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Project • By Cosimo ScotucciCultural Centres


Humanity has been living through an unprecedented time in recent history, a moment of complete displacement when our everyday lives, and that sense of normality have been turned upside down, transitioning from being physical to virtual and by doing so, setting the ground for a "new normal".People has shown an incredible resilience and great sense of adaptation but we know that is not over yet. Cosimo Scotucci It is possible to combine the need of a physical world with the safety of the digital one? It is possible to imagine a space where this can happen?WRAP is an installation that aims to trigger people imagination, exploring new ways of interaction, searching for new way of engagement. It aims to go beyond the verbal communication,... More

Project • By HLW InternationalHospitals

Project Héroe

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to our world unprecedented change and disruption. Very few could have imagined how drastically this global health crisis would change not only our social and economic landscape, but every corner of our daily lives. A year after the initial wave of the virus, individuals and communities alike are still suffering heavily from this pandemic, despite widespread mitigation measures from face masks and social distancing to total shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates. Even the vaccine rollout has been plagued by challenges, including widespread misinformation, technological failings, and supply shortages –– not to mention, new strains of the virus that may render current offerings ineffective. How did we get... More

NewsNews • 17 Mar 2021

Studio Roosegaarde’s Urban Sun could mean safer outdoor gatherings

On March 5, Dutch firm Studio Roosegaarde unveiled Urban Sun, an installation style lamp design which has potential utility for sanitizing public spaces of viruses such as Covid-19 and facilitating safer outdoor gatherings. Ossip van Duivenbode Studio founder Daan Roosegaarde has long been interested in and inspired by the power of light, both as metaphor for knowledge and as a tool for artistic and utilitarian innovation. He began the self-funded pilot project for Urban Sun in 2019 after reading several scientific studies about the potential uses of harnessing a specific type of ultraviolet light to combat viruses, accelerating his efforts in response to the urgency of the pandemic. Willem de Kam Traditional UV light has been d... More

Project • By Dream & Real ArchitectureHospitals

Covid 19 Prefabricated Modular Hospital Quick Construction Process is planned. 3 x 12 m, 2,4 x 6 m, 3 x 7 m standard prefabricated container modules are used in this hospital design. Project Team: Buket DEMİREL (Architect, M. Arch) Mustafa Sinan ÇORAK (Architect) Halil İbrahim GÜL (Architectural Student) Muhammet Furkan ÖNÜRME (Interior Architect) Sertan Demirdağ ( Architect ) Cost Consultancy More

NewsNews • 22 Sep 2020

Garage conversions by Ballard+Mensua and Teass Warren provide creative response to today’s work challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned office-based work culture on its head.  Between government mandated shutdowns and reduced ability to travel, companies have had to adapt to employees working from home.  But the transition has often been far from smooth, with space requirements being a key correlate of productivity.  With spouses, home schooling, and often cramped living quarters, a growing trend has emerged in converting garages into home offices. Garage Conversion by Ballard+Mensua. Photo credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg DC-based architecture firm Ballard+Mensua specialize in interior design and construction management and recently completed two such conversions for local homeowners. Garden designer Kathryn Everett hir... More

NewsNews • 22 Sep 2020

HVAC specialists work with London’s famed sketch restaurant to implement a ground breaking system for indoor air purification

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the restaurant and hospitality industry particularly hard.  Although the science is not yet settled on exactly how the virus spreads; close, indoor contact is a known risk for transmission, and government and health mandates across the globe have called for an overhaul of operational protocols in restaurants and bars in order to minimize contact between staff and guests.  But humans are fallible, and protocols are only as strong as their enforcement.  The core concern, that the virus is transmitted through the air, calls for a more technological solution, and to that end London’s sketch restaurant has partnered with HVAC specialists Klima-Therm to come up with what they deem a ‘ground... More

NewsNews • 20 Sep 2020

New opportunities to experience the world's greatest architecture arise in the era of COVID-19

In response to the Covid 19 pandemic resulting in museums, cultural sites, and tourist destinations shuttered to visitors for the foreseeable future, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy has come up with an innovative solution.  The foundation recently launched a social media initiative offering virtual tours of a dozen of the architect's best known sites, including Fallingwater, Taliesin West, and Unity Temple. The project was conceived and mounted in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, and features weekly online streamed virtual tours conducted by gallery and site directors acting as tour guides.  The initiative is indicative of a growing trend toward virt... More

Project • By OktraOffices

LBS on behalf of Grays Inn Ltd

Grays Inn Ltd had recently acquired this London building and wanted to relaunch the property with a new fit out and upgraded facilities. We worked closely with the client team in order to understand trends and demand of the local real estate market, shaping the scheme to reflect tenant needs as well as the client team’s vision. Despite delays on materials due to COVID-19, we were able to retain the existing service kit by working new design elements around it.   The old building was dated, with low ceilings and narrow walkways, so we updated the floor plan by removing the gridded ceiling to increase ceiling heights. We re-engaged the street entrance by opening it up and adding new lighting to make it more inviting, while keepin... More

Project • By AT-LARS | Design & ArchitectureHospitals

St. Carolus Hospital Screening Facility

In April 2020, we initiated the Micro Treatment Facility program, with a mission: to cater the increasing demand of patient treatment capacity and to promote people's wellbeing during the pandemic, by creating screening and medical facilities, that are quick to construct, scalable, flexible in sizes and adaptable in various locations. For the program we have designed 4 types of treatment facility. Each facility is designed based on WHO guidelines for Severe Acute Respiratory Infection and to fit the site’s potential. The first facility was completed in August 2020 for St. Carolus Hospital. Our goal is to continue the facility expansion across Jakarta and beyond.   Aiming to support the hospitals and communities, the semi-perman... More

Project • By iGuzziniPalaces

The Hall of the Months at Palazzo Schifanoia

On 2nd June 2020, Palazzo Schifanoia, one of Ferrara’s hallmark monuments whose renaissance splendour has charmed visitors for centuries, began to shine again.After the earthquake of 2012, the architectural restoration project to improve the building’s seismic resistance and then the Covid-19 emergency, part of this splendid palazzo has finally been reopened. This is the important and grandiose Hall of the Months, one of the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.Palazzo Schifanoia is an exceptional example of the magnificence of the Este court that owes its fame to the Marquis and later Duke Borso d’Este who shaped the building in his own image. At the heart of the project is the magnificent Hall of the Months, which was... More
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept

Project • By AI StudioParks/Gardens

Mausoleum of Revelations. Burning Man installation

London based AI Studio has revealed plans for an installation at the popular Burning Man festival - now cancelled for this year, due to the Covid-19 crisis. The proposal was to construct a pavilion inspired by Lenin’s Mausoleum – an iconic representation of the Soviet era and the final resting place of revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin.  AI Studio’s pavilion reinterprets a typical, closed, tomb as an open and permeable space. Principal of AI Studio, Anton Khmelnitsky, said: “We don’t believe we need walls for the mausoleum, as Burning Man is not a place where we are confined within walls. Our evolved mausoleum is an illusory structure, most closely resembling a manmade primal woodland.” Unlike the... More

Project • By Howeler + Yoon ArchitectureMemorials

Memorial to Enslaved Laborers (MEL)

Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at University of Virginia Activated by UVA Community and Charlottesville Residents as Space of Gathering, Reflection, and Solidarity The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers (MEL) at the University of Virginia (UVA) honors the lives, labor, and perseverance of the community of enslaved African Americans who built UVA and sustained daily life of faculty, students, and administrators at the University. Nearly a decade in the making, MEL was designed by Höweler + Yoon in collaboration with historian and designer Dr. Mabel O. Wilson (Studio&), Gregg Bleam Landscape Architect, community facilitator Dr. Frank Dukes, and artist Eto Otitigbe. Originally scheduled to be dedicated in April 2020 by the University and d... More

Project • By RAD+ar (Research Artistic Design + architecture)Mosques

Bioclimatic Community Mosque of Pamulang

A mosque, unlike most religious places, has purposes that was more than just a place of worship for Muslims, oftentimes, it took shape as a community center, meeting place, even for some developing country, a recreational space. Bioclimatic Community Mosque aims to address the fundamental issues of designing a mosque by distancing itself from the current architectural discussions based on form and focusing solely on the essence of religious space.   Situated in the middle of young demographic community, Masjid DarulUlumPamulang were designed to be very low maintenance and self-sufficient as the extremely unfriendly environment where direct heat and high humidity were very dominant. Bioclimatic design was an obvious direction to adopt... More

Project • By CIVILIVNOffices

Newlab at 77 Washington

CIVILIVN, a New York-based creative studio, was engaged by Newlab to transform 77 Washington, a nearly 30,000 square-foot space near its Brooklyn Navy Yard Headquarters. Newlab and CIVILIVN collaborated to reimagine the 1930s-era manufacturing building at 77 Washington Avenue into a cutting-edge space designed to accommodate Newlab’s rapidly expanding community of over 800 engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors applying transformative technologies to things that matter.   The new project follows CIVILIVN’s work designing Newlab’s 84,000 square-foot headquarters at Building 128, a former shipbuilding facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A few blocks from the Navy Yard, 77 Washington provides six floors of additional... More

Project • By Bernard InteriorsOffices

The Church

UK-based interior design practice Bernard Interiors has been undergoing a programme of planned growth since 2017. As the team expanded they began looking for new premises with more space to be both comfortable and creative.Towards the end of 2018 they found a disused church hall, built in 1900, with potentialto become thenew studio and office.   Jen Bernard, founder and managing director of Bernard  Interiors said: “We had spent time togetherdiscussing the type of space we needed and working up concepts to help in our search.   “We were particularly inspired by the New York loft apartment style and influenced by the Woods Bagot Studio offices in Perth and BrandBase HQ in Amsterdam, which successfully combine s... More