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Exterior green walls

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NewsNews • 7 Apr 2021

POAL Car Handling Facility doubles as a blank canvas for local and international artists

In Auckland, New Zealand,  the POAL Car Handling Facility is a functional piece of architecture designed to maximize port operations efficiency while engaging with the public as a canvas for large-scale contemporary art display. Designed by Plus Architecture, the recently opened building is set to become a home for large scale installations in the years to come. Simon Devitt The Port of Auckland forms the backbone of freight logistics and transport for most of New Zealand’s Upper Island. This 35,000 square meter, 5-storey project greatly improves car capacity and movement at the port, reducing the amount of space taken up by imported vehicles on the harbour by stacking vehicles vertically. Simon Devitt Beyond its imme... More

NewsNews • 6 Jan 2021

Scouting philosophy informs green infill project in Buenos Aires

On an 8,66 meter-wide plot within the urban fabric of a low-density Buenos Aires neighborhood, this building by architects BAAG – Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal is a versatile and inclusive space for use by young scouts.  BAAG + Javier Agustín Rojas In line with scouting’s nature-oriented philosophy, sustainability plays a key role in the design with materials and means of production chosen with the circular economy in mind. Further to this, nature and its surroundings are felt throughout the interior in part thanks to a dynamic envelope of plants that changes throughout the year and creates a shifting urban setting. BAAG + Javier Agustín Rojas A key challenge was to create a new urban image for... More

NewsNews • 15 Sep 2020

Gardenhouse – a ‘hillside village’ in the heart of Beverly Hills is complete

Beijing-based and globally expansive MAD Architects has completed ‘Gardenhouse’, its first realized project in the USA.  The mixed-use residential primary scheme is located on iconic Wilshire Boulevard in California’s luxurious Beverly Hills neighbourhood.  Credit: Nic Lehoux MAD Founder and Principal Ma Yansong’s design philosophy is anchored in the ‘Shanshui City’ approach which seeks to choreograph design of the built environment in concert with that of the natural environment and create structures which fulfill the spiritual and emotional needs of their inhabitants, and Gardenhouse stands as an embodiment of this philosophy. Credit: Nic Lehoux Consisting primarily of residential... More

Product • By LIKO-SLiving Green Walls

Living Green Walls

Have you ever wondered what is it like to have a vertical garden in your office? Or terrace? Or reception? Our green wall system is easy, modular & waters itself. And the best part is that it's manufactured from recycled plastic. Do you prefer plants or veggies? It can handle everything! More