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NewsNews • 16 Dec 2022

Bica Arquitectos wraps a house in Fir Wood Palisade to preserve the dunes in Troia

Nestled in an ecologically sensitive landscape facing the sea in Troia, Portugal, the Palisade House, designed by Lisbon-based architecture studio Bica Arquitectos, seeks to protect the surrounding dunes and local plant species while ensuring the resident's privacy. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura The design process involved shaping a large dune surrounding the house and covering it with native vegetation. The dune emphasises the area's natural characteristics while promoting local sustainability since it was built using sand disposed of by nearby constructions. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura To protect the natural dune, a long Palisade made of Fir wood was crafted, establishing the periphery of the building while... More

NewsNews • 3 Mar 2022

Unknown Architects design a unique home nestled into the dune landscape of the Wadden Islands (NL)

Nestled into the unique dune landscape of Terschelling, one of the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands, this house by Unknown Architects is both modest and expressive. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding holiday homes, the house appears from a distance as a single-storey building with an asymmetrical roof. Closer up, a lower ground floor becomes visible.  MWA Hart Nibbrig The house comprises three key elements: a solid concrete base, a panoramic window that connects the ground floor to the dune landscape, and an asymmetrical timber roof. To reduce construction time and impact on the site, much of the house was prefabricated.  The first project featuring cross-laminated construction on Terschelling the ground floor and ro... More

NewsNews • 1 Mar 2021

Rag Doll House presents a striking duality of old and new

Located in the oldest part of the villa district in Knokke-Heist, Belgium and situated in a former dune area, a new transparent ground floor has been inserted beneath a historic cottage. The striking expression of duality was developed by Delmulle Delmulle Architecten.  Johnny Umans In a neighbourhood known for naming individual houses, this house is nicknamed ‘Rag Doll,’ referring to the well-known type of stuffed doll made from different incoherent pieces of material that still results in a coherent ensemble. Piet Albert Goethals Surrounded by cottages, farms, historic cottages and contemporary modern homes, the clients at the outset felt divided between a modern home and the potential for something else. &... More

Project • By JAJA ArchitectsWatch Towers

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Ferocious pounding storms constantly move and shape the fantastic dune landscape on the northwest coast of Denmark. In 1968 an enormous sand dune devoured Rubjerg Knude Ligthouse leaving the tower as the only remaining structure, poised on the edge of the rapidly eroding cliff. In Spring of 2016 the lighthouse was reopened and retrofitted with an architectural installation that give the public the last chance to enjoy the unique vistas and wild dynamic spectacle of nature, from the top of the lighthouse.   BESSARDs’ STUDIO and JAJA Architects designed a scenographic stairway giving access to the tower and making the ascent a sequence of architectural experiences. Staging its historic function as a beacon for the seafarers, they... More

Project • By UNICA ArchitectsMarinas

Floating Lido

The Masterplan for Lido Super Yacht Marina forms part of an expansive development encompassing the Floating Venice hotel project, situated along Dubai's waterfront. Its primary objective is to enhance the hotel area by providing public spaces, beaches, and facilities that complement the resort services. Lido acts as a natural extension of Venice, boasting extensive beaches and a rich tradition of spas and thermal waters, epitomized by the magnificent Excelsior Palace Hotel. Drawing inspiration from Lido di Venezia, which has long served as Venice's beach destination, our vision is to recreate this concept within a contemporary setting on the World Islands' Lido. Similar to how we integrated the Grand Canal into the Floating Venice project,... More

Project • By i.s.m.architectenPrivate Houses


Aerial view of the house the remodeled dune. on the left side of the house lies a wild, untouched terrain. on the back side lies the garden shed in the more structured back garden.   The outset for this house was Jan and Régines search for a refuge from the hectic city life of Antwerp. This plot, situated on the edge of the nature reserve Witte Burg, best fitted this criteria. The terrain was initialy an untouched piece of dune with the typical vegetation running through it. The dune followed the street border from the bottom right to the upper left. From the start it was clear for the design team that it had to be preserved and that the house should become a part of it. The premise of the project was the relationship between... More

Project • By 2by4-architectsParks

Qurios Zandvoort

Mid July 2019 recreational park QuriosZandvoort opened its doors. The park is situated between the Formula 1 track, the national park Kennemerland and the beach of the town of Zandvoort. It’s also conveniently close to the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam. Because of its unique location the park will attract a very diverse group of guests. From city dwellers to beachgoers and from nature lovers to race fanatics. For the design of the park this meant that it couldn’t be a ‘1 size fits all’ concept and should be able to accommodate this diverse group of guests. The architecture of the park plays a key role in giving meaning and expression to this diversity.The park accommodates 100 cottages and 2 public pavilions and is designed like a dune pa... More

Project • By N+P ArkitekturPrivate Houses

Petry Retreat

Petry Retreat is located on the west coast of Denmark. In the dramatic dune landscape. From the ground there is a fantastic 180-degree view over the North Sea. The house relate humbly to the nature in terms of geometry and materials.From all the rooms there is access to the terraces that run all the way around the house.Behind the house is a concrete bunker from the Second World War. The bunker is today used for wine rooms and firewood.The house is built in a wooden construction and covered with thermo wood. The roof is covered with sedum green roof.Materials:                            1. Thermo Ash Wood2.... More

Project • By FCB Studios (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)Offices

Hayle North Quay

FCBStudios third and largest phase of work for historic harbour granted detailed planning permission Cornish 20 acre mixed use regeneration project to go ahead as plans for Hayle North Quay unanimously approved at Strategic Planning Committee.   Located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mixed use scheme embraces the industrial heritage of the port to create a contemporary harbourside for Cornwall. The proposals to revitalise Hayle harbour were originally given outline approval in 2010. The current owners of Hayle Harbour commissioned FCBStudios to greatly enhance the outline scheme, in order to respond to the sensitivities presented by the World Heritage Site, creating a vibrant and coherent vision for the coastal site.   The firs... More

Project • By Felixx Landscape Architects & PlannersInformation Centres

Maritime campus Almere

Enriched dune landscapeCarnival develops a new maritime campus in Almere, an educational center focused on cruise industry. The ‘CSMART Center of Excellences’ will be located within the new quarter called Almere Duin. This area will be characterized by an artificial created dune landscape. The buildings are embedded in this emerging natural environment. Outspoken artificial objects and spaces are created, tying indoor spaces in different ways to the surrounding landscape. More

Project • By RHDHV (Royal Haskoning DHV)Car Parks

Underground Parking Katwijk aan Zee

A 1,200 m long sand dune tops the dike, creating a height of between 10 to 11 m above mean sea level for the new coastal protection system in Katwijk aan Zee. The dune has been planted with marram grass and includes paths, a boardwalk, and benches so that visitors can stroll along its crest or to the sea, depending on their wishes. The dike is covered with sand for protection purposes, but also to maintain the natural look of the dunes and the beach. The project made accessibility between the beach and the municipality a priority. But the sand dune conceals more than just the municipality's coastal protection. A 30 m wide, 500 m long parking garage is also located within the dune, extending parallel to—and inland from—the reinforced di... More

Project • By Borren Staalenhoef Architecten BV bnaPrivate Houses

Het Kulkje

For a big family, their friends and relatives, a comfortable and modern holiday home was built. The house fits smoothly in its environment although it is located on top of a sand dune in the open landscape of this Dutch Island. The house needed to be spacious and practical besides being nice. Multiple fixed interior elements were integrated in the design. Consequently a spatial holiday home was realized in which landscape, house and interior are optimally connected.Between the 30s and the 70s around 200 holiday homes were built on this part of the Island. Since then it was not allowed any more to add new houses. The local policy is focused on maintaining the existing character of this area; small scale housing in an open landscape without a... More

Project • By Microscape Architecture Urban designParks/Gardens

Show arena and market area in the Central Park

In partnership with Gonçalo Byrne and Joao Nunes, MICROSCAPE has completed the urban transformation of the former Pini Horse Race Course, converting it into the centre of the new Central Park of Follonica. The show arena and the market area are the most extensive works of the integrated sustainable urban development programme implemented by the city with European funds. The urban project has been built as a real "landscape design", where the archetype of the Maremma dune landscape is linked to the terraced culture of the Tuscan hinterland. The project is thus a catalyst for the history, the life flow and the contemporary instances of urban ecology. We have not created a model but a process that interprets all the components of the landscape... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenSecondary Schools

Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum (VCL)

Atelier PRO has won the European tender for the renovation and redevelopment of the Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum. The VCL is an independent school for senior general secondary education and pre-university education. Its current building is comprised of various component parts built at different points in time, with a total floor area of around 8,000 square metres. The oldest part, a villa dating back to 1903, is a national monument and will be preserved. The more recent parts, built in the 1930s, 1960s and 1980s, will be replaced by new construction.The assignment A positive outcome of the school’s gradual expansion in the past is that the building does not appear overly large and offers a sense of human scale. The VCL drew up an... More

Project • By Russell JonesPrivate Houses

Villa Waalre

A recently completed family residence situated within a forested Dune landscape, in Waalre, outside of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.BackgroundWaalre is a municipality and town in the province of North Brabant in the Southern Netherlands, immediately south of the city of Eindhoven. Known as the Groenfontein (Green Fountain) Waalre maintains a civic policy to provide a diverse tree population in streets and lanes. The extensively forested fir tree woodland which gives the area its essential character is the result of an historic forestation regime to provide timber for supporting shafts in the Limburg coal mines.Anton and Gerard Philips had chosen Eindhoven in 1891 as the home of Koninklijke Philips, the Dutch technology company, even though... More