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Project • By J.A. Becker Arquitetura e ConstruçõesApartments

Apartamento DB

The project of this apartment of approximately 100m², located in the city of Novo Hamburgo, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, began with the challenge of transforming the space - already fully furnished by the former owners - into a refuge for an architect with a cosmopolitan style, passionate about for design pieces, and that despite living alone, values ​​​​receiving friends and family. Marcelo Donadussi Marcelo Donadussi For this, the property was completely remodeled, using only the kitchen and the white marble of the TV cabinet, and undergoing a general renovation in its pre-existing fixed furniture, replacing all the loose furniture, with essential pieces, chosen by hand, so that the project could communicate the st... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsCities

Public Fountain

The public fountain project is a dynamic and interactive installation that combines the elements of concrete, water, and greenery to create a visually stunning and soothing environment. The foundation of the fountain is made from solid concrete, providing a sturdy and durable base for the flowing water feature. Denis Hamiti Sefer Aliqkaj Denis Hamiti The water is carefully designed to create a mesmerizing and tranquil flow that engages the senses, while the lush greenery adds a touch of nature and organic beauty to the surroundings. This unique combination of materials creates a harmonious balance between man-made structures and the natural world, inviting people to pause, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of the fountain. Ca... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Z House

The Z House is a thoughtfully designed residence situated in a rural area within the city of Skenderaj. Nestled amidst towering trees and set against a level terrain, the architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature, embodying a harmonious fusion of function and minimalistic aesthetics. The ground floor of the house features an open design, adorned with expansive glass windows that establish a direct connection with the natural environment. This layout allows the residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. On the other hand, the first floor is strategically oriented to prioritize privacy, characterized by elongated horizontal windows that frame selected views. Caption The minimalist approach exten... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsHousing

Villa Olivea

Nestled within the rolling hills of Fishte, Albania, Villa Olivea is a residential house that epitomizes the perfect fusion of contemporary design with the tranquility of its picturesque surroundings. This oasis of calm is set amidst lush olive tree groves in a region with a hot Mediterranean climate. Villa Olivea embraces a minimalist architectural ethos, thoughtfully using clean materials and a predominantly white color palette to create a sense of purity and harmony with the environment. This design approach showcases a strong connection to the surrounding landscape, making the most of the hilly terrain and the beauty of the olive trees. Caption The residence is divided into three distinct volumes, each with its own unique charact... More

Project • By Taylored Architecture PLLCPrivate Houses

Contemporary Island House 1

Taylored Architecture was asked to design a highly contemporary "steel and glass" house on a private island in the Thousand Islands. The design took shape from a structural grid of steel columns that support a steel roof framing system. The steel columns are expressed on the exterior of the building allowing all of the exterior walls to be non-load bearing. Revette Studio Revette Studio Revette Studio This allowed for Marvin floor-to-ceiling Modern sliding doors and windows. The White Oak interior flooring was used as the interior ceiling material and was carried out onto the exterior ceilings/soffit diffusing the separation from the interior to the exterior of the building. Revette Studio Revette Studio A double-... More

Project • By Antony Gibbon DesignsHotels

The Tapered House

The Tapered House is part of our Inhabit series. The structure can be situated on the edge of a lake, River or Pond or any sloped landscape with its raised legs. Caption Caption This 2 bedroom property consists of a – Ground Floor of 81 sq.m including an Entrance/Reception, Lounge, kitchen, Shower/wash room, Bedroom, outdoor terrace to front and rear of the property. The Second floor is 29 sq.m and has a Large double bedroom, Office built in wardrobes and plenty of Storage space. We have several variations of timber finishes to the exterior panelling. Caption Caption More

Project • By Avamposti ArchitetturaRestaurants

MISCUSI ASSAGO | C.C. Milanofiori

The locationThe restaurant is part of the Food Court of the Milanofiori shopping center which is located in Viale Milano Fiori in Assago, in the province of Milan. It is one of the largest and most popular shopping mall in Lombardy region, as it can be easily reached by public transport from the city of Milan and by car following the West ring road. Federica Dattilo The projectThis unit represents a further formalization of the fast casual format created by the chain, a model successfully tested in embryonic form by the brand in the location of the Porta Nuova Food District, in Piazza Gae Aulenti.The design took place in synergy with the client's requests and needs, taking into account the indications and requests for stylistic alignm... More

Project • By Espace LibreSkateparks

Stella Plage Skate Park

In 2022, landscape and urban planning studio Espace Libre delivered a Skate Park perfectly integrated into the urban and landscaped development of Stella Plage in Cucq (Pas-de-Calais). © Julien Falsimagne © Julien Falsimagne © Julien Falsimagne Between Place de l’Étoile and the seafront, the new 3,000m2 facility is part of the wider development of Stella Plage: redesign of Place de l’Etoile, creation of ecological corridors along the Cours des Champs Elysées, and a housing program between Place de l’Etoile and the seafront. This area also includes the seafront, a residential neighborhood to the south of the Skate Parc, adjacent streets that connect to the great landscape of the dunes, a par... More

Project • By UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri ArchitectsHospitals

Moon Flower Hospital

The hospital is conceived as a general hospital for the many workers living in the nearby compound. The hospital is designed on the existing skeleton of 4 dormitories for multi-storey workers. These have never been completed. The existing structure has compromised the best possible solutions and optimal circulation and future flexibility. UPA Italia The Hospital will accommodate 162 patients into 5 Wards with 7 isolation rooms, 6 Bariatric Rooms, 7 ICU with bays rooms. The milestone are: Surgery Department with 4 OPT and Day Surgery dedicated area, Sterile Supply Unit for Sterilization, Outpatient Department, Imaging, Rehabilitation, Emergency, Laboratories, Pharmacy in addition to the required services departments. UPA Italia... More

Project • By UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Al Lesaily School

Al Lisaili in Dubai is the first public school developed in BIM - Building Information Modeling - by MOID, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of UAE.The layout derives by prototype project for Schools for UAE developed by UPA in JV with General Planning in 2009. The original project of School for C1 Cycle was developed for 1000 students. MOID built several of these across all UAE. In 2016 MOID decided to update the design of the school prototype including a small Kindergarten and other functions for special needs students. The Minister himself wanted the project to be the first one designed in BIM. UPA Italia The implementation of the functions and the introduction of a new technology for the design also favored the renewa... More

Project • By UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri ArchitectsAuditoriums

Auditorium and Ballroom in Abu Dhabi

Originally intended to be designed within the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club compound, the client decided to move this significant building to a more private location for the club's members. UPA Italia The project can host up to 1000 guests, together with a well equipped 600 seat auditorium of highest standards. UPA Italia The foyer and public spaces are designed with a sophisticated interior design and high-quality finishings, in addition to pre-functional areas and main relaxation and gathering areas. UPA Italia The wavy façade elements were designed to create a dynamic shape by mixing stone cladding and transparent glass. UPA Italia More

Project • By UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri ArchitectsTheaters

The Green Face

The Green Face Competition – The Pushkinsky Cinema, that now is facing a threat to its magnificent identity by enormously sized commercial hoardings, sprawling surrounding markets and lack of space around to make its presence felt and appreciated, can best be revived, not by alteration or imposition, but by delicate, mild and minimal intervention.Instead of changing the iconic character of the building, the aim was to retain the basic identity and clad the side façades with vertical greens, a sort of mix of various ivy and other creepers to make it into a living wall. This would not only bring about a tremendous amount of relief to an otherwise hustle-bustly area, but at the same time, complement and accentuate the geometry of... More

Project • By WORCOffices

ARCO (cc)

ARCO CC is a cultural company within a historic 1930s house, the project brings together art, design, and architecture to become a collaborative space, home to the architecture office WORC and the specialized furniture studio VETA.   Located in San Miguel Chapultepec, a neighborhood full of history, characterized by residences that have been preserved over time. Eyes are drawn to buildings steeped in stories and character, endowing the surroundings with artistic value. The architecture embraces time, merging the past and present, radiating in every corner. Zaickz Moz Beside it lies the “Circuito Interior,” which in the past was a majestic avenue. With an exuberant median and colossal trees, this internal artery exud... More

Project • By The Collective StudioResidential Landscape

The Nest

“The Nest Project” is inspired by a bird's nest that incorporates geometric shapes and blends naturally. Consists of a cylindrical shape and elegant curves to create fluidity of the building shape to flow continuously throughout the building. Caption Caption Caption Caption The design embraces a Modern Architecture aesthetic seamlessly integrated with elements of Futuristic style. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Thurston King ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Crescent

The Crescent blends the principles of modern design with the tranquility of nature. Each space is a celebration of natural light, with floor-to-ceiling glazing that dissolves the boundary between indoors and out, suffusing the interiors with natural light. Caption Caption More