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Project • By Moriyama & Teshima ArchitectsUniversities

Mukwa Waakaa'igan Indigenous Centre of Excellence

At the gateway to Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, currently stands Shinhigwauk Hall, the former residential school where children from 184 First Nations communities across Canada were taken from their parents, families, culture and communities. Since the school’s official closure in 1970, the Children of Shinhigwauk Alumni Association, the survivors of the school, have been working with Algoma University to heal this place, and work toward reconciliation through the vision of a cross-cultural learning centre – a facility of healing, cultural preservation, dialogue and transformation. A new heart for the campus, the design intent of the Mukwa Waakaa’igan Indigenous Centre of Cultural Excellence is to provide... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Living in the Arts and Cultural Quarter

Along the “Gastgebgasse” in Liesing, a new residential quarter with a total of 430 subsidised apartments is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Sargfabrik and the planned Bildungscampus Atzgersdorf. The southernmost district of Vienna strives for more art and culture. We have therefore developed our concept for the Kuku 23 residential quarter with the aim of providing an affordable cultural program, especially for children and young people. Art, culture and creativity run as a common thread and interweave these supporting pillars with meaningful, small-scale, affordable developments on the cultural level with the Sargfabrik and the Bildungscampus. Neighbourhood institutions such as a music and dance school, workshops,... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Jenny Belzberg Theatre

This project responded to the recommendations of a larger master plan vision to forge a more connected, sustainable campus for the Banff Centre that inspires new levels of artistic activities and productions. Caption Planned in two phases: Phase 1 – the recently completed renovation of the Eric Harvie Theatre, renamed in honor of the major donor as the Jenny Belzberg Theatre, and the subsequent Phase 2 – additions and renovations to the Laszlo Funtek Wing to create the new Performing Arts and Learning Complex. Caption As a place in Canada where creative boldness is expected, and which is described as a place where artists have the ‘freedom to be fearless’, the new expanded Performing Arts and Learning Com... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion in Fredericton is situated directly across from the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada.    The new Harrison McCain Pavilion entry is a multi-function lobby designed to accommodate a range of events including ticketing, membership and visitor services, a gift shop, café, and support spaces.  Caption The gentle curve of the precast concrete façade is both a response to the existing urban condition – taking cues from the curve in Fredericton’s Queen Street on which the Pavilion fronts – and a welcoming and inviting gesture to visitors and locals alike. Caption The precast concrete façade piers are over eight meters in heigh... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsArt Galleries

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

KPMB Architects with Omar Gandhi Architect, Jordan Bennett Studio, Elder Lorraine Whitman (NWAC), Public Work and Transsolar have been selected as the winning team of the international design competition for the new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Waterfront Arts District. Caption The new Gallery and Arts District, located on the Salter Block of the Halifax Waterfront, will be a transformative arts destination for all to experience. It will inspire and celebrate creativity and imagination, but also challenge the status quo and reshape institutional values. It will be a place created with people, art, and culture at its core. Caption The work completed by the winning team embodies a vision of a place for all seasons, rooted in sus... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMuseums

Inatura Museum

Bruno Klomfar   On a historically significant industrial site, where a hammer mill grew into the most important metal-processing company in Vorarlberg, a natural history museum and city garden was established after the closing down of the company. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar New and additional parts have been added with flair and finesse to the surviving historic buildings, in which the industrial character of the existing buildings was referenced and interpreted in a contemporary manner. Bruno Klomfar The exhibition spaces were designed on several floors. The new constructions can be identified by its cladding of Corten steel plates. The administration buildings protrude from the old facades in the back court. T... More

Project • By AARTExhibition Centres

Film City Aarhus

The extension does not only transform Film City Aarhus to Denmark's largest cluster of digital, visual companies. It also completely turns the Film City on its head and creates an urban space on an international scale - shaped by the digital opportunities of tomorrow. Caption Playing with urban spacePlay with the urban space and create a building with space for innovation and inspiration for digital and visual businesses. That is the vision behind the extension of Film City Aarhus situated on the South Harbour in Aarhus where a new buildings adds 4,400 sqm to the existing Film City, while a new urban space turns the district on its head as an invitation for play and learning, movement and immersion - all in the setting of tomorrow's d... More

Project • By AARTLibraries

The Culture Yard

With more than 700,000 visitors a year, The Culture Yard is a popular success. Not only has it revitalised Elsinore’s waterfront, it has also created new possibilities for the development of Elsinore as a modern city of culture. Caption   Elsinore’s new hubAs the focal point for Kulturhavn Kronborg, The Culture Yard has created a new gathering place for locals and visitors and put Elsinore on the cultural map of the world, hailed by the New York Times as one of the world’s most noteworthy places to visit. It is among Denmark’s most popular cultural centres and has attracted major cultural events such as the Crown Prince Couple’s Awards and the world’s largest design award, Index Award. Additio... More

Project • By AARTMuseums

Viking Age Museum

With its unique finds from the Viking Age, including the world’s oldest and best-preserved Viking ships, the Viking Age Museum in Oslo has been hailed as one of the world’s most important museums. It contains Norway’s most important contribution to our world’s cultural heritage, and with the coming expansion and remodeling of the museum, it will be further elevated from a national museum to a leading international knowledge centre for the dissemination of knowledge about the Viking Age. Caption "The proposal provides an excellent solution to a complicated challenge. All with a focus on preserving our unique, highly popular Viking collection, which is one of the most important cultural monuments in the world,"-... More

Project • By AARTChurches

Strängnäs Cathedral

With the restoration and further development of Strängnäs Cathedral, a new chapter is added to the history of the church and the surrounding area, known as the hilltop-cathedral, which for more than 1,000 years have been a nerve centre for religion and culture. A new chapter that aims at embracing the many players of the cathedral and facilitating a living, culture-historical environment. Caption A culture-historical environment As the winning piece, the cathedral is restored with respect for its proud history while creating more space for it to hold more activities than it does today – including exhibitions. Simultaneously, the outer spaces are brought into play again, while three new buildings are established to giv... More

Project • By Urban Arch StudioAuditoriums

Statue of Oneness and Cultural Unity

Often referred to as the heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh is called the hub for nature-architecture-culture-business-traditions. Adding further to its cultural list, Madhya Pradesh is set to embrace the Statue of Oneness and Cultural Unity dedicated to Adi Shankaracharya. The main aim is to establish a learning center that helps us learn about our culture and roots. The main aim of the project is to carve out an architecturally engaging space that invites one onto the cultural journey. The design also introduces spaces and places to attract larger audiences to experience the nature-cultural realm. This is evident through the vision, design principles and actions. More

Project • By Espero BVArt Galleries

De Adelberg Cultural Centre - Lommel

Cultureel Centrum De Adelberg has been an urban cultural centre and meeting place in the heart of the Belgian town of Lommel for over twenty-five years. As a cultural organisation, they offer a broad variety of activities, ranging from theatre, music, and dance to language and computer courses, lectures, and yoga classes. The centre also boasts a cinema with daily screenings and a gallery for art exhibitions.     The challenge for the architect:  Cultureel Centrum De Adelberg wants to be a ‘home for everyone’ and serve as a hub for all kinds of cultural experiences in the city and surrounding region. However, the building was no longer up to standard for a cultural centre. It was high time, therefore, that they... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalTowns

Taiping Ancient Town of Suzhou

Based on the cultural and creative industry as well as publishingindustry, with the core of characteristic culture and life culture,and supplemented by the comprehensive utilization of tourismresources, Taiping Ancient Town forms a characteristic styleblending rich living atmosphere, folk customs, tourism andindustry. It’s a town embracing characteristic industries and atthe same time provides the public with a characteristic town forleisure, entertainment and touring.Challenges set by similar areas around Taiping Ancient Town-There are many tourist towns around Suzhou, which will havea certain impact on the formation. This also requires TaipingAncient Town to be different from other ancient towns inplanning and positioning.Challenges... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevCities

Kursk 2032

The project was selected to participate in the 2nd round of the Open Architectural Competition "Kursk 2032" to create a concept for the restoration of the historical and cultural appearance of the central part of the city of Kursk.Understanding, symbolizing the landscape, restoring its architectural and town-planning integrity in subordination to existing cultural heritage sites, based on historical research and modern approaches in creating a comfortable urban environment is the basis and frame for the transformation of the territory of the center of Kursk. The complex, majestic layering of epochs, stages of town planning development becomes visible, through the tactful designation of objects and structures that have not reached our time.... More
Fotograf: Martin Baitinger
Fotograf: Martin Baitinger
Fotograf: Martin Baitinger
Fotograf: Martin Baitinger

Project • By DITTEL ARCHITEKTEN GMBHExhibition Centres

Citizens Advice Bureau Frankfurt am Main

For the reorientation of the Citizens Advice Bureau in Frankfurt am Main, DIA - Dittel Architekten developed and implemented an overall concept for the city. The Citizens Advice Bureau is intended to become the central point of contact for citizens at its new, more prominent location on the famous alleyway »Hinter dem Lämmchen« in the DomRömer Quarter, which was opened in 2018. DIA developed an innovative platform for modern communication, information and exchange in the form of a showroom with an interactive digital concept. As part of an invitational announcement, the design of the architects at DIA prevailed. Representative attraction in the new DomRömer QuarterThe highly representative importance of the Citizens Advice Bureau is not onl... More