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Project • By Architecture DisciplineOffices

Rug Republic

"It’s fascinating to take something forgotten and to give it new life: This is the century of recuperation. There is no space, no forests, and no water anymore for the continuous production of new things. So, take something old and make it special." © Jeetin Sharma Emerging from this thought, the design of the Rug Republic headquarters in Okhla, in the heart of New Delhi is a reaction to its industrial setting: an indictment of what we have brought our cities to. The brief presented by the client was to make the existing dilapidated building usable again, within a limited budget and with minimal interventions. Hence, a great emphasis has been placed on reclaiming the usable spaces, by undoing ad-hoc alterations in the build... More

Project • By Tulli StudioApartments

Apartamento Clean

The Clean Apartment Project aimed to unite minimalism and functionality, without leaving comfort out, where everything has its place, where white prevails with some elegant touches of marbled and woody coatings. An apartment to live in, to live in, to enjoy life. The clean concept, which gave rise to the name of this project, is a key piece that brought harmony between all the elements used. Ivan Araújo The architectural design was based on the existing furniture in the kitchen and bedrooms - in white - and the view from the living room. In addition, the various possibilities with the integration between living room and kitchen guided the construction of the project. Initially, the owners were unsure whether to integrate or ju... More

Project • By STREETLIFE BVTownscapes

A Swedish square’s award-winning transformation

Eslöv’s central square is quite large (115 x 65 metres) for a Swedish town of just 30,000 inhabitants. Once perceived as rather empty and desolate, the square recently underwent a complete transformation. Thanks to the playful design and layout by Sydväst arkitektur och landskap, Stora Torg (Main Square) now exudes a welcoming and pleasant ambience while retaining sufficient space for markets and events.In autumn 2017, the Malmö-based landscape architecture firm Sydväst won the Eslöv municipal tender for the redesign of this important city square. In the spring of 2021, the new Stora Torg was officially opened.Eslöv’s rural setting and historic heritage have been directly referenced in the design. T... More

Product • By Milano BeddingParker


Sitting or sleeping has never been more comfortable with the Parker: a wooden slats bed base with a large choice of different mattresses, beautiful design and extreme seating comfort. The seating height is only 43 cm. By simply rotating the back, without removing any of the cushions, Parker converts into a conventional bed with a 200 cm. mattress. The cover is completely removable and washable according to the fabric chosen. Parker is also available as a sofa and can be completely disassembled for easy delivery. More

Product • By Milano BeddingEllington


With Ellington, Milano Bedding not only wants to enhance the seating and sleeping comfort, with its slatted bed base and various mattresses available, but also to design, featuring the special leather or fabric details on armrests and backrest. By simply rotating the back, without removing any of the cushions, Ellington converts into a conventional bed with a 200 cm. mattress. The cover is completely removable and washable according to the fabric chosen. Ellington is also available as a sofa and can be completely disassembled for easy delivery. More

Project • By TAM - Guillermo ElgartPrivate Houses

Casa Celina

A little house built on a piece of land in the neighborhood of Santa Celina, in the south of Mar del Plata. The area is known for its abundance of trees and greenery. The property is centrally located on a Pampean-Argentinian block. The site is unique as it contains an atypical level drop towards the main street. To the front, a wide tree-lined street. To the back, facing north, a picturesque green pedestrian space. Obra Linda The house is compact. Although it has limited floor space, the design manages to offer multiple circulation paths which all converge in a central semi-sunken courtyard. Obra Linda An impressive structure encloses the house. Both the design and construction methods are simple. The front and rear facades fe... More

Project • By TAM - Guillermo ElgartPrivate Houses

Casa 60

MEMORY  A suspended horizontal surface and the ground trap the space where life develops. The outside, the inside. The stillness, the movement. The void, the all. By folding both surfaces, they modify their horizontal and discover different heights between them. The void was there and it was subtly trapped for a family to develop their life. Caption CONTEXT  -CLIENT  A family that decides to live in the security of a private neighborhood, one of many that emerge in the big cities of Argentina. -The PROGRAM  Living room that allows different ways of living. Dining room, almost barbecue area, that when you want you can divide it from the living room. A Kitchen that is directly connected to the dining room but... More

Project • By Studio Gal GerberApartments


A 125 square meter apartment in the city of Ramat Gan that was planned and designed for a young and happy family :), a couple and two children (and one more on the way). GIDON LEVIN The apartment, was designed to address the family's routin and needs in the present and in the future. GIDON LEVIN GIDON LEVIN The renovation included redesigning part of the apartment's spaces, and the project included the planning stage, selection of materials, designing custom made carpentry and furniture, and furnishing and styling the apartment. GIDON LEVIN The project incorporated carpentry details and frames designed by the studio and executed by a carpenter and master locksmith. Caption More

Project • By Standard Studio - Interior ArchitectureShops

Ace & Tate Antwerp

Standard Studio was asked to design the new shop for Ace & Tate in Antwerp. Located at the Steenhouwersvest, adjacent to the Kloosterstraat it’s part of the vibrant area in the city centre. Caption At the facade of the building vibrant green ivy instantly attracts the eye of passers-by. Standard Studio has made the most of this alluring outdoor space by adding a small terrace directly outside the shopfront. As people stop here to rest and enjoy the surroundings their attention is instantly drawn inwards to the shop’s fresh, bright interior. Caption Caption On the main shop floor a plethora of natural light from the building’s large windows is enhanced by a playful use of mirrors. This provides the inte... More

Product • By Milano BeddingFreddie


With a view to constant growth and evolution of projects, Milano Bedding collaborates with the architect Simone Micheli who, with the Freddie sofa bed and armchair bed, marks a new concept of the sofa bed and of the living area. As Simone Micheli says: “Fluidity, essentiality, harmony feature Freddie's sense of content and expression. A sofa bed that seems not to be. This iconic design element represents a perfect synthesis of my design creed: transforming the complexity of our time into simplicity".   The model, thanks to its light, slender and welcoming design, easily enriches the needs of the living room, transforming the heart of the home into a multitasking space where style and functionality coexist and complement e... More

Project • By Side Fx ArquitecturaOffices

BG group office

A space focused on creativity and production of ideas is proposed; for this, the configuration of the BG Group office applies key aspects that are established in neuroarchitecture, in order to generate physical and mental well-being, in the users who occupy it; such as the presence of green areas and natural elements (biophilia), the use of color psychology, large inputs of natural light and the influence of higher ceilings. Side FX Arquitectura The order allowed to solve 58 m2, which include an archive area, cafeteria, service area, recreation area and three main work areas. In this place there is a degradation of functionality, considering the need of users that apply and develop different creative professions. Side FX Arquitectu... More

Project • By AluinventSubway Stations

Corvin-Negyed Station

Aluinvent's LO2 (two side open) panels were applied to the entire legth of the platforms at Corvin-Negyed Station in Budapest, a length of 125m on both sides. The panels serve a dual purpose, both aesthetic and functional, providing a unique decorative element and also functioning as part of a noise reduction system to make the station as silent as possible.  Aluinvent Prior to construction lab tests were conducted to establish the sound dampening properties of the panels. Tests showed the panels were twice as effective at reducing sound than originally required by the client. Aluinvent Aluinvent panels are made from 90% recycled materials in a manufacturing facility run entirely by renewable energy which helped the project... More

Project • By Taller Ciudad PortátilTownscapes

YUMA LAB | River Workshop

The River Workshop raised with the mission of rediscovering in the same place and in one project, the world of academia, businessmen and professionals of art, design, architecture, engineering, promoted by CORHUILA University and ESAA, based in ideas to rethink collectively about the dynamics, imaginaries and interactions that build the new city models. Through experimental practices and collaborative environments that allow the construction of a disruptive urban intervention, with the ability to dialogue and reflect on being, belonging and living in the CITY OF THE RIVER MAGDALENA. Andrés Hernández. As a result of the "Taller del Río" "YUMA LAB" was born. Yuma = (River of the friendly country), name with which... More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiShops


In the design of this wellness center in the city of Modena, the main theme is the comfort that users must perceive from the first entry. gariselli associati gariselli associati gariselli associati The project therefore revolves around the visual and environmental well-being, so the customer is to be welcomed: a few materials that completely cover all the surfaces with three-dimensional moldings, plays of light and chromatic contrasts to highlight the different functions of the interiors. A design aimed to speak the language of interior architecture, rather than pure set-up, thus refusing the affected and excessive decoration that often characterizes this type of retail. From the outside, the same geometrical proportions use... More

Project • By VOUS Architecture & Design (Collectif VOUS)Housing

Toute 'Z Renovation

At the very beginnig there was a house. A big house and two garages facing the street, a garden and two sheds in the backyard. Then there were two apartments. A two room one at the ground floor and a duplex at the upper floors, both sharing garages and garden. So when the LD family had the opportunity to purchase the flat at the ground floor, came the idea to create the former family house again.​ Collectif VOUS For the parents and their three girls, VOUS designed a wide living space gathering living room, kitchen, laundry, bathroom at the ground floor, now completly transformed. The double orientation is permitted by opening the central stone wall. The living room is wide open on the garden thank's to a 3x3m bay window protected from... More