Storaket Architectural Studio
Storaket Architectural Studio

Storaket Architectural Studio

Architects from 1 Proshyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia
In the Armenian language, a storaket is a comma; a symbol of the moment when two phrases merge to create a new statement of increased depth, complexity and meaning.

At Storaket Architectural Studio, we see our role as a figurative storaket in Armenian architectural discourse, designing spaces that merge the historic language of timeless, specific and culturally rich space with more universal contemporary concerns for comfort, technical innovation and formal experimentation. We know that there is no way to move forward without the willingness to depart from the familiar, but we are also very aware that our most successful designs are rooted in careful consideration of our site’s and our clients’ specific historic, cultural, ecological and social specificities.

Our team has a diversity of local and international experience, and our practice is rooted in conceptual rigor and reinforced by a level of social, cultural and environmental consciousness. Our personalized approach and our constant, particular attention to detail make us conscientious advisors and thoughtful partners for projects of all scopes and scales, whether they involve new construction, restoration or expansion.

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