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Project • By QPROExhibition Centres

Media Center in Zaryadye Park

Multifunctionality and futuristic interior of the pavilion dictated a comprehensive approach to lighting. The main task was to create comfortable environment for visitors of the Center, which would harmoniously combine the uniformity of general lighting and various visual effects, dynamic and smooth light transitions throughout the space.   The use of luminaires with asymmetric optics provided a soft uniform filling of the walls, drawing the attention of visitors to the complex ceiling of "hair". To emphasize the uniqueness of its design with the help of specially selected optics lamps and their wave arrangement there was created the effect of "flowing light".Thanks to different brightness of lighting in the spaces of the pavilion, t... More

Project • By QPROVisitor Center

Gostiny Dvor

The oldest shopping arcade in Moscow is located in the quarter of Kitai Gorod between Varvarka, Ilyinka, Khrustalny and Rybny lanes. In the 1990s, it was rebuilt as a trade and exhibition complex. The building was built in neoclassical style. Columns with arches define the basic architectural rhythm of the object. Lighting emphasizes the uniqueness of this building, but it does not divide it from the environment.In the illumination of the object was chosen the principle of pouring from the bottom up and highlighting the main architectural details with light to relief an extended facade.Arched openings is highlighted by light, it’s not only an important architectural element of the building, but also reflects its own history and purpo... More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioExhibition Centres

ZORAH Wine tasting and Pottery

The three fundamental elements in wine-making are soil, light, and water. This was our inspiration for the ZORAH Wine tasting and Pottery workshop building. The structure consists of three main sections: the exhibition space, restaurant, and pottery workshop. All three sections are connected to each other with small doors. The open space connecting the three sections has a beautiful view of the vineyard. To further emphasize the fundamental elements of the wine-making process we designed the exhibition which allows for visitors to see two stories simultaneously. The elements of water and light will be emphasized in the exhibition space. More