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Project • By The wall design studioExhibition Centres

Exhibition design for "ANUGA"

In our project we wanted to merge Georgian heritage and modern  design together to show visitors our  point of view  how to keep together heritage sites and modern shapes . We have  minimalistic shapes with white metal frames and historic Georgian house named "Oda" in all 3 stands. Also in Georgia wine has religious and cultural significance. Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and is considered as the “cradle of wine.”  The inspiration behind the shape of the building comes from Fibonacci’s golden ratio. The universe is built according to “divine proportions” and can be identified in the structure of many organisms. Caption Caption The main challenge of th... More

Product • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignMeduza Lectern by Nüvist

Meduza Lectern by Nüvist

We are always impressed by the nature life and its environs. From the color of it to form of have they are incredible.  And also we always love the jelly fishes forms and movements. For this design, we are inspired by jelly fishes specially the type of Ctenophora. We have created a functional design which combines concave and convex form from the form of Ctenophora. Final form of the lectern is like an instant snapshot of on-going movement of a jelly fish.  And we have also added some coding cornered patterns which combines curvy forms on both of the sides to create more dynamism.  More

Project • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignTrade Shows

Okeana Multi-Use Structure by Nüvist

In fluid dynamics, wind waves, or wind-generated waves, are water surface waves that occur on the free surface of bodies of water. They result from the wind blowing over a fluid surface. Waves directly generated and affected by local waters or wind wave system and the result of the forms are amazing.  So Okeana Structure has been inspired by ocean wave lines and forms. There are many types of wave forms which called that spilling, plunging, collapsing and surging. We have  studied these wave types and converted lines-forms to architectural forms.  And we have created multi use structure form which provide private, semi-private and open areas that can be changes according to functions. Okeana multi-use structure can be use f... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

51000 Balthazar Town

For Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, we designed the 51000 Balthazar Town exhibition display that is being held in Rijeka’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. It is the largest exhibition dedicated to the famous Professor Balthazar to date, who was created at a fortunate crossroads of new ideas, liberties and art at the Zagreb School of Animated Film in the 1960s. Balthazar is especially linked to Rijeka, whose appearance served as a template for Balthazar Town, a town where the good professor lives and comes up with his inventions. For the purposes of this exhibition, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is divided into four thematic units – the Universe, the Sea, the River, and the Town, and represent... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

The One Croatian Story

The exhibition showcases a 20-year-long collaboration between Adris Group and the creative agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Collaboration is a shared journey with its own flow and events, and this journey is reflected in the design of the exhibition “The One Croatian Story”, inaugurated in the Adris Gallery on the occasion of the twelfth Weekend Media Festival. This journey, which represents the works as checkpoints of the creative collaboration between Adris Group and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, is displayed as a series of cut circles that are expanding and shrinking, allowing the visitor to navigate through the works and stop in each circle to contemplate the meaning behind each exhibit. According to the curator’s visi... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Stories Tailoring Varteks

One hundred years of Varteks conveyed through 14 appealing stories We shaped the exhibition using the materials and the stories that Varteks used to build itself over the course of more than 100 years of its existence. The physical design elements of the exhibition are represented by textiles that create zones, and each zone is a story which gives shape to what we remember best about Varteks and brings an insight into the future of this fashion house. Each story captures the visitor for a few minutes, and it immerses them into a moment from the history of Varteks, be it when the company was concluding global collaborations or when it was building its brand through striking posters and advertisements. The reflection on a hundred-year histo... More

Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

Flowing Water

This is an experience space that defines the new height, new trend and new future of cultural and creative products; this is an exhibition retail space from the perspective of contemporary art; this is an exploration space that combines Chinese humanistic aesthetics with modern design forms; this is an educational space that drives cultural development and spreads the values of the times. With the theme of "flowing water", the space subtly takes in the natural scenery and the beauty of water in ancient landscape paintings, and uses traditional humanities to awaken the creativity of people nowadays, injecting the soul into the design. The vertical use of "superimposed water", between high and low, increases the realm of "walking to the end... More

Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

Cloud Hut

I've always wanted to do a piece called "Clouds in my hometown", a wish for many years, so I came up with this seemingly long name, because it's a prelude. In the big Hakka house of "Dawanshiju", in this year of Gengzi, I think everyone talking about this year should have a lot of emotions. At this time, we are calling for the "truth" in our hearts, the "true purity" that comes from our hometown. In such a vibrant immigrant city, we have the right to make other hometowns as hometowns, we meet in other places are the guests. "Cloud hut" is through the hometown floating a cloud, looking up to the sky, looking up to the sky of the Gengzi year, the sky is still in the global pandemic. We hope there is a piece of this "hometown cloud" to cover... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsCultural Centres

CER Modern Arts Center

The history of the project goes back to 1990s, when a national competition was opened in 1992 for the design of presidential symphony orchestra concert hall on a vacant land between Ulus and Sıhhiye, the old and new quarters of Ankara. The site contained a segment of the railway, with old traction ateliers and train maintenance sheds (three identical units dating from 1920s, with a longer unit added later). Being four adjacent units in total, all were intended to be removed from the site. In 1995, after the architects of the winning project started work for the presidential symphony concert hall, decision was taken for the transformation of these old sheds into an art museum. In the meantime, the railroad was rerouted and two of the three i... More

Project • By Just Open ArchitectureExhibitions

The Post Anthropocene

JOA is honoured to participate in the 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen). We have always taken the research led perspective as the starting point of the design, trying to discuss the story behind the architecture in greater depth, and present it to the public through the exhibition. Our understanding of the future world is more based on the perspective of architecture rather than sci-fi movies. The premise of envisioning the future is actually to discuss the current social pain points, and then come up with critical reflections in a future dimension, which we call "The Post Anthropocene” project. In 2002, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Paul Crutzen published an article in Nature, for the first time officially pr... More

Project • By Matern ArchitektenOffices


In the unused cafeteria of the Paderborn Fraunhofer Institute, a modern coworking space called "Idea Engine" has been created. Here workshops are held that bring together science and industry for futurology and product innovation. The image of the Future Workshop also serves as a design principle: an unpolished workshop character is intended to create a creative atmosphere.The four areas of the 220m² large area divide the space thanks to an industrial-style glass partition wall: in the "Ideation Space" there is plenty of room for brainstorming. Large whiteboard areas, mobile desks and a seating stand create a multifunctional space for coworking, presentation and creativity.The "Creation Space" serves as a workshop for developing protot... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAExhibition Centres

Huawei Exhibition Center

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd  is not only a renowned brand of mobiles; founded in 1987, the Chinese multinational is a company specialised in research and development of electronic products, with R&D centres in the main cities of China and a multitude of countries of the five continents. In this case, in Dhaka (Bangladesh), a Huawei Exhibition Center has been created, in which the Solid Surface KRION has been used, thanks to Nupami BD Limitedy, the official distributor of PORCELANOSA Group in Bangladesh. We can find KRION in the Huawei Exhibition Center, transformed into reception counters, furniture and commercial units, all in the colours 1100 Snow White and&n... More

Project • By Liqui GroupShowrooms

Havwoods International - Clerkenwell

To celebrate Clerkenwell Design Week Havwoods commissioned Liqui to create a variety of eye-catching visual merchandising installations for their Clerkenwell showroom at 26-27 Great Sutton Street. The displays showcase a variety of Cork products from Havwoods new range of Cork wall cladding to offer showroom visitors a unique brand experience. The idea of the window piece is to draw people to the shop while still allowing them to see into the interior. Liqui took simple flat Cork wall tiles and gave them a 3-dimensional twist by creating a hanging structure that takes the form of asymmetrical drapes or curtains. The interwoven geometric pattern of the triangular cut tiles is held together by bespoke brackets made by Liqui, especially for t... More

Project • By BIROExhibitions


The exhibition ‘Reboot: Backstage of Progress’ noted a shift in regional design development, highlighting in its selection products or collections of brands that mark their technological, manufacturing and business advancements driven by design. The shortlist of 11 design brands from the furniture manufacturing and interior design industries, which did not exist until 10 years ago, testifies to the high degree of the involvement of design in product research and development, manufacturing and the transformation of the manufacturing culture and traditional craft skills into a culture of the creation of a greater added value.  The narrative of the exhibition design takes place on two levels: the presentation of the final pro... More

Project • By AntiStatics ArchitectureExhibitions

Woven Grove

This project is entitled “Woven Grove,” and is an exploration of the inherent material behaviors of bamboo and inspired by the craft-based practice of weaving. As bamboo is one of the most rapid growing natural materials and is capable of absorbing vast amounts of carbon in the process of growth, it seemed to us to be a very natural material to begin exploring. We often begin with a material and try to develop an understanding of how we might best leverage the material for its inherent properties and behaviors and allow those studies to drive our design. In this case we found that the bamboo was highly pliable and flexible, however, when these forces are woven together we are able to achieve a highly rigid and lightweight struct... More