Inscape Meditation Studio

Inscape Meditation Studio

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Archi-Tectonics as Architects

INSCAPE, a new meditation concept, opened in Manhattan 2016. Archi-Tectonics designed the Inscape concept not only as a one-off, but also for worldwide distribution. The first PROTO space in Chelsea occupies a large 6000sf ground floor. The space contains a set of large volumes; ellipsoid meditation spaces; a “Dome Room” and an “Alcove room”, an extensive retail space, as well as a lounge for guests. An important element of healthy living is found in lifestyle changes, meditation and ‘cleaner’ live-work environments. When developing the Inscape meditation concept, prefab construction, renewable materials, such as bamboo, linen and cardboard, became the driver of the spatial configueration.


Meditation requires a different state of mind – a gradual transition from the hustling and bustling NY streets was introduced through the retail and lounge space. Finally arriving at the meditation spaces, a bamboo entry “portal” envelopes the guests, creating a gradual transition into the Dome with ist controlled environment of light/ sound / air. Here one can leave the world outside, and focus on oneself, expanding mind and brain. The rings of LED light envelop the space, after one settles on the specifically designed meditation pads, the meditation starts, and the upper led ring dims to leave only the lower led ring [horizon] on as a focus point. The open oculus above symbolizes eternal space, and an opening of the mind. The lower ring reminds one of the horizon [think of the ocean, the desert] that induces a calm reflective state of mind. Special aroma therapy is integrated in the air filtration system, that cleans the air and enhances a feeling of comfort. Soft gongs sound through the space and allow one’s thoughts to wander. A moment of respite in a busy city is created.


The Dome, whichlooks like a simple natural space devoid of all technology, is actually a highly engineered space with an immersive light- and sound environment. The space is complemented by 2 LED rings that adjusts light intensity and color depending on themeditationchosen, and a grid of tiny invisible speakerscreate a perfectlyeven sound space.  Specially designed seating pads by Ligne Roset support the guests in all poses, helping them to balance and focus. This holistic enclosure helps to transform one’s mood and state of being.



The bamboo Dome was developed parametrically, its 3D files were sent straight to the prototyping and prefab companies. Instrumental in the client’s decision making was the 1:1 prototype that Aria, an LA car-design company fabricated, a 1:1 roboticallycnc-ed prototype.  Thishelped develop the prefab logic for the final Dome, configured from a bamboo base, an ellipsoid bamboo spiraling frame covered by a white sail, and an outside shell. Extensive testing of materials for Dome construction, seating comfort and seating spacing in the meditation room, helped create an easy installation and ultimately effortless atmosphere.


Material Used :

1. Custom meditation seats & pillows: Ligne Roset

2. Bamboo Floor

3. Laminate Floor and Floor Tiles – Porcelanosa

4. Cardboard Lamp – Greypants SF

Project Credits
Acoustic Engineers
Prefab Construction Dome
Product Spec Sheet

Laminate Floor and Floor TilesPORCELANOSA
Custom meditation seats & pillowsLigne Roset
Product Spec Sheet
Laminate Floor and Floor Tiles
Custom meditation seats & pillows
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