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Project • By DKA ARCHITECTESPrimary Schools

Domaine-Vert-Nord Primary school

An innovative project, the Domaine-Vert-Nord school has become the main pilot project of the Quebec's Ministry of Education for the design of tomorrow’s primary schools. The primary goal of architecture is to place students and their success at the heart of the project. The concept developed around a new approach to make school a child-scale living environment: maximum integration of natural light, large presence of vegetation and programming of spaces allegorically evoking a home. In the same vein, the building has only one floor and has several joint multipurpose classes that allow exchanges between class groups. The facilities are flexible, designed on the model of houses, that each combine 4 classes that can be modulated accordin... More

Project • By WoodtonePrimary Schools

James Templeton Elementary School

James Templeton Elementary School experienced a serious overhaul in 2018, featuring a brand new learning facility for the children of Tigard, Oregon. This beautiful property is home to over 500 elementary students and features a mix of brickwork and RusticSeriesTM siding products for a modern and architectural look. More

Project • By JJW ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Grøndalsvængets School

JJW Architects have transformed an almost 100 years old school in Copenhagen to support modern principles of learning and increase the connection between the school and the local community.   The almost 100 years old Grøndalsvængets School has undergone a comprehensive transformation. With respect to original qualities the existing main building from 1929 has been completely renovated and refurbished to support today's demands for differentiated learning spaces and healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, the school has been extended with two new buildings for teaching, sports and music - designed with strong reference to the identity of the surrounding neighborhood.   COHESION The transformation supports the unique... More

Project • By VEBH ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Franklin Regional School District

VEBH led a very interactive District-wide study for the Franklin Regional School District seeking long and short term solutions to address the facility needs for their educational program. With the study complete, work transitioned to the design of a new two-building primary campus on the District’s Sloan property. The Study included an assessment of each of their five school buildings, the grade-level groupings, a demographics analysis, and work sessions and tours with various administrative teams to understand the needs and goals for the District. Multiple options were identified and explored, including combinations of building renovations, consolidation, and new facilities. The selected option to improve the elementary program fi... More

Project • By AgwASecondary Schools


The extension of the Durlet school generates a series of straightforward geometries, adressing complex contextual and structural questions. The existing built environment consists of a neo-Flemish renaissance court building from the late 19th century with three adjacent wings, renovated in the 1960s. The client wishes to construct a fourth wing referring to the initial plan, but due to an apartment building right next to the building plot, urbanism regulations do not allow a fourth wing of the same volume. Hence multiple ideas of exception. The socle of the building, executed in precast double walls and its floors in polished concrete, follows the general figure of the building conglomerate and organises the entrance. The upper floors are... More

Project • By HEDPrimary Schools

Solana Ranch Elementary School

Located in the heart of the Pacific Highlands Ranch region, Solana Ranch Elementary School is an independent elementary school serving approximately 6,000 students. In our partnership with Solana Ranch, HED designed and engineered a vibrant, community-oriented school that is sensitive both to context and to the fundamental design building blocks that foster community-building. Creative and iterative, the planning process brought together community members, parents, teachers, staff, board members and students to craft a comprehensive, inclusive vision for the new school. An environment that supports collaborative learning. Spaces that inspire revelatory “aha!” moments. A sustainable structure that leverages energy-efficient design strat... More

Project • By Atelier 56SPrimary Schools

Recreational center and school at Elven

Located within the boundaries of the existing school, the project is divided following the natural topography of the site : In the lower part, the recreational center directly connected to the public space benefits from an underexploited courtyard. Caption On the upper level the new classrooms are oriented towards the current school courtyard. The complex takes advantage of an East-West exposure and quietly fits into its surroundings. Caption The materiality chosen for the recreational center is in continuity with the existing school in concrete. A mineral and monolithic shape emerges from the existing topography. Caption The interior spaces surprise by their brightness and transparency brought by the patios and the warm a... More

Project • By Figurr Architects CollectivePrimary Schools

Joy Ottereyes Rainbow Memorial School

This new 2-storey elementary school houses premises for children with special needs, two groups of 4 and 5 year old preschoolers and 14 classrooms for pupils in grades 1 to 6.Depicting a mother goose sheltering her young, the origami-inspired structure spreads wings from its central agora, or meeting place. The upper floors of each wing separated by the agora, discourage the mingling of the older and younger children and are accessed at either end by a dedicated staircase. The ground floor beneath grades 1,2 and 3 offers a preschool while language and culture classrooms are found beneath the more senior grades 4,5 and 6.This icon of Cree culture, the goose, is a comforting reminder of the First Nation's roots and connection to nature.The ne... More
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Project • By ER ArchitectesPrimary Schools

J. Prévert's restaurant school

J.Prevert school need a new restaurant to replace the old one. The elementary school consist of 2 buidings.The new buiding is located on a corner of the school group, surronded by large and high residential areal in green land.The buiding is a simple volume wrapped with steel frame that serve three fonctions : - create unity with the other school building with the same angular geometry, - create solar protection in front of the windows, - protect physically the restaurant from the outside,The volume is very colorful (division of green and yellow) and contrast with the white of the frame and the interior. More

Project • By MBB ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Rodeph Sholom School

Renovations to the Rodeph Sholom Lower School transformed the first and second floors of its 1960s era, Brutalist style building with a dynamic façade renovation, a new entrance and lobby, a library, an art room, offices and playdecks. Unifying the work is a projecting sculptural canopy which frames the new entrance and provides a welcoming experience for students and families. MBB’s recommended expansion of the Rodeph Sholom Upper School into an adjacent five-story brownstone made a substantial impact on the school. The narrow townhouse was optimized efficiently to house new classrooms, a new library, an expanded gymnasium, and faculty offices. MBB’s design concept emphasizes sustainable practices and environmental awareness, and achieves... More

Project • By Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA)Primary Schools

Sun Prairie Area School District

As one of the fastest growing communities in Wisconsin, Sun Prairie Area School District’s existing seven elementary schools had reached capacity. As a result of a facilities study, it was determined that two new elementary schools were needed to accommodate the continued enrollment growth. The schools were designed around four drivers – Learning is Central, Diversity, Authentic Engagement and Leaders of Innovation – and resulted in highly flexible environments where learning can happen anywhere. These drivers were integrated in both design and function. Movable walls allow for co-teaching and the expanding of classrooms; reconfigurable furniture supports different needs and learning styles, allowing teachers to highly customize their space... More

Project • By JJW ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Katrinedals School

JJW Architects have transformed a classic Danish school from the 1930s to a vibrant campus with close connections to the surrounding city. The project includes a 6000 m² refurbishment of the existing school building as well as a 3500 m² new build extension.The new school building enhances the connection between the school and the city with the use of building transparency, sliding transitions between inside and outside and multifunctional interior design – now also the local community use the school outside school hours. The old part of the school is designated as "worthy of preservation" and therefore both the new build and refurbishment are carried out with great respect for the original architectural qualities. The new build brick facade... More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Stansbury Park Elementary School

An elementary school for a new subdivision called Stansbury Park, called for a large program to be executed under a tight budget. The program called for a windowless school and impervious materials for the cold weather and winds which prevail in an area by Tooele, Utah, close to the Great Salt Lake. Kenneth Lambert and Kenneth Pollard created a wood structure with brick veneer. The entire corridor throughout had skylights to provide the students with sunlight and time of day passage. Exterior doors of the classrooms had glass for sunlight and views. The importance of scale and materials play an critical part in this project. This project was preformed under the firm Scott , Louie and Browning Architects. More

Project • By PHL ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Stella Gracia School

School is the basic foundation in forming children characters, both at academics and their social life. Located at Pekanbaru, Riau, Stella Gracia School consists of primary school, secondary and high school, indoor sports facility, and international size football field.This basic foundation is similar to the “tree” concept, which inspired us to make the design concept for this school. In order to grow into a large and strong tree, it is important to have a strong foundation or root. Therefore, the school was designed to provide a comfortable and fun learning process, as its foundation.The climate problem at Pekanbaru became one of our considerations. In the presence of strong heat from the sun, it is important to maintain the temperature in... More

Project • By Manço ArchitectsPrimary Schools

K Educational Campus

The architectural studies of the campus, to be built by Akdaglar Construction and to be leased by a foreign related educational institution, have been ongoing at preliminary design stage. Kindergarten, elementary, secondary and high school classrooms, libraries, laboratories and workshops, as well as common management offices, covered and open sports fields, indoor pool, conference and dining halls are included within the scope of the project. The project site is located parallel to the motorway, on a plot with 13m level difference that is neighboring woodland. The layout plan and section of the functions of the program were solved in response to the natural lighting needs. Accordingly, dining hall, indoor sports facility, pool an... More