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Project • By Pavel Hnilicka Architects+PlannersPrivate Houses


The design of the new family house in the old Liboc district replaces a dilapidated building that used to stand there in the past. The new house has two floors with a partial basement. The L-shaped ground plan situated in the corner of the plot refers to the old building. The facade of the main part of the house remains in the original place where it clearly delimits a piazzetta formed by an intersection of the corner streets. Compared to the old state, the shorter facade is offset inwards, widening the street. It consists of a floor that is partially embedded in the sloping terrain with one additional floor on top. The entrance to the plot remained on the north side together with the main entrance to the house in the center of the facade.... More

Project • By 29 VINT-I-NOU ARQUITECTURAPrivate Houses


The project consists of the reform and expansion of a single-family home on the beach. It is an isolated two-story house. Originally, the house was completely on the first floor, while the ground floor was open and airy. The project consists of closing the ground floor, incorporating it into the house. The most public spaces of the house are distributed on this ground floor, overlooking the pool and the garden, while the first floor is used for bedrooms and private areas. Víctor Alcañiz Ayala (29 arquitectura) Víctor Alcañiz Ayala (29 arquitectura) The ground floor is presented as an open and fluid space, organized through an storage unit that serves the kitchen and living room, achieving great lumino... More

Project • By spillmann echsle architektenHousing

Hause zur Sommerau, Uetikon am See

The listed Haus Zur Sommerau in Uetikon is situ­ated on a ridge in the immediate vicinity of school buildings, a community centre and the Uetikon Kirchenhügel. The property is defined by the large front garden with its bordered, circular “Brezelwegen”, garden beds, fences and historical garden gates and is a reminder of the prestigious buildings of the upper classes. The house was likely built in 1902 by Karl August Veit, architect of the Weissenrain schoolhouse, which lies in front of the building and with which it shares a strong resemblance – both are realised in the historical style. The house is characterised by its half-hipped roof, roof brackets and southeast-facing loggias. The conservation order incl... More

Project • By spillmann echsle architektenHousing

House P, Erlenbach

The tapered 500 square-metre property is situated on a ridge on the right bank of Lake Zurich. The structure’s dimensions result from the contracting shape of the plot. The detached house comprises two full storeys with an attic and a basement including an underground car park. The projecting and receding levels of the single-shell concrete construction appear deliberately stacked on top of each other and create balconies with different orientations. The window openings are positioned precisely in the individual rooms to ensure views of the lake and into the distance. A staircase core runs through the structure like a backbone and holds the compact interior layout together. The structure’s heaviness offers presence as a res... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray - Architectes FAS/SIAPrivate Houses

Detached House in Fully

The house is located in Fully on the edge of vineyards at the foot of the Chavalard, the village's landmark mountain. The main constraint on the plot was the presence of an adjacent house. Despite their proximity, it was vital that the two residences should not interfere with one another. Moreover, the privacy of each had to be preserved. To address these requirements, the house is positioned on the boundary of its plot and articulates around a semi-open inner courtyard. The latter facilitates visual communication across the various rooms of the house without impinging on those of the neighbour. Although the house is essentially oriented on itself, it also benefits from two large north-facing windows in the lounge and the bedroom offering v... More

Project • By KUMSTUDIOHousing


Unique single-family house is built by three independent solids that merge into one whole. Each coated / covered with a different skin, contrasting with each other. BURNED WOOD - GRAPHICS - LINEAR COARSE METAL SHEET. Three longitudinal tubes (including central one which is humped) slightly shifted, create the impression of a dynamic connection. The entire outer cladding penetrates inside with its textures and textures, cutting out 3 independent and yet interfused aesthetic-functional spaces (plasticity of external penetration into the interior is very important to us). The interior penetrates through the light that is let in, creating a view through. We see from the street the beauty of the forest lake at the foot of descending terraces of... More

Project • By Adriano Pimenta ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Combatentes House

The original two semi-detached houses design were done during the 1930. The house was developed to a doctor were the ground floor, in the main façade, was to his own practise. During the 60´s the house underwent enlargement works where lost the characteristics of the original design.   Different materials and spacing scales were mixed without any criteria with the original project. There were clear two eras inside the house and not related between them. The new proposal had as main target to give back a unique identity to the house scaling the spaces and adding materials that gives the continuity between those spaces.   Material Used : 1. Façade – Stone (original) + Thermal Insulation + Plaster 2. W... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Wagon Modern Detached House Design

The modern detached house design is a dichotomous architectural entity that features part-Thai and part-modern aesthetics. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the client wanted a design that would capture some of the vernacular of the city while still retaining a contemporary aura. The CAS team responded by developing a flood-resistant structure that stands on high platforms and an exterior with large, modern windows coupled with a slanted wooden roof that is a perfect Thai-Modern hybrid. More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

Salters Acres

Salters Acres is a development of 3 detached houses on Stockbridge Road in Winchester. The 3 houses were conceived in response to the suburban setting of the site on the edge of Winchester; the character of the area is quite mixed so we set out to establish a design that would feel comfortable within its setting without overtly replicating one of the various architectural styles in the vicinity. The simple, recognisable pitched roof form and the prominent chimneys reference the Victorian vernacular of many of the residential areas of the city, whilst the yellow brick, the contemporary detailing and the large windows gives the development a more distinctive and modern character. The layout creates an active street scene with openings and... More