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Project • By andrea rubini architettoApartments


House––06 was born from the restructuring of an apartment of around 100 sq.m. The house, built at the tail end of the 1960s, identifies the classic distribution of central corridors and the disengagement of all the other rooms, where it was decided to keep and substituting the walls, which divided the corridor from the daily living quarters with a touch of polycarbonate.This particular choice has created an element of three-dimensional divide which allows natural light to shine through including all the corridor.The project foresees also the union of the kitchen and living quarters by identifying an undivided separated space from the corridor by virtue of the polycarbonate wall. Apart from these works, the service entrance area... More

Project • By Piertito Cardillo StudioPrivate Houses

Villa M

Villa AM is located in the heart of Puglia, spread over an area of ​​2500sqm distributed over 3 levels. Caption   The light envelope seems to almost hover, characterized by a perimeter closure in brisoleir capable of wrapping the complex interior so as to shield the sun's rays and at the same time guarantee greater privacy. The glass facades make the volume clear and light, giving a feeling of lightness and compactness. Caption   The ribbon facade is characterized by minimal sliding closing systems designed to completely open the internal spaces and break down the separation with the outside, obtaining the best possible comfort in the living areas that open onto a large garden and the infinity pool. Caption &nb... More

Project • By Anidride DesignHotels

Platinum Hotel

Anidride Design, the studio of Nicola De Pellegrini and Giovanni Bez, gave life to the Platinum project which includes the hotel of the same name in New Orleans and the operational headquarters in Nashville. Contract and hospitality connected with nature and tailored for people. The holistic and revolutionary approach of the Belluno architect Nicola De Pellegrini, founder of the Anidride Design studio, is also becoming popular in the United States of America, where he has already captured the attention for the unique architectural language and for the aesthetic purity of the end-product. With its strict adherence to the principles of circular design, aimed at the perfect integration of buildings into their natural ecosystem, Nicola De Pell... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesRestaurants

commer & zima Gallery & Cafe

When designing, I always think about how much the historical and potential of this place can be taken into consideration and "casually" designed.I'm thinking of expanding my imagination by expressing the life-sized "place" there, rather than trying to get strange. Caption   "Commer & zima" is on the first floor of an old building in the office district. This store, which is less than 14 tsubo, is long and narrow and has a trapezoidal plane that widens toward the back. From this condition as well, the layout plan was to have a kitchen in the back and only bench seats for the audience. Caption   Since it also serves as a photo gallery, we designed it "casually" and prepared "walls" with different textures in consid... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesHousing

House - S

This project started with a conversation with the client, about pouring sunlight and breeze through the house, things which are gifts from nature.  Caption   I think that houses nowadays tend to be too closed off. Is this because it is the only way to face the city, or perhaps because of the deterioration of the environment? Caption Obtainable/Not obtainable Show/hide Open/close Release/hold Cross/parellel Caption   I wondered if it was possible to create a kind of ‘scenery’ by applying opposites such as stronger/weaker, calm/lively and light/dark. These are the keys to this house. Caption This house is located in the west of Kobe city close to Suma beach. I expected to see a mature c... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesHousing

House - O

The site is very small, at 66㎡ it is like a garden. This area is a dense residential area with some row houses. The budget is limited as usual… Thinking about a house within these conditions… Caption Where to open and where to close…  I thought it was important to consider how to take in the sunlight for this house, and to consider Ma ( space in between ) to create a feeling of generousness in this site. Caption I had a few things to try out on this project, such as the structure, planning and interior detailing. However there were also many limiting factors such as budget, site area, height etc.  Caption The theme became creating architecture despite the given constraints, and to do this w... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesBars

Ondine bar&salon -Floating-

This bar, ‘Ondine’, is in a tenant building located on a busy road in the middle of Kitashinchi in Osaka. Kitashinchi has changed recently and is no more a town of expensive clubs and restaurants. In any business ( restaurant? Or bar? ) space, a sense of the extraordinary is usually required. However if the design is overdone, the space would become unsophisticated and crude. Furthermore if the space is small, the result would be worse.  Caption   This design which is ‘simple and somewhat playful’ rouses the imagination of people who experience that space. ‘Nothing will be added, nothing will be reduced’, this was how I designed Ondine.  ‘Ondine’ means water fairy in Fre... More

Project • By dimiourgikiRestaurants

Avra Seaside

Avra Imperial Hotel is a luxury 5 star hotel, situated in Kolymbari, municipality of Platanias. Caption Our company undertook to design and construct a new beach bar-restaurant Avra Seaside, to serve the hotel's customers. Caption The project, which was designed on a plot of 960sq.m. includes the design of a bar-restaurant of 132 sq.m. with a large outdoor seating area and two swimming pools, with a total area of 75sq.m. Caption You can see more information for our project here: https://dimiourgiki.com/portfolio/beach-bar-avra-imperial-hotel/ Caption More

Project • By Look CompositesResidential Landscape

Hotel Riviera

Reform of existing hotel. Its new design, realized by the Architect Vicente Peiró, included some very singular forms, on the outside of the area of a glass elevator, a piece finished on both sides and with a pronounced flight. Due to its shape and characteristics, the GRP was the solution to be able to carry it out.In addition to these pieces, all the visors of the round windows were also made in GRP with a special rounded design.All the pieces were manufactured with a bench finish imitating the concrete panels of the rest of the façade. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional design of the piece.- Lightness- Ease of assembly.- Support the aggressiveness of the proximity of the sea. FINAL SCOREThe image of the new Hotel... More

Project • By Johnson ChouApartments

Penthouse at the Candy Factory Lofts

Situated in a turn of the century candy factory, this 2700 SF loft penthouse suite was one of Toronto’s first residential adaptive re-use projects of it’s kind. Reinvented as the “Candy Factory Lofts” the building is an anchor in a neighborhood that has evolved into the vibrant and bohemian “West Queen West” Arts District. Tom Arban Photography The owner, an avid sportsman with a penchant for traveling to remote areas to camp in the wilderness, requested a residence that evoked, within an urban context, a sense of the landscape he loved so much. Tom Arban Photography Capitalizing on the generous ceiling heights on the first level of the residence, the spaces are linked by many variations in le... More

Project • By Look CompositesRestaurants

Dubai Restaurant Mix by Alain Ducasse

Construction of two large forms in the interior of a luxury restaurant in Dubai. These pieces make up a giant egg on which the restaurant revolves. For its construction, a metallic structure has been used, on which a series of prefabricated GRP pieces with a special design and a reflective golden finish have been fixed. The complex is crossed by an elevator for guests. The lower part of the egg houses the bathrooms and the upper part the V.I.P. with a spectacular latticework on its ceiling. Caption Caption OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Adaptation of a spectacular design to a structure and prefabricated GRP pieces.- Optimization of the structure and the GRP for its transport and placement.- Manufacture of multipurpose molds to complet... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceSupermarkets

The Bazaar

​The Bazaar was an innovative concept for a destination local food market, featuring an array of local micro-restaurants, as well as craft merchandise and fresh produce. Expanding on the idea of a “bazaar” as an architectural typology with a long history and tradition, the concept inherited the idea of repetitive domes as an organizational structure, within which vendors would have individual kiosks. The morphology of the domes modulated throughout the site, resulting in subtly varying sky lighting and elevations. The long arching elevation faces south to a parking lot, making it visible to the street and also creating a relationship allowing for indoor-outdoor uses such as a periodic farmers market. Caption Caption... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceApartments

The Apartment of Perfect Brightness

Beginning with the owner’s stated preference for a home with abundant natural light, the name of this project was adapted from that of a famous Beijing garden. The idea of “perfect brightness” was explored architecturally: beginning with research into the psychological effects of different qualities and colors of daylight, a system was developed whereby ambient lighting could change from warm to cool white, depending on the season, time of day, and outdoor lighting conditions. The light is “concentrated” at the center in two twisting, shell-shaped feature walls, drawing visitors in from the entry.​ Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption   Further, working from the owner’s... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceHousing

Black Diamond House

Situated on an urban infill site, this house builds on Buffalo’s rich architectural heritage, with works by Frank Lloyd Wright and H.H. Richardson only steps away. But rather than looking only to the past, the house offers a model for twenty-first central urban life, with a soaring interior space organized around views, nature and daylight. At the same time, the exterior respects the massing and rhythm of the historic neighborhood in which it is situated.​ Caption So as to fit into the urban context, the design began with the exterior volume of the house that previously occupied this site and burned down. From this starting point, adjustments were made to accommodate programmatic priorities: one wall was angles back six degrees... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceMuseums

The Himalayas Museum

The Himalayas Museum was designed to be situated within the existing Himalayas Centre designed by Arata Isozaki. As a “found” space — a raw unfinished concrete interior with soaring 15m ceilings — it had a particular power and resonance with the field of contemporary art. Thus it was decided that, rather than obscuring this construction, three “rocks” housing the museum’s tripartite program of contemporary art, classical art, and education, could be situated within the existing structure, thereby creating a tension between new and old, inside and outside, raw and refined.​ Caption The centre of the space was reserved for large scale installations. The “lecture” rock, facing this sp... More