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Bespoke integrated Vanity Unit
freestanding vanity Unit
Bespoke Stained Wenge, Underlit Bathroom Cabinets with Sandblasted Mirrored Cabinets

Project • By William Garvey LtdHousing

‘Good Looks’ with Vanity Units by William Garvey F

British furniture designer, William Garvey, delivers on bathroom vanity with its handcrafted portfolio of luxury wooden vanity units and washstands. With highly skilled mastercraftsmen and quality artistic values, William Garvey epitomises interior innovation, both standard and bespoke, to create a real design advantage with its range of bathroom furniture.  For the height of practical luxury, opt for a bespoke integrated vanity unit that makes full use of a bare wall, as pictured above. This will not only impact on the overall design of your bathrooms interior but also create much needed storage space for your toiletries and towels. This featured integrated vanity unit presents design symmetry with its parallel shelving and slim profi... More

Product • By BendheimUltra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Ultra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Bendheim's Ultra-White Laminated Fade® and Low-Iron Etched Fade® glass designs present an elegant, timeless aesthetic, defining interior spaces when used in partitions, doors and windows, atriums, and staircases. The superior fade effect of Bendheim’s Ultra-White Laminated Fade® glass is produced through a unique ink technology. Ultra-dense and brilliant white at the bottom, the glass smoothly fades to clear at the top. The durable, maintenance-friendly laminated safety glass is available in sizes up to 60”W x 120”H and thicknesses up to ¾”. Bendheim’s new Low-Iron (ultra-clear) Etched Fade® glass is fully etched up to approx. 52” from the bottom of the sheet, then gently fades to clear as it approaches the top. The durable, stain... More

Product • By BendheimSatinTech® Etched Glass

SatinTech® Etched Glass

Bendheim SatinTech® etched glass offers elegance, a sense of privacy, and exceptional ease of maintenance. The permanent, chemically etched glass surfaces are superior to sandblasted and particle-etched glass, and are naturally resistant to fingerprints and staining over the product’s lifetime. The glass provides a comfortable sense of privacy, gently diffuses light, reduces glare, and minimizes reflections. It is available in a variety of colors, surface options, and patterns, ranging from double-sided full etch to colored pattern-etched wall cladding, etched mirrors, and more. More



Omvivo launches Motif, a subtle way to introduce pattern into your bathroom with striking hand-etched designs Omvivo are renowned for creating bathroom products which are at the forefront of interior styling trends. Their latest release Motif is no exception, offering unique artistic detail, which transcends the basin itself by creating beautiful shadowed patterns on the surrounding bench top. Born from experiments with material, pattern and light, Motif is created from a combination of solid surface and glass. The materials fuse with the distinct deep etching by a glass artisan, elevating the product to a hand crafted, functional art piece. Made in Australia, each Motif basin begins with the piece of beautiful hand-etched gla... More

Product • By OmniDecor glass designDecorFlou - etched glass

DecorFlou - etched glass

DecorFlou® - Classic collection DecorFlou is the stylish, versatile, practical and resistant glass, etched on one side. It is the ideal solution for multiple applications in architecture and furniture: glass doors, shower enclosures, kitchen cabinets, table tops and many other applications in which light plays a leading role. The extraordinary characteristics of DecorFlou® are amplified in their brightness given by the exclusive etching treatment to a low-iron float glass surface. The DecorFlou® acid etched glass sheets are neither matt nor transparent, they have a high percentage of light transmission and an excellent diffusing effect. A classical OmniDecor product. DecorFlou® BiFlou - Classic collection To get a better light diffus... More