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Project • By GEC ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Nestled in the rolling foothills of northwest Calgary, Canada, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge (Shane Homes YMCA) is one of the largest YMCA’s in the world and provides the region with essential wellness amenities. This facility serves as the regional hub for community gathering, cultural programs, recreational facilities, and child care services. The extensive glazing and unifying curved timber roof that links each space creates an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, engaging passersby and heightening curiosity.    The Shane Homes YMCA takes inspiration from the rolling hills and layered horizons. Its park-like site allows natural recreation uses; pathways curve through the site connecting users to the reconstructed wet... More

Project • By Armani ArchitectsPavilions

Sandy-Darak Pavilion

This space is intended to be a pavilion for resting and community gatherings of both villagers and tourists. The village of Darak is 170 kilometers far from Chabahar. As you travel through this area of Iran, you reach a point where the sea surrounds the sand dunes of the desert, which has attracted visitors from all over the world. The topography of sand dunes in these areas adds spectacular attractions to this area. given this amazing sandy desert, our best design option is to be inspired by nature.   We designed this Project considering the traditional architecture of the region, which is affected by the abundant sunlight and high temperatures during the day. Furthermore, we were inspired by the curvature and fluidity of sand dunes... More

Project • By ipv DelftBridges

Europalaan bridge Beek

fast laneLocal government decided on creating a bicycle fast lane between the Dutch cities of Sittard and Maastricht. These ‘bicycle only’ paths offer a fast and safe route for commuters and are aiming to increase bicycle use and decrease road traffic on certain popular routes. We won the design competition for one of the bridges needed. airplane wingThe bridge is located near Maastricht Aachen Airport and the Technoport Europe business park. This inspired us to come up with a bridge cross-section in the shape of an airplane wing. We also ensured the bridge itself appears as a fluent curve and is as slender as can be. curveThe bridge has a gentle slope on either side. By designing a curved rather than straight bridge, we were... More

Project • By AntiStatics ArchitectureNurseries

Umi-Play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center

A place filled with drama and imaginationsThe UMI-play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center is a playful and imaginative educational space for children to explore and grow within the performing arts. This 550sqm interior is composed of two distinct spaces and geometries, derivative of psychological studies and research, the dual areas are designed to encourage and support different behaviors and processes of learning and development. The primary space is comprised of a fluid and natural geometry, adaptable to various performance, expressive and improvisational activities. The second space, a series of 4 adaptable classrooms are driven towards focus and concentration. These spaces have a more orthogonal organization with gentle expressive moments... More

Project • By NOARQ - Jose Carlos Nunes de OliveiraPrivate Houses

E D & J O house

The project was to demolish a single-family dwellingand build another one in its place in the centre of V. N. de Famalicão. The proposal is on a triangular urban plot of land covering an area of 940.80 m2. The topographyincludes a 7.60 m slope down from west to east,so the elevations in the corner converge with those on the surrounding roads. The building on the site was of poor quality. Everything was demolished apart from the garage, below the elevation of the patio with level access from the road at the lower level. The surrounding walls also held back the earth, below the street level to the west and above street level to the east. The house has a 367.20 m2 footprint and a gross area of 408.90 m2 on two floors. Floor 0 is 99.30 m... More

Product • By ECLISSE srlECLISSE Circular

ECLISSE Circular

Pocket sliding system for curved doors A completely new way to interpret the division of internal space. Curvy, modern and spectacular; makes any interior design special. Various sizes and radii adaptable to a wide range of requirements. Available for single door (Circular Single) or double door (Circular Double). More

Project • By Arc2 architectenBridges

bascule bridge PoortBrug Leeuwarden

The bridge is adjacent to the monumental prison building on Blokhuisplein, in an area which has a long history and was previously the location of Leeuwarden’s city wall. Designed as a bascule bridge, its arched frame forms an emblematic gateway to the city centre and welcomes the visitor with open arms. The bridge deck soars through the archway from one bank of the canal to the other. The lifting mechanism of the bridge operates through a hydraulic cylinder. More

Project • By Arc2 architectenBridges

Meeting Bridge Ederveen

The bridge is at the centre of a new housing estate and is conceived as a meeting place for local residents of all ages. The area under the suspension arch and tie rods is a good place to enjoy a view of surroundings, and has seating elements where people can rest or play. The curve of the bridge is visible from afar and makes it a landmark in the urban surroundings. More