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Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

51000 Balthazar Town

For Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, we designed the 51000 Balthazar Town exhibition display that is being held in Rijeka’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. It is the largest exhibition dedicated to the famous Professor Balthazar to date, who was created at a fortunate crossroads of new ideas, liberties and art at the Zagreb School of Animated Film in the 1960s. Balthazar is especially linked to Rijeka, whose appearance served as a template for Balthazar Town, a town where the good professor lives and comes up with his inventions. For the purposes of this exhibition, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is divided into four thematic units – the Universe, the Sea, the River, and the Town, and represent... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Stories Tailoring Varteks

One hundred years of Varteks conveyed through 14 appealing stories We shaped the exhibition using the materials and the stories that Varteks used to build itself over the course of more than 100 years of its existence. The physical design elements of the exhibition are represented by textiles that create zones, and each zone is a story which gives shape to what we remember best about Varteks and brings an insight into the future of this fashion house. Each story captures the visitor for a few minutes, and it immerses them into a moment from the history of Varteks, be it when the company was concluding global collaborations or when it was building its brand through striking posters and advertisements. The reflection on a hundred-year histo... More

Project • By BrigadaWellness Centres

Kanso Hair Salon

A hair salon inspired by the simplicity of a Japanese garden The inspiration behind the creative concept for the interior of the Kanso hair salon was a Japanese garden. The Japanese garden, just like Kanso, is a space defined by simple lines and natural materials, the result of years of tradition and skilful performance, a place where people come either to enjoy its aesthetics or to simply relax and contemplate. Just like the Japanese garden, our hair salon is also divided into different zones, into several spaces with different functions. The different zones consist of a sales area right by the entrance, a colour-bar, an intimate place for washing hair, a working area where Kanso creations are brought to life and a space where training ta... More

Product • By BrigadaBrigada Booth

Brigada Booth

Let’s get physical in a digital world In an increasingly digital world, we believe that the physical experience of space remains indispensable and here at Brigada we are devoted to the transformation of space into a unique experience. Designing spaces that intrigue their users and make them feel good is what drives our everyday work. When confronted with the task of designing our very own stand, we decided to take the same approach and create a distinct spatial experience within less than 5 m2. The signature red booth is created within a steel cube frame that serves as the structure to hold more than 800 hanging pipes attached to a metal mesh, creating a barrier between the stand’s interior and the outside world. The booth flo... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsShops

Inscape Meditation Studio

INSCAPE, a new meditation concept, opened in Manhattan 2016. Archi-Tectonics designed the Inscape concept not only as a one-off, but also for worldwide distribution. The first PROTO space in Chelsea occupies a large 6000sf ground floor. The space contains a set of large volumes; ellipsoid meditation spaces; a “Dome Room” and an “Alcove room”, an extensive retail space, as well as a lounge for guests. An important element of healthy living is found in lifestyle changes, meditation and ‘cleaner’ live-work environments. When developing the Inscape meditation concept, prefab construction, renewable materials, such as bamboo, linen and cardboard, became the driver of the spatial configueration.   Medita... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Throwback Tunnel

For the occasion of the Croatia Insurance Company’s 133rd anniversary, Zagreb Grič Tunnel has been transformed into a multimedia time machine transporting into 133 years of an interlaced, stormy history of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and individual histories of every citizen and visitor.The exhibition has been created by three agencies – Millenium promocija, Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, and has been named Croatia is Croatia, emphasizing the historical role Croatia Insurance Company has had in the economical growth of the country since 1874, when it was founded by great Croatian writers and politicians August Šenoa, Ivan Vončina and Gjuro Deželić.The exhibition covers 2100 square meters in total, spanning the full 3... More

Project • By KossmanndejongExhibitions

Historical Museum Frankfurt

Situated in the city centre of Frankfurt, between the town hall and the Main river, is the completely refurbished and newly extended Historical Museum Frankfurt. Kossmann.dejong designed three exhibitions – one temporary and two permanent – that highlight the many faces of Frankfurt. For the ‘Typically Frankfurt!’ exhibition, which connects the entrance with the new building, Kossmann.dejong designed a snow globe – one of the most ubiquitous tourist souvenirs – to start the museum experience. Inside the globe, visitors encounter eight clichéd representations of the city illustrated in eight different scenes built as scale models made by eight international artists. Visitors choose which cliché they would like to see and a spe... More

Project • By INNOCAD architectureExhibitions

History Museum Graz - Schaudepot

The client, a public institution in the Austrian region, Styria, needed a fresh concept for the History Museum’s permanent exhibitions and its entrance, housed within a significant historic building at Graz’s city center. The task was to present an enormous number of objects acquired since the Middle Ages and multimedia archives of the 20th century in an historic space that required careful treatment. The adaptation of the museum entrance required a solution that subtly enhance the entrance attraction of a previously very hidden and dark atrium. A custom iron “carpet” was laid over historic stone flooring with an aim to direct and offer a platform for exploration. The lighting installation above is created by Austri... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

The Adris group Pavilion

The visitors of the 2016’s Weekend Media Festival were bound to notice a 10-metre-high structure in the courtyard of the former tobacco factory Tvornica duhana Rovinj. Its three floors were home to food tasting, socialising, and dancing, but also the platform for a unique perspective of the festival’s events. It was a promotional pavilion for the main festival sponsor, Adris group, and was designed by our team and executed in partnership with Bruketa&Žinić OM and Pepermint. The pavilion’s step-pyramid shape is a continuation of the creative concept of the recent Adris annual report called The Success Factory, which was inspired by the constant growth and development of the Adris group’s business: the companies that make up the Group... More

Project • By BrigadaOffices

Superheroes' office

Infinum, one of Croatia’s most successful software companies, has expanded into a new office space above the city. The location itself, as well as the company’s success, brought superheroes to mind. That inspiration is subtly present in the details, the materials we used and the overall approach to the design. As most of the office was designed as an open space, there was a need to create more intimate spaces as well, where employees could conduct longer business-related meetings or calls, without distracting others. This is why we introduced two phone booths offering a quiet space in zones which are often left unused, such as hallways and corner areas. The Chill Zone, the gathering space for employees, is adaptable to various occasi... More

Project • By BrigadaOffices

Booking.com offices

Booking.com’s office regional headquarters in Zagreb needed to intertwine the nature of Booking.com as the world’s best known tourist agency with the city of Zagreb as the up-and-coming tourist location. The space needed to be comfortable for work and encourage communication and collaboration. The office is one integral circular space reminiscent of travel, mobility and interconnection. Even though it functions as a whole, it’s divided into two zones – one for individual work, the other for meetings, socialising and relaxation. The first «working» zone has neutral surfaces enriched with details employees fill in themselves, such as writable walls or lockers. The second «socialising» zone is more colourful, filled with Zagreb motifs:... More

Project • By BrigadaOffices

An office you can swing in!

The Komunikacijski laboratorij agency moved into a new space which needed to be organized and designed in a minimalist fashion with clean and simple lines and in which the company’s new visual identity had to fit. The space’s organization is the result of an examination of their business processes, ensuring the office would be maximally adjusted to their needs and ultimately enjoyable to use. As the space was a shell construction when work began, we retained the industrial style with visible installations and bare concrete columns whose grey tones are reiterated through other elements in the office. The workspace is open, facilitating communication, while there are separate zones for rest, meetings and socialization. The largest spac... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Footballmania - Professional Football Store

Zagreb got its first professional football store in Point Centre in Vrbani, home to the broadest selection of equipment in Croatia. We strived to convey the “pumped-up” atmosphere and energy of professional football through the sales concept. In step with international trends, a pitch simulator is available in the store so that customers can test the equipment. They are able to measure the speed of the balls using a speed detector which is connected to a screen ranking the customers, showing who was the best. Another interactive element in the store is one which makes it possible for customers to design their own cleats and jerseys. Footballmania’s dressing room looks like a real-life athletic dressing room, equipped with benches and... More

Project • By KossmanndejongExhibitions

ZieZo Marokko

INTERACTIVE EXPLORATION OF THE MEDINA Following the previously successful exhibitions ‘Death Matters’ and ‘Bisjpoles’ at the Tropenmuseum, Kossmann.dejong has designed the new interactive exhibition ‘Ziezo Marokko’ for Tropenmuseum Junior. In it, children and families are taken on an exciting tour of discovery through Morocco. Immediately upon entering, young visitors board a plane. During the flight heading south they are introduced to the adventures that lie ahead. Once landed, they seem to find themselves in a Moroccan medina; the theatrically laid out exhibition space has been turned into a white city comprising a labyrinth of streets and alleys, squares and vistas. Through spatial play and optical illusion using light and shadow, a... More

Product • By Rubinetterie Stella Spa130 Series

130 Series

CERSAIE 2013 - 130 Series, created in collaboration with the architect Michele De Lucchi, is the new contemporary classic Line in Stella’s catalogue. Its style is essential, but not obvious, thanks to some details that make this Series original and refined. 130 is a Series with a remarkable stylistic research combined with a strong technical and production experience. The mouth is hydro-formed and has multiple sections, large and round at the base, narrowing the curve, and then becomes oval in the terminal. The 4 blunt handles arranged on a semi conical base create an unusual aesthetic. Overall, there emerges a product that contains a remarkable stylistic research combined with a strong technical and production experience. Stella off... More