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Project • By 07beachPrivate Houses

House Renovation In Ho Chi Minh City

The method to design for this house is pretty simple. I thought of it as the most important how the house should be for a comfortable life with your family. Imagined your daily life through your personality which I have been feeling usually. Hoping that the space will not only be comfortable, but your daily life will also be more fun than usual. Though the image I have about you is trite words, it's deep affection for your family. I designed so that your house can represent your affection for your wife and two dogs, and I designed it with the image that this house will be like a gift to your family. More

Project • By Hive CityUrban Green Spaces

Elevator B

Elevator B is an urban habitat for a colony of honeybees, which originally occupied a boarded window in an abandoned office building in Buffalo, NY. Although not created for a specific client organization per se, the project has generated a great deal of public curiosity because of the combination of the colony of honeybees, an interesting and until very recently, a restricted-access site, and a well-designed object. The site, Silo City, is a group of largely abandoned grain elevators and silos on the Buffalo River. Elevator B is intended as a symbol of the site’s environmental and economic regeneration. The 22’ tall tower is a honeycombed steel structure designed and built utilizing standard steel angle and tube sections. It is sheathed... More

Project • By LAM ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Aviary 't Zwin

No description More

Project • By LAM ArchitectsZoos


Attractive experience & animal welfare It is the clients desire to offer new attractive experience to the visitors of the zoo. An experience where they are immersed, walking trough an African landscape with birds of prey flying over their heads and sitting in the canopy above them. This perception, but also the welfare of animals requires a lot of space and the suggestion of space. In addition, the vultures throughout the year are outside, while for example during their breeding season the marabous should be kept from the sight of the public. Construction within the aviary should be limited or not be there at all and there are many requirements for breeding places. Besides warmth and shelter these should not look like "human" constru... More

Product • By Valentin GaralFAMILY BENCH


Family bench is a collaboration by the spanish designer Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop, a mexican hand-crafted furniture workshop. Family Bench is an object conceived for the “non places” often forgotten and lacking of character. It is made of solid willow wood, with an outstanding crafted work on the cage. Its construction moves to a concept of excellence for the social and sentimental scope. Pedagogical in its design, functions as a bank of family ties. It requires a tender care by all members that surround the Family Bench. With a touch of irony, is a reflective piece destined to become a point of meeting, discussion and preservation of social relations. Solid willow wood Hand-crafted h 120 x l 190 x d 45 cms. More

Project • By Foster + PartnersZoos

Elephant House

Set within a historic royal park, adjacent to the Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen Zoo is among the oldest zoos in Europe and one of Denmark's most popular cultural institutions, with 1.2 million visitors a year. Among the Zoo's most visited inhabitants are the Indian elephants. The starting point for the design of this new Elephant House was to provide these magnificent animals with a healthy, stimulating environment and in the process to create easily accessible spaces from which visitors can see and enjoy them. Extensive research into elephants' social patterns provided design cues. The tendency for bull elephants in the wild to roam away from the herd suggested a plan organised around two separate enclosures. These enclosures are... More

Project • By JHY Architect & AssociatesHospitals

A+ animal hospital

A+ animal hospital interior design ventures what values atypical design could make in 53㎡, offering an utilitarian furniture fit into the programs. It was a critical challenge to make a spacious amusement place for pets, even 5 clinic rooms are necessary to operate the hospital. It was a main concern that the interior image from a street produces a symbol of A+ animal hospital as well as atypical design language produces all the required space in 53㎡. It was important to re interpret programs as much as to design space efficient furniture. The hall and pets’ amusement area are integrated to make public space as spacious as possible. Atypical shelves made of white washed pine plywood discretize the space into public area_ amusement and hal... More

Product • By KIM HYUNJOO studioHappilyever dog house & stool

Happilyever dog house & stool

'Happily ever' is a piece of funiture in which the dog house and chair coexist, expressing a need for intimacy between the pet owner and the pet, by sharing a common object. Wherever you are, your dog always wants to be with you. For example, when a dog owner sits on a chair, the dog will often sit under the chair. When their pet comes near, an owner will typically pat it - a heartwarming experience for both individuals. Happily Ever is based on these kinds of behaviours. year: 2008 material: resin, Fabric size: W800 D470 H500 More

Project • By RMA ArchitectsParks


A housing project for a 100 elephants and their Mahouts (caretakers), Hathigaon (or elephant village) is situated at the foothill of the Amber Palace and Fort near Jaipur. The design strategy first involved structuring the landscape that had been devastated by its use as a sand quarry by local sand suppliers, to create a series of water bodies to harvest the rain runoff, as this is the most crucial resource in the desert climate of Rajasthan. With the water resources in place, an extensive tree plantation program was carried out together with seeding the site to propagate local species - all at an extremely low cost, using local labour and craftspeople. The water body was a critical component of the design, as it also facilitated the bon... More

Project • By SGL ProjektSports Centres

The Stork Nest Farm

In 2006 we were asked to design the revitalization of a farmstead for congress, company presentation, holding of corporate events and leisure activities. For this purpose our client bought 19th century farmstead located at a large pound. The farmstead included a distillery with it's chimney. From 1926 there have lived storks on the chimney. It became the main reason for buying this farm. The farm is located 50 kilometers to the south from Prague. The surrounding landscape reminds piedmont area with large forest complexes, vast meadows, wetlands and a great network of ponds. Since the end of the 80's from the 20th century the farm has been abandoned and the buildings quickly decayed. The only solitary residents who remained were... More

Project • By VisiondivisionCommercial Landscape


"A country gentlemen once bought 10000 crayfishes in the 90’s to plant in a stream running through his land. In the autumn he would capture about a hundred of them to eat at the annual Swedish crayfish parties. The crayfishes however slowly started to emigrate to another nearby lake outside the patron’s estate. Desperate of seeing his neighbors feast on his crayfishes, he contacted visiondivision to solve his problem. Visiondivision decided to help the patron by building him a refugee where the crayfishes could imigrate back. By investigating the condition of the stream we soon found out that it was the lack of stones, hiding places and the lack of calcite that probably had made the crayfishes emigrate. The city planning would focus on s... More

Project • By Gitta GschwendtnerExhibitions

Animal Wall

Charles Church Developments, WYG Planning & Design and Safle are pleased to announce the completion of ‘Animal Wall’, a site-specific ecological artwork by artist Gitta Gschwendtner. ‘Animal Wall’ is part of a 50 metre long wall, running along the south-western edge of ‘Strata’, a new residential development in Century Wharf, Cardiff Bay. It can be accessed via the riverside walk leading from Clarence Road towards the city centre. The environmental impact of Cardiff Bay’s extensive development is an ongoing concern and various measures have been put in place to mitigate this. The approach taken for this artwork is to assist wildlife in the area and encourage further habitation. The new housing development of Century Wharf which provides... More

Project • By MvS Architects (Minifie van Schaik Architects)Care Homes

Australian Wildlife Health Centre

This project is quite unique in both its function and form, simultaneously a fully functioning veterinary facility, and a remarkable and a compelling experience for Sanctuary visitors.Organised around a public gallery visitors interact with the activities of the veterinary hospital. Visitors can witness laboratory work and animals undergoing diagnosis, surgery and recovery. A rich multimedia experience, enables visitors to gain a keenunderstanding of how animals become injured and the full range of activities involved in their care. Designed to the highest standard of ESD principles the central ventricle acts as a passive ventilation duct, entirely removing the need for mechanical cooling of the public gallery. Constructed from a shimmerin... More

Project • By 70FCommercial Landscape

Sheep stable Almere

The city of Almere has a sheep population of about 80 sheep. The sheep are mobilized to keep the powerful weed “acanthus” or “bears-breech” that grows in the “vroege vogel” - forest and “kromsloot” - park in Almere under control. To centralize and house this population, a sheep stable was needed. The stable is designed with an a-symmetrical homogeneous cross-section. The part of the building where the sheep reside is relatively low; the high part is situated above the (public) pathway and the hay storage section, making it possible to store a maximum amount of hay. This shape also creates a natural flow for the air inside the building, which is refreshed by two slits at the foot of each long side of the building. The detailing... More

Project • By RA-DASocial Housing

Westside German Shepherd Rescue

This project reconceptualizes the environment surrounding the adoption of pets. Replacing the concept of adoption is an idea of ‘re-homing’. With this term comes the implication that these animals are well-adjusted and just going from one home to another home. The design responds directly to this and although the site is in an industrial area, the architecture is more residential, from the exterior siding to the interior design. Designed to the theme of a Cape Cod home opening to a boardwalk lined by beachside cabins, it provides a truly unique level of comfort and sophistication while providing the most comprehensive and in depth services ever offered in this context. The minute you walk through the doors, you realize you are entering... More