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Project • By BWM Architekten und PartnerRestaurants

Dingelstedt 3

The play of color and non-color: Restaurant On Sud, today known as "Dingelstedt 3"ON Sud combines the atmosphere of an authentic Viennese pub dating back to around 1900 with the modern restaurant culture of the 21st century. The former corner tavern is located on the south side of the charming square in front of Maria vom Siege church in Vienna’s 15th district. The historical premises provided the starting point for the design of Simon Xie Hong’s new restaurant in his ON series. The concept is based on the idea of colour and non-colour. Inspired by the originalThe charm of bygone times has been preserved thanks to the incorporation of many original furnishings and elements. The panelling, a large number of pub chairs as well as... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsBars

All Eyes on Me

                        All Eyes On Me is a modern, 90s-inspired cafe that is built around the lifestyle, phrases and image of the American rapper Tupac Shakur.                        Retrieving its name from the rapper’s song, the cafe had to offer more than just food. We recreated the atmosphere of the times, representing a mix of the 90s rap vibe and modern hip-hop culture.                        Knowing the love people have for neon, we made the interior dark enough for the lights to be even more visible.             &nbs... More

Project • By Project M PlusRestaurants

Salted Pig

Project M Plus partnered with Inland Empire’s very first gastropub, The Salted Pig, to redesign their restaurant for Riverside’s first mixed-use development, Imperial Hardware Lofts.   Originally, owner Ronaldo Fierro imagined The Salted Pig as a ‘rustic public house’ when it first opened in a converted antique store – very much a DIY expression. But to scale, Project M Plus founders McShane and Cleo Murnane knew that a refreshed, playful design for the restaurant was needed to elevate the brand and charm their loyal customers.   Inspired by the building’s Art Deco geometric facade and muted desert landscape, Project M Plus landed on a warm palette to inform the interiors. The result was bri... More

Project • By Bureau Brisson ArchitectesBars

Renovation of a coffe bar in Vevey

The Theater street in Vevey has been home to a coffee bar at number 3 for over 50 years. Over the years, the place has lost some of its splendour, and the original materials have gradually been covered by successive layers, at the whim of the various managers. In order to restore the authenticity of these premises, the first stage of the work was to discover the different surfaces, revealing a magnificent oak grain parquet. Based on this discovery, the other materials ensure that the existing heritage is highlighted, while giving the space a more contemporary character through the use of wavy eternit and black recomposed marble marquina. More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHRestaurants

Restaurant Kiang

The restaurant Kiang, located in a historic building in the center of Vienna, was designed by Helmut Richter in 1984. At the time of its opening it represented a radically new approach to interior design, especially compared to the dominant style of Chinese restaurants with dark wood and red lampions.Although it lacked the traditional Viennese „Gemütlichkeit“, it expressed a new sensitivity and became immediately an architectural icon. 34 years later the owners hired architects Tillner & Willinger for the remodelling of the historic room, contemporary illumination and the design of an extension. The new central room features the atmosphere of a dining kitchen where guests can watch the preparation of cold dishes. A new... More

Project • By OJAN Design StudioBars

Character Cafe & Gallery

Character Café & Gallery is located next to one of the main streets of Mehrshahr in Alborz province, with the area of 530 square meters. This old building was a two-storey construction with poor infrastructure, a complex plan and numerous arched openings. Due to lack of budget and accelerate runtime, we tried to create the least amount of damage and alteration to the old building by applying a flexible idea and creating a new definition for the archshaped openings. So we redefined Sabat which is an element of historical crossings of Yazd city in order to change the depth of opening and creating elongation in the form of arches. By this changes, we have transformed those arches to the corridors to create circulation and emphasized... More

Project • By Tomecek Studio ArchitectureBars

Amelia Island Brewery

Located on the busy A1A route into Amelia Island, Florida, The Amelia Island Brewing Company is an exciting commercial project for Tomecek Studio. The site, thickly vegetated with trees, shrubs, and grasses, is a natural hideaway in an industrial neighborhood. The project layout creates a physical and visual barrier around the site and directs the views and experiences inward towards the enclosed courtyard and preserved vegetation. One enters the brewery via the deck spanning over the large water feature recalling the memories of walking on a boardwalk over marshy Florida waters. To understand what the brewery wants to be, we looked at the brewing process and distilled the concept to the idea of a container and liquid stored within. The pr... More

Project • By VitaleRestaurants


The corporate interior design project carried out by Vitale begins with establishing aglobal communication strategy that is synthesized under the axis "consciouscooking". According to this, all the elements and settings of the brand are designed,from the name to the design of the brand and the interior design.L´Horta is a restaurant with a sustainable vocation that is based on the three basicpillars of the common good: the product, the environment and society. The culinaryoffer (whose speciality is pizza) is based on a clear commitment to healthy eatingand responsible consumption that offers fresh, seasonal and local products. With apresentation prepared to be tasted without haste in a natural environment where thecolors, finishes and... More

Project • By Arturo InteriorsRestaurants

Gokul Restaurant

The Gokul restaurant is part of Anurag hotel Pvt ltd, located at heart of the city of Rourkela city, Orissa, India. The Hotel is very well known for the service and overwhelming response by the customer comes from different location day to day.  The Gokul restaurant is fine dinning restaurant which includes the recipes from south Indian, continental, and Indian dishes.The concept of Gokul developed by the principal interior designer Iqbal Azam owner of Arturo Interiors, Kolkata, India, as the names Gokul suggest the feel of earthy Indian flavor. The designer chooses the theme for lotus shape for the interior design in term of highlighter. Arturo interiors is very well known designer firm from Kolkata, west Bengal.It was very difficult... More

Project • By hcreatesBars


Beijing welcomes Oh Yeah! Brewing to the fold with its new local brew on a grand scale. The city has always been the heart of the growing craft scene in China, the largest beer consuming market in the world. Oh Yeah! Brewing is nestled in the centre of Beijing’s business district of Guo Mao, amongst architectural landmarks such as the CCTV tower and the China World Trade Centre. With Beijing’s financial hub as its neighbouring clientele, the brewery looks to attract the up-and-coming affluent Chinese who seek a relaxed yet more modern social environment. The well-travelled Chinese founder wanted to develop a new atmosphere that would challenge the hard-surfaced, grungy, industrial garages of your typical craft beer bar. They wanted to... More

Project • By lamatildeHotels

SM 1619 - Truffle Bistrot S. Stefano Belbo

An extension project led to a space in which the line between interior and exterior is deliberately light and ethereal – a mere diaphragm between the cloister and the 17th-century monastery that is home to the Truffle Bistrot.The roof, made of interlocking elements, was built very quickly; on the outside, it was covered with a system for climbing plants, with struts, ties and metal mesh that give it the wavy profile of hills and allow it to float over the surface.The wooden dropped ceiling is striking both for the complex wood grain and the truncated-pyramid skylights, which cut through the greenery to create impressive cones of light. Furthermore, the open-air feeling was enhanced by using outdoor materials, which complement the elem... More

Project • By Phoenix WharfShops

The Yeo Valley Cafe

Somerset family farm enterprise, Yeo Valley, Britain’s leading organic dairy brand, is expanding on the success of both its dairy product range and its Blagdon-based farm, café and garden in deepest Somerset by opening its very first London outlet, comprised of a two-storey café, shop and workspace on Queensway in west London, designed by award-winning South West creative agency Phoenix Wharf. The brief was to create an engaging, inviting showcase for Yeo Valley, incorporating a dine-in café, grab’n’go produce and a mini retail store, as well as a work and meeting space on the site’s upper storey. The designers were asked to maintain and express the brand’s nature-inspired ethos and friendly, fun and unpretentious feel, whilst also creating... More

Project • By GCB Interior ArchitectureRestaurants

Forno Alimento

From the moment you walk-in to the moment you take your last sip of wine at Forno Alimento, a special culinary experience is formed. Located in Vaughan’s Italian district, the intimate food sharing experience resonates through its meaning “the celebration of food”. Offering exclusively tapas styled dining, this innovative restaurant’s food and design palette will ensure a lively stay. Inspired by select craft wines for visitors and locals alike, the cozy yet rich materials create a truly authentic Italian experience. Pops of colours can be seen only on plates and wine labels, noting it’s simplistic flare throughout. The rest of the space is drenched in dark woody oaks contrasting seamlessly with the statuario marble. The natural colour... More

Project • By Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.Restaurants


Shanghai Hip-pop design team created a Sakura rainfall in Omakase, which features contrasting pink glass partitions and a gold private dining room. Located in Shanghai’s business center, Omakase offers kaiseki-ryori, which is a high-end Japanese cuisine. No matter the food, the tableware or the dining environment is exquisite in every detail. Inspired by the love story of Sakura rain, the design of Omakase erased the sadness of story without a trace. It broke some preconceived traditional ideas and challenged the widely accepted standard of behavior. “Whether a kaiseki cuisine is attractive is just determined at the moment when one entering the door.” Said the design team. Started with the design concept of Sakura and dew, the Sakura petal... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Triangle Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari,Amir Irandoost HaghighiExecution: Saeid JamaliTriangle CaféCafés have significant power in strengthening the social dimension of urban spaces and urban Cafés are more dynamic than other types of spaces. The connectivity of the café to the unique historical urban environment and creating an attraction to this place were the challenges for the designers. The project ambition was to create a subtle wall surface which has the least impaction on the historical urban environment and the city residential fabric, however it creates a bold sustainable space.The goal was to blend the café interior space to city fabric which is occurred by eliminating the “borde... More