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NewsNews • 10 Sep 2021

Sydney’s Henley Clays renovation fuses natural and built landscapes

Sydney, Australia-based architecture practice Benn & Penna recently renovated Henley Clays,  a freestanding brick cottage on Sydney's lower North Shore.  The renovation involved two intertwined goals - adding additional rooms whilst simultaneously opening the interior up and letting the exterior in to integrate and fuse natural and built landscapes. Benn & Penna thus conceptualized the project as an intermediary between house and garden, blending the two forms and maximizing lifestyle elements in order to allow the occupants to utilize the full breadth of the site.  Tom Ferguson The home is located in a heritage conservation area and thus subject to very strict planning bylaws which can be challenging to innovat... More

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Henley Clays

Conceptually the project is an intermediary between house and garden; binding qualities of both whilst creating a rich variety of domestic experiences that utilise the entire site. Tom Ferguson The design introduces a series of gently rising brick platforms to the rear of an existing brick bungalow. Varying spatial proportions and atmospheres emerge from the platforms; the horizontal living room, vertical stair tower and elevated master bedroom. Each of these spaces are robustly enclosed by brick walls and together form a compact cluster of earth like volumes that interlock inside and out. Tom Ferguson The living room forms the widest of spaces and is delicately framed by structure that surrounds the stair tower. From the garden... More