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Project • By CJ STUDIOOffices


"AVENUE WORK +SPACE" was a realization of a co-working space proposed by CJ Studio with a new spatial strategy. A traditional office is a private field where all activities visitors and employees engaged are governed by one centralized body. On the contrary, a micro-enterprise office's ownership is virtual and shared by all the collective members. Not integrated under one employer, activities are thus more dynamic and space more public. A "Micro-City" thus became an initial concept for designing the co-working space. Office rooms were treated as city blocks, and the public space was designed from an urban perspective.Through a series of public spaces acting like urban squares in interior scale, a hierarchical space was provided. These urban... More

Project • By FLOAT StudioOffices

Meet in Place

Clean and bright without the blandness that usually comes with designing for a wide audience, Meet in Place’s Nassau St. location provides spaces for an endless array of meeting styles and types, across industries. More

Project • By FLOAT StudioOffices

Very Great

For this creative incubator, we developed a space where an ever-evolving stable of brands would feel at home and supported, featuring a variety of meeting spaces, a sleek kitchen, and an in-house photo studio. More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureOffices

GoWork Central Park

The coworking space has become one of the hottest trends these days. It offers flexibility, freedom, and cheaper rent fee, which is perfect for business. You can find many providers for this shared space service. One of them is GoWork. The new space from this company has been completed. Designed by one well-known interior design Jakarta, Metaphor Interior. Space is located in Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. So, what kind of amazing thing that gowork offers with this new space?   Cozy Atmosphere The atmosphere is different from the other GoWork spaces. The other location offers a green and natural theme, which is perfect for escaping from the city scenery. However, the space design for this location integrates with its location, whi... More

Project • By Richporter LightingOffices

At Workbase

We worked closely with Inside Studio and At Workbase‘s owner to turn their vision of the space a reality. We had the mandate to provide lighting fixtures that would not only illuminate but also define their space. This concept of shared officed aims for a family aesthetic. so we custom made many decorative fixtures in bright colors and unique shapes.  Richporter Lighting was able to ease the entire ordering and coordinating process regardless of the very large number of manufacturers involved in the project and ensured the right items were on site at the right time. More

Project • By LOM architecture and designOffices

The Living Rooms

The Living Rooms is a new flexible workspace at the centre of a major financial institution’s London headquarters.   Inspired by coworking, the project transformed an underused space to create a flexible work landscape for mobile and home-working staff to touch down, meet and work without needing to occupy fixed desks.   The space is designed to reflect the movement of the sun through the day, with three workspace zones of dawn, day and dusk wrapping around a shared atrium garden and cafe, which creates a new heart for the building. These workspaces are tied together by a sinuous circulation route that subtly guides people around the floor. A soft and natural interior scheme used throughout is designed to support wellbei... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2020

MVRDV transforms 19th century Polish building into transparent coworking hotspot

MVRDV renovated a 19th century heritage building in Wrocław, Poland, and added an extension respectful of the existing building by continuing the same roofline and facade rhythm. The 4500 m2 coworking hotspot includes an event venue, a food hall, a café, and a rooftop terrace.  © Juliusz Sokołowski The entrances on each end of the building have a triple-height stepped void. The old building is interpreted as the formal side and the newly added extension as the informal side. Both sides have a triple-height stepped void at the entrance. © Juliusz Sokołowski The formal entrance houses a café with exposed brick walls from the original building. © Juliusz Sokołowski The informal entrance has a... More

Project • By AMI – architecture must inspireOffices

This Way – Coworking Hub

Client for the project was one of the first ever companies in the serviced offices sector in Bulgaria. After 15 years on the market the adoption of the new co-working and flexible work space concept resulted in their new brand – This Way. The first THIS WAY venue opened in late 2019 offering efficient and productive work space for the individual right up to the enterprise customer of 100+ employees.   The project was developed in a newly built office building. The layout is of a conventional office tower with central core and office space perimeter. The brief was to create open office space, individual offices, project & team offices, meeting rooms, event space and break out business lounge for presentations, informal meeti... More

Product • By MZPAThe Planet for Two

The Planet for Two

We are glad to announce our product - the meeting room “The Planet for Two”.  We would like to widespread the idea of using The Planet for Two in office spaces, as a place for communication. We made The Planet to manage open-plan offices and create ONE place comprising meeting room, lounge zone, and working space. Communication is a very important thing in business formation. The wise boss knows that every issue should be discussed. Just imagine an ordinary office space with hundreds of people, buzzing around like bees, how can you focus on work in such an environment? Should you just shout over all co-workers while talking to your business partner? We are proposing a wonderful solution for such problems, that is our &ld... More

Project • By XL Architecture + EngineeringOffices

WITHCO Coworking Space

WITHCO Coworking Space in Izmir, designed by XL Architecture+Engineering proposes a holistic approach to architectural design through strategic planning, global design thinking and art. Övünç Emre, being the founder of the idea of developing a pioneer collective office and shared space in İzmir which will present spatial and fictional novelities, submitted the project to XL Architecture + Engineering whose basic design motivation rests on “to imagine/to inspire”, in 2018. Pre-design issues, such as strategic planning, business plan, marketing, feasibility studies, budgeting and the selection of the location, are collaborated. Consequently, a collective office and shared space project which presents spatial and... More

Project • By Studio BipolarOffices

BHive-11 Coworking

Bhive-11 is a start up coworking space based out of New Delhi and Studio Bipolar got the chance to design their space of 3800 sqft.   After several briefing sessions with the founder and community manager, Studio Bipolar came up with several key pointers to keep in mind while designing.   Most companies coming to the space are small teams of 4 to 6 people plus the director. Therefore cabins should have atleast 8 seats which would allow the current team to sit as well as allow for some future expansion.   Privacy and security is key for all these companies, who cannot afford their own exclusive space currently but still need all the amenities a private office would afford. All internal partitions have been filled with ac... More

Project • By Ben Adams ArchitectsOffices

Scott House

BAA has used a Japanese-inspired approach to create a calm and peaceful working environment right next door to London's busiest station, Waterloo. A robust 1200 x 1200 grid device has been used throughout the 2800sqm space to divide, frame, and highlight areas, creating feature paneling and square glazing. For the meeting rooms, the glazed areas are expanded, with reeded glass used at lower levels for privacy and to maximise light flow between spaces. A serene materials palette has been used to convey a sense of tranquility. White tinted ash is used in all meeting room doors, with birch ply used for bespoke joinery items such as reception desks. Against this neutral canvas, individual meeting rooms have distinctive characters with brighte... More

Project • By Evolution DesignOffices

6280.CH Coworking Hub

Set among mountains and lakes in picturesque Central Switzerland, 6280.CH is a 1000sq metre coworking space based in a former factory of a Swiss furniture maker Novex. The hub features open and enclosed coworking spaces, conference rooms and common areas, including a shared kitchen, and offers local freelancers and small businesses a strikingly contemporary workspace with interiors that pay homage to the sites’ architectural history and bucolic local setting while firmly embracing the nature of 21st century working life. Keep the local characterA key aspect for the client was to set themselves apart from other coworking hubs by retaining the distinctly local character. Architects researched the lakes, mountains and plants that su... More

Project • By Atelier 1901Offices

Atelier 1901

Founded in 2019, Atelier 1901 is a space dedicated to promoting capacitation and career-building advice for newly-graduatedprofessionals.   In November, Curitiba became the stage for another innovative and pioneering initiative,Atelier 1901, an incubator for recent graduates in Architecture and Urban Planning. Unique as a business model, this project was idealized by the architects Ismael Gustavo Zanardini and Thatiane Botto de Barros, who are partners at Studio BaZa Architecture and Interion Design.   Aiming to join professionals in a space that transcends the coworking concept, Atelier 1901 not only provides individual working areas, but also promotes training for the recent professionals through practice in projects with the... More

Project • By D&P AssociatesOffices

Spaces Triple One

Singapore’s sparkling skyscrapers are home to a blooming professional community – and the flexible workspace at Spaces Triple One Somerset is the ideal place to get involved. This development is a part of the high-end commercial building. Despite being surrounded by other flashy brands like Gucci or Samsonite, Spaces Triple One holds it own reasonably well by staying true to its nature and unmatched functionality. Spaces Triple One resides on the second floor of the building, readily welcomes visitor by facing the escalator. Through the glass wall they can see the charming interior of some public areas inside. We simply cannot be reserved in place where big brands can be found. Also, it is thanks to this very position that we... More