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Project • By Andrés Zegers ArquitectoNurseries

Ombu Afuera Kindergarten

Users are children from 2 to 6 years old. The space and layout should make sense for them. Outdoor learning is a program or educational method which is based on the experience and contact of children with nature and the benefits this brings to their training; cognitive, social and emotionally-wise benefits. There are no official regulations for designing this “new” kind of infrastructure, so we made sure every driving concept was the result of a creative process between architect, landscape designer and teachers. Marcos Zegers The site was a 1500 m2 empty lot with a soft depression produced by the demolition a former construction. This somewhat moving topography was used to create 2 main levels connected by a sloping garde... More

Project • By AnyColorPrimary Schools

Innovative school labs

When we first got invited to design an innovative STEM center in Shumen, Bulgaria, we were pleased to work with a young team of teachers and professionals, who helped us set the program. Happily, their views and needs matched with our approach and together we were able to establish a design proposal with which we applied for state funding and subsequently the school won the finances needed for the realization. Teachers wanted to have the proper facilities to prepare children for the professions of the future, like environmentalist, computer specialist, robotics engineer and others in the STEM field. To answer their requirements, we proposed that each of the laboratories of the refurbished center has its distinctive feature in a specifi... More

Project • By BEGAPrimary Schools

Schoolhouse at Contiweg, Vienna

The design of this school marks the beginning of a new generation of educational architecture Leaf-shaped openings as a recurring design element, spacious areas inside and outside, communication-stimulating zones and quiet areas create an environment in which both pupils and teachers will feel comfortable.The large entrance area creates space in which the pupils can move around freely. When it is dark the facility is illuminated by light building elements which distribute their light in a horizontal flat beam. The luminaires are optionally available with LEDs or for fluorescent lamps.A generous quantity of seating also makes the forecourt a meeting point after school. Recessed wall luminaires are integrated in some of the concrete sitting b... More

Project • By 3RW arkitekterAuditoriums

Bergen inkluderingssenter

Landåssvingen 15 is 3RW’s project for the renovation of Bergen’s Lærerhøgskolen, the teachers’ college, for new educational, cultural and sports activities, including an introduction centre for newly arrived foreign language students, as well as an adult education centre. In collaboration with HLM, our office won the assignment for Bergen municipality to develop the existing college in Landås into a building catered to its new tenants use and needs. New institutional bodies in Landåssvingen 15 include Nygård skule, the introduction centre for refugees, and “Etat for integrering”, the Bergen chapter of the Norwegian Agency for Integration. The project is a pilot for architect... More

NewsNews • 22 Nov 2020

Studio Gang reimagines a former coal-burning plant as a wellspring of human energy

Studio Gang has retained reimagined a former coal-burning power plant as a Student Union Building focused on health and wellness for Wisconsin’s Beloit College. Situated between the College’s campus and the Rock River, the design transforms a symbol of a now outdated source of electricity into a wellspring of sustainable technology that includes a radiant heating and cooling system that draws from the River itself.   Credit: Tom Harris, Courtesy Studio Gang The programme for the Student Union is highly ambitious and includes 10,000 square foot fitness centre and 17,000 square foot recreational gym with a 3-lane track and an 8-lane competition swimming pool. Additional amenities include a coffee shop, student lounges,... More

Project • By Álvarez-Díaz & VillalónLibraries

Baldwin School of PR Innovation Center

Designed by Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón (AD&V), the Innovation Center of Science, Technology and Engineering at the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico will be a new two-story, 16,800-square-foot LEED certified building. It will be ideally situated on the beautiful existing 23-acre campus of Baldwin, one of the premier independent English language day schools in Puerto Rico. The first floor is being developed around a Maker Space, a central classroom where students with mutual interests can work together on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. The building design is flexible, diverse and open to acknowledge a range of learners, and to reinforce critical thinking as well as complex problem solving. Scie... More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiNurseries

Interior of an Kindergarten no 42 „Kwiaty Polskie”

The design was an integral part of a project dedicated to the promotion of kids' active learning in a nursery environment - in which the kindergarten participated. The project's objective was to draft a space for learning and playing that would facilitate changes in the way teachers work with children in accordance with the idea of active learning.   On the building’s first floor there are two adjacent classes, both spacious and rectangular in shape. Between them there used to be a pair of double-winged – and usually closed - doors. After consultations with teachers of the neighbouring groups we decided to open up the space and enable the free flow of children and their activities between the rooms. The massive upholstere... More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrimary Schools

Thoraipakkam School

A project of its own challenge and uniqueness that prompted us to shape the very definition of a government school. The main focus was to sculpt the school from an existing plan and dimension into a vibrant zone of learning, a place where kids can finally feel that the school is indeed built for them. Light, color, gathering spaces, greenery, scale, and most importantly, the kids have made this government school as what it is. The design breaks free of the typical rigid composition of a school through the use of Jaalis and height variations in the roof slabs which bring in daylight and ventilation, thus making it a breathing structure More

Project • By Atelie UrbanoSecondary Schools

Maker Space - Notre Dame Rainha School

Notre Dame Rainha dos Apóstolos is a traditional catholic school in Ipiranga neighborhood, São Paulo.Ateliê Urbano School Building Architecture was invited to redesign the tech room of the school. The space was an excellent area, yet it had an old configuration that no longer fitted in the new pedagogical proposal.The main goal of the project was to create an environment more connected with the new forms of learning linked, mainly, to the use of technology. The obsolete computer room then became the new multimedia room for the school. Because it is more playful, dynamic and with several devices available to students (such as tablets, interactive whiteboard and 3D glasses), the room has attracted the attention of everyone... More

Project • By Atelie UrbanoNurseries

Esperanto Baby

Placed in west side of São Paulo, the nursery of Esperanto School was designed to attend students in an age range that wasn’t in school’s curricular grade yet: babies and children on ages from 4 months to 3 years old.In that part of the city there are many abandoned old factories sheds. The implantation of the school was made in one of those sheds, that once use to produce leather bags.The place was dark and dirty, and should be changed into a safety environment where mothers and children could have the comfort and embrace, needed in this phase. We started from razing all the external roof of lateral corridors and also of front and back setbacks, in order to have natural ventilation and light.The inspiration for the proj... More

Project • By PAB ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Gökçeada High School Campus

Gökçeada High School Campus consists of a high school, a vocational school, a dormitory, a sports center, a conference hall, and a library. The campus is situated on Gökçeada Island in Aegean Sea. PAB Architects won the architectural competition in 2014 and the realized design is in use by 2019. The design of the campus proposes an alternative, innovative and participatory learning environment which puts the student in a central role.  The main aim of the project is to create an 'open campus' by an integrated life between educational-social spaces of the school and the urban environment. Being on an island, the town is an isolated settlement with limited resources. Having townspeople to share the library, confe... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOMasterplans

Izmir University of Economy_Masterplan

The project is based on “Second Skin- Second Nature” and the “Geometry of Necessities and Performance”.Given the steep topography of the terrain and the intention to stitch together the new buildings with the landscape, the task was to develop the massing as an artificial, jagged replication of the original hillscapes. The essence of the landscape as “original” material is transformed and sculpted, (be)coming another self andforming an identity that is at once indexing the local geographic morphologies and specific latitude and environment and a projection of the logic of human rational thinking and spatial ordering.The educational bands of the K12 and of the University are organized along a Back Bone and on Podiums, which links divers... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIONurseries

Izmir University of Economy_K-12 School Complex

The K-12 school complex is organized as a series of bands that run alongside the steep hillside and are connected by a central spine that enables concise distribution and forms a public heart. This configuration enables a clear hierarchy and orientation, as well as giving identity to the individual parts while fostering chance encounters, social interaction and vibrant communal life.The recently completed masterplan for IUE’s new Guzelbahce campus, a rugged and hilly terrain facing the Mediterranean sea, comprises of 200,000 sqm university faculties, high school, sports, residences and ancillary facilities. The K-12 high school complex needs to be completely separate from the rest of the university.The project is based on tw... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

OKU Rectorate Annex Building

The new rectorate building is located on a highly accesible spot in the Osmaniye Korkut Ata University campus, next to the existing center for rectorate. The structure connects with the existing one by pedestrian circulation routes that are enhanced with exhibition and performance functions on the ground floor. Administrative functions and the rectorate are located on the upper floors in order to separate the traffic flow of these functions from the public uses on the ground floor. The design focuses on climate conditions and aims to decrease the overall carbon footprint and water consumption of the building. A 800m² photovoltaic parasol on the top of the structure produces approximately 115000kw/h energy a year. Prevailing wind on site is... More

Project • By toprojektUrban Green Spaces

Square Długosza

Racibórz, like many cities after the war during the liberation by the Red Army, was almost completely destroyed. Eighty percent of the buildings were ruined, while the population was only three thousand out of the total fifty thousand. The reconstruction was carried out without taking into account the ownership rights, or even with the old urban structure - mainly the remains of the tenements were demolished, replacing them with free-standing housing blocks. The picturesque old town, which has been organically shaped for hundreds of years, has lost its former splendor. The last unhealed gap in the tissue of the old town is Square Długosza, occupying the area after close to former urban quarters, New Market Square and St. Marcel. This area -... More