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NewsNews • 13 Dec 2023

Nursery educational facilities in Fontenay-sous-Bois form part of a major urban renewal scheme

Paris-based Arc.Ame - L’AgenceFRANÇAISE has completed a group of nursery educational facilities in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The project is part of a major urban renewal scheme in Fontenay-sous-Bois that aims to create links between the commune’s Larris and Redoute districts and Val de Fontenay rail station. Sergio Grazia The completed program includes a new pedestrian mall that serves the construction of a nursery, elementary school, and Agence de protection Maternelle Infantile (PMI) — Maternal and Child Protection Agency — crèche. These facilities are part of a cohesive urban redevelopment plan that seeks to enhance the quality of life for children.... More

Project • By DL atelierPrimary Schools


This is an introspective inquiry and response about what is school and what is education. Zhu Yumeng Zhu Yumeng Zhu Yumeng Drawing from my personal and professional encounters, I have acquired a more extensive comprehension of education and formulated my own educational approach - "captivate initially, lead subsequently, support tenacity, and cultivate collaboratively." Zhu Yumeng Zhu Yumeng Beginning of the answer In order to extend the happy and lively educational experience to the childhood of today's children, this school not only meets the corresponding teaching functional requirements in its design but also creates more engaging and exploratory spaces. Creating environments that are both lively and peaceful... More

NewsNews • 5 Oct 2023

New Detroit elementary school places education at the center of the city’s revitalization efforts

In Detroit, Michigan, a progressive education project for elementary schoolchildren in grades K-5 (kindergarten to fifth grade) has been designed by architectural firm PLY+ in partnership with Morcillo Pallares + Rule (MPR) Arquitectos. The School at Marygrove Elementary is sited in a building that was once part of the former Marygrove College campus in northwest Detroit.  Jason Keen Founded in 1927 and closed in 2019, the 53-acre (≈ 21-hectare) Marygrove College campus is now overseen by the non-profit Marygrove Conservancy. Design collaborators at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, along with Detroit Public Schools and the University of Michigan School of Education, imagined... More

NewsNews • 31 Jul 2023

School in Alicante ensures well-being is on a par with education

Spanish architectural studio Cor Asociados Arquitectos has completed the design and build of Doctor Calatayud School in Aspe, Alicante, Spain. This contemporary elementary and middle school’s design is one that ensures well-being is on a par with education. David Frutos David Frutos In designing a school building, Cor Asociados Arquitectos worked to address and satisfy a number of proposed spatial demands. The school’s layout attends to a variety of criteria, including functionality and flexibility, light and ventilation, connection and circulation. The project sought to achieve a memorable, efficient (easily maintained), and sustainable building, promoting comfort and vitality.  David Frutos... More

Project • By G/O ArchitecturePrimary Schools

Round, Round, Round

Makerspace refers to a space where models created and conceived freely can be actually created using various materials or digital technology-based machines. In other words, it is a creative activity space using digital technology and tools. Starting with "Hackerspace," which started in Germany, the concept of Makerspace has spread around the world. Makerspace has reached out to production activities beyond creative and production activities, and these social activities have caused a boom in numerous startup companies. Currently, Korea is also carrying out support projects for startups and start-ups in various ways, and MakerSpace is one of them. If children who have learned how to organize and produce their own things through Maker Space gr... More

Project • By De Zwarte HondPrimary Schools

Childcentre Zuiderkroon

In February 2022, the new children's center "De Zuiderkroon", designed by De Zwarte Hond, was completed. This design focuses on inclusivity and multifunctionality. The children's center connects a public elementary school that emerged from a school merger with an elementary school with a special educational focus. It also houses a daycare center. All rooms are connected by a central area flooded with daylight via skylights, the heart of the building. The students are taught in high, bright classrooms and have their own kitchen for practical lessons. There is also a specialist room for technology and a double sports hall. Eva Bloem The users perceive the building in its size (5,100 m2) as small-scale. This has been achieved by dividing... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsPrimary Schools

Northridge Local Schools

Just outside of Dayton, Ohio you can find “the best kept secret in Montgomery County,” according to the superintendent of Northridge Local Schools, David Jackson. When presented with an opportunity to renovate the K-12 school, Jackson had an idea to create a new landmark for the community. With the help of an intrepid design team and endlessly adaptable ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM), the finished project shines with its unique iceberg element, perfectly fitting the home of their school mascot, the polar bear. The eye-catching feature on this 230,000 sqft campus is the work of Levin Porter Architects. CEO Mark Wiseman remembers musing, “I kinda have a crazy idea.” He wanted to create a three-dimensional foc... More

Project • By G/O ArchitecturePrimary Schools

The Blue Books

 Often, when you think of a library, you can think of a hard atmosphere of sitting quietly and focusing only on books. Such a library will only help you fall asleep, even if you go to read books, and it will be boring and boring. Especially for children who are just getting access to books, I think they will accept the library as a place that is not fun and they don't want to go. However, books are a turbulent and exciting channel of knowledge that allows us to travel to various places, meet various people, and provide various information. I thought books should be lively and friendly, not boring. Isn't the library a playground with books? The interior design of the library at Kangbit Elementary and Middle School began with this idea.... More

Project • By Atelier Pulver ArchitectesNurseries

Kindergarten in Renens

In the city center of Renens, halfway between forest and urban density, the aforementioned project brings together several intergenerational and multifunctional programs, such as a kindergarten, a concert hall and family gardens. The newly erected timber frame building is dedicated to early childhood care and education, while the barn has been completely renovated in order to create a new space for social and cultural use. Thomas Telley The priority has been given to project’s urban insertion and landscape integration. The approach taken was to restore the barn to its original appearance by removing the massive extension, thus providing the opportunity to create a new public space, children playgrounds and family gardens open to... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Columbia Elementary School Park Enhancement

At Fresno Unified School District, whether it's in the classroom or on the playground, safety and accessibility are paramount. At Columbia Elementary School in Fresno, CA, nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of sand was recently replaced with our 3.75" premium duraSAFE® Rubber Playground Tiles. Rising labor and maintenance costs with trying to keep the sand leveled, free of debris and weeds, and within the play area, helped justify the much-needed change. Not only is duraSAFE the safest playground surfacing tile in the world, it's also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry – a warranty that even includes fall-height performance for the useable life of the tile! sofSURFACES sofSURFACES More

NewsNews • 30 Aug 2022

PAO designs the Fuqiang elementary school as an innovative hub for creative learning

The Fuqiang elementary school designed by the People’s Architecture Office (PAO), is a design endeavour toward creating new ways of learning, exploring and innovating. Based on the concept of a ‘hybrid space’, the program is spread across different levels with myriad activities interconnecting the spaces. Zhu Yumeng A diverse range of spaces offers the teachers and students the flexibility to tailor the experience of educating and learning according to the distinct interests and needs of all age groups. Outdoor learning spaces like rooftop gardens, terraces and courtyards encourage interaction and collaboration. Zhu Yumeng Informal spaces are intertwined with circulation areas and steps that serve as se... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Primary Schools

Pleasant Hill Elementary School

After several years of dealing with some of the frustrations with poured-in-place surfaces such as: shrinkage, weeds growing through the surface, high maintenance and upkeep costs, hardening and premature wear in most of the high-wear areas, it was time to investigate other surfacing options. © sofSURFACES Inc. With the safety of their students and the rising maintenance costs being their biggest concerns, Pleasant Hill Elementary School landed on our duraSAFE® Plus Series Rubber Playground Tiles. © sofSURFACES Inc. One of the benefits that most attracted them to this type of a system in addition to the long-term cost savings is that duraSAFE offers a best-in-industry limited lifetime warranty on the tile – w... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Nederland Elementary School

Just 45 miles from Denver and 17 miles from Boulder, sits Nederland Elementary School – uniquely nestled into the Colorado mountain-side some 8,000 feet above sea level. Located on Sundown Trail, this school is surrounded by vast National Forests offering majestic views of peaks over 10,000 feet high. This is perhaps one of the most exclusive locations you might find for an elementary school! This unique and sprawling building footprint offers the children of Nederland four fully accessible play areas – all at different elevations. The bold use of vibrant colors are accentuated with the breathtaking views of Boulder Valley. In total, these massive play areas feature over 13,000 square feet of duraSAFE® Rubber Playground Til... More

Project • By zuloarkSecondary Schools

Unconventional spaces of learning: The Debate Room

The physical spaces in which we find ourselves when developing certain actions have a direct influence in the quality if the activity itself. Due to cultural and of course economical reasons, school furniture industry offers a very limited variety of elements, designed in a way that promotes only a certain kind of educational activities, keen to certain individualism, based on taxonomy and separation, and with a great lack of collaborative spirit. Caption “Non conventional education spaces: The Debate Room” aims to give an alternative answer to the didactic necessities of the students and teachers of the G. Luosi Institute. The space is designed in order to host activities of Public Speaking, a practice widely present and... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Inspiring & Inclusive – Gabriel Park Playground

Featuring a number of unique play devices, this park removes barriers to all who want to play! Many of the play areas include structures that can be enjoyed by not only children with differing abilities and those with assistive devices, but also by family and friends that are with them to provide care. Some of the park's special features include an in ground trampoline and an inclusive spinner that users can wheel or walk onto. Adaptive swings for individuals and groups are also available for children of all ages and abilities. Perhaps the best feature of all though, are the accessibile routes that lead to all of the play areas. Gabriel Park is now the perfect place for children to make friends and explore their abilities while playing sa... More