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Douglas fir

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NewsNews • 22 Feb 2021

Custom designed windows shine at the Quarter Glass House

With a series of stepped levels and angular windows, this extension to an Edwardian terraced house in South West London opens up to a leafy rear garden and optimizes natural light within the new living space. The design by Proctor and Shaw is called the Quarter Glass House, with the term ‘quarter glass’ referencing the custom-shaped triangular side windows on some vehicles.  Stale Eriksen The difference in grade between the existing ground floor house and the rear garden is 1.2 meters. To navigate this difference, the extension is designed as a sequence of stepped plateaus that descend slowly into the garden through a series of distinct kitchen, dining and outdoor terrace zones.  Stale Eriksen Maximizing na... More

Project • By HeliotropePrivate Houses

Lone Madrone Residence

Located on a rocky, wind-swept south facing shoreline; this 1,600sf retreat home nestles into the landscape in order to harmonize with it’s surroundings and minimize exposure to weather. Designed with retractable wall panels to protect from punishing winter storms, the house nevertheless opens up completely to the outdoors when the weather is fair — allowing the owners to fully interact with the landscape and view. The site is within the San Juan Islands National Monument, with extremely sensitive shorelines and marine environment. In order to minimize impacts to natural systems, a garden roof was employed to replace landscape lost to construction, and storm-water flows were engineered to replicate the pre-construction condition... More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsPrivate Houses

G Residence

The project called for an addition and “re mapping“ of an existing 1960 residence on the upper bench of Salt Lake City. The design started with the landscape which grew out of the client’s art collection. The garden was organized around the idea of journey and repose. The end of the journey are two bronze elephants which are situated on a stainless-steel gabion filled with recycle glass and lite from below. The garden is only accessible from the house through the kitchen. There is an eastern stairway which leads down to an allée of London plane trees.The house was organized to take full advantage of the distance views as well as the newly conceived views of the garden and art works.It’s a two-bedroom residence with small courtyards on both... More

Project • By FillieVerhoeven ArchitectsResidential Landscape

CPO Groene Mient

33 new houses developed by housing co-op Groene Mient. Low energy housing project built in wood and slate.Design:FilliéVerhoeven architectsArchitektenkombinatie Bos HofmanAllotmentCompared to common standards the plot for Groene Mient offered us a unique opportunity to create an enormous collective garden. Our challenge was to enhance this natural collectivity and to focus all new houses equally on this garden in such a way that it would not result in a subdivision into different smaller backyards. Another important design wish was that the new houses should be south orientated as much as possible given the strive for minimal energy consumption and the use of solar panels and solar collectors. By placing one of the building blocks more or l... More