectural program is used to create a passive solar response to the constraints of a challenging site and modest construction budget. The project utilizes a relatively small building footprint on the steeply sloping site - organizing the public living areas on a series of cascading platforms, shaded and sheltered by a single monolithic rectangular volume that houses the bedrooms above. The circulation corridor on the upper floor features a southwest-facing perforated exterior wall that absorbs... More