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WPA is an award winning and internationally published architecture firm noted for its innovative design and planning services. Founded in 1992, the firm is comprised of four professionals and is located in downtown Aspen, Colorado. Projects include the design of new buildings, renovations and reuse of existing structures, interiors, and planning and feasibility analysis. Clients include private residential clients, arts and civic organizations, businesses, and developers. The investigation of three issues supports the design process in all of WPA's work A belief that the intentions of the client's program can be translated into meaningful places that resonate to and from their occupants. A belief that new or renovated structures have an obligation to acknowledge and complete circumstances created by history, landscapes, adjacent buildings or existing interiors. A belief that architectural expression derive from sound construction, sustainable environmental ethics and agreement with natural processes over time. These principals have given rise to over twenty-five design awards, including two national design competitions and publication of the firm's work in Progressive Architecture, the Wall Street Journal, an interview on National Public Radio, and numerous professional publications. Past and present clients include the City of Aspen, Red Brick Center for the Arts, Sun Microsystems, Gardner Investments, Cathers Home, and numerous private clients. Projects are located in Colorado, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
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