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Project • By INI Design StudioPrivate Houses

The Annexe at Anand

A home is more than just a physical structure; it embodies the values, culture, and aspirations of its occupants. In today's embrace of innovation and progress, traditional architecture serves as a timeless link to our heritage, reflecting centuries of wisdom and offering sustainable solutions. It fosters a sense of community and connection with the past, creating spaces where families can thrive, and traditions can be preserved. Karan Gajjar / The Space Tracing Company Karan Gajjar / The Space Tracing Company Karan Gajjar / The Space Tracing Company Karan Gajjar / The Space Tracing Company Located within the tranquil environs of Anand city in Gujarat, 'The Annexe' stands as an embodiment of the delicate equilibrium bet... More

NewsDetail • 21 Mar 2024

Detail: Pleated facade geometry of Bonfiglioli HQ by Peter Pichler Architecture

Designed by Peter Pichler Architecture, the new Bonfiglioli Headquarters is located in Calderara di Reno on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. The building is an expression of Bonfiglioli’s history and manufacturing know-how, something that is in part represented by the innovatory use of a custom continuous pleated aluminum mesh skin. Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit Established in 1956, Bonfiglioli is a global Italian company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, including gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, and inverters. The company’s products are found across industrial automation, mobile machinery, and renewable energy sectors. The new HQ completes Bonfiglioli’s EVO project... More

NewsDetail • 2 Nov 2023

Detail: Woven carbon and glass fiber facade of Texoversum School of Textiles

The Texoversum School of Textiles at Reutlingen University is a teaching, research, and innovation center. The new Texoversum building is part of a wider university campus expansion plan and features a highly expressive, cutting-edge woven facade. A collaboration between Munich-based architectural practice Allmannwappner, Frankfurt-based architectural practice Menges Scheffler Architekten, and Stuttgart-based structural engineers Jan Knippers Ingenieure, Texoversum is the first building of its kind with a facade of woven carbon and glass fiber tiles. The remarkable structure places textiles in the vanguard of technological development. Brigida Gonzalez allmannwappner The design theme of Texoversum School of Textiles is re... More

Project • By Openbox ArchitectsApartments

Life Ladprao Valley

High-rise 44 stories condominium locating opposite of Central Ladprao. The ‘Hype Valley’ concept creates the unique appearance and offers new adventurous experiences of living, through the signature pool and up to 15 lifestyle facilities. The heart of the main building is the facility area on the top level and the entrance podium which we were responsible for. Panoramic Studio Panoramic Studio To create the first impression of going through the valley, the entrance feature wall is carved into a dynamic curve wall, mimicking the curvature and layering of the natural cave, along with the use of copper color which contrast with the color of the exterior façade. Similar idea is applied to the design of the Sale Gal... More

NewsDetail • 10 Aug 2023

Detail: Creating Heidelberg Congress Center’s curtain-like sandstone facade

In 2017, Basel-based Degelo Architekten won the international architecture competition to design the new Heidelberg Congress Center. Located in the German city of Heidelberg’s new “Bahnstadt” (Railway City) quarter, adjacent to the railway station, the building’s harmonious design and its careful placement within an urban context, appealed to the competition jury. The undulating curtain-like facade and red-colored sandstone, made of regional natural sandstone, proved a winning design element. Facade (visualization): Degelo Architekten Heidelberg Congress Center is due for completion in spring 2024. The scaffolding that covered the building was recently removed to reveal the distinctive facade, an important... More

NewsNews • 24 Jul 2023

PHIVE Civic Center’s tessellated envelope combines a roof and facade in one

In Parramatta, a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, Australia, the Parisian-based architecture firm Manuelle Gautrand Architecture has designed the PHIVE Civic Center. This multipurpose building is a new community, cultural, and civic hub, housing a library, exhibition spaces, the City of Parramatta’s Council Chamber, a discovery center, and an “Aboriginal Keeping Place” for local indigenous objects. Brett Boardman Brett Boardman PHIVE’s 15,000-square-meter (161,450-square-feet) site is part of the three-hectare (7.4 acre) Parramatta Square redevelopment program. The surrounding buildings are primarily commercial and retail in nature, with several heritage properties in the overall mix. This include... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

The Memory of Garden Apartment

The project was designed and constructed on Qasr o Dasht Street in Shiraz, Iran. This street is known as a green and pleasant neighborhood due to its proximity to Qasr al-Dasht gardens. Due to the increase of construction in these old green areas, a significant portion of the vegetation has been destroyed. In the northwest of the building, there is an alley with a 6 meters width, which is the only access of the project to the neighborhood. This only access hinders the visibility of the project. Therefore, this situation emphasizes the importance of the building entrance. Navid Atrvash There are old trees in front of the project located on the border between the alley and the northwest facade. One of our primary concerns was the connec... More

Project • By ATELIER WRITEShops


KOYO BASE, operated by tableware manufacturer Koyo Toki, is an experience facility for the production of ceramic in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The project is to convert the former warehouse building into a dining cafe, shop, and other facilities. Kenta Hasegawa Toki City is one of the leading ceramic production areas in Japan, developed by its high quality clay, and accounts for the majority of ceramic production in Japan. Kenta Hasegawa Mino ware, the ceramic produced in the Tono region of southern Gifu Prefecture, including Toki City, has changed in response to the needs of each period, and is said to be characterized by its wide variety of styles and lack of characteristics. Koyo Toki is no exception to this rule, and... More

NewsNews • 10 Mar 2023

Bold graphic façade design features in a refreshing renovation of the ForD warehouse

ForD International is a comprehensive home service company that integrates overall design and imported soft furnishing. For the recent renovation of their 17,000 square meter warehouse and showroom in Xiaoshan District, China, the owners engaged SAY Architects to develop a concept to refresh the appearance of the building infrastructure and better reflect the brand image. RAWVISION studio In response, SAY focused on constructing a new façade system using a planar language to create a “wrapper” for the expansive exterior facades. Bold and colorful, the clear and simple graphics applied to the exterior reflect the efficiency and speed of the company’s design process. For the feature south façade, a vi... More

Project • By Bean BuroShowrooms

Madera Garden / In Bloom

“In Bloom” “The poetic narrative for this show apartment and sales gallery was inspired by well-being and Spanish gardens, with vertical floral arrangements on the building's facade and in the staircase atrium to entice visitors to explore the top floors of the building.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro “Our signature curvy ‘bean’ tabletops have always been an organic ‘landscape’ for various functions – and now for a heightened sense of wellbeing and bodily experience for the users with floral arrangements integrated into the surface!” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro The Brief: A sales gallery and show apartment... More

Project • By KAD Firma ArsitekturPrivate Houses

Nusantara House

Design and materials in Architecture always evolve althrough the passage of time but are still rooted from the  context of the place. Re-embrace elements and principles of houses in Nusantara. Nusantara in English means Archipelago, but the term itself was to draw the islands across from Sumatra to Papua. Built by the reaction of the tropical climate in Nusantara, the roof typically becomes the dominant element for a house. Celvin Leowardi The roof is the dominant shelter element of the house. The solid plates slit open and change into the transparent plate from tempered glass to get enough sunlight through the window. Filtered by the grid lines create a patterned shadow that adds another texture to the exterior wall.  Eave... More

NewsNews • 15 Jan 2023

Humble Abode carefully navigates a contrained site in Bangkok

In the centre of Pathumwan district, a tourism area of Bangkok, the Humble Abode project by PAON Architects comprises four one-bedroom units with shared common living and dining areas. The project measures 320 square meters in built area and is distributed over 3 stories. PanoramicStudio Located at the end of a 3 meters wide alley, the site is highly restricted as it has no views or open space. The first move by the architects was thus to introduce a 2-meter setback in front of the building to create some open space for the building.The building program is subsequently divided into two parts: the negative, or recessed, wooden entrance and the positive white staircase block. PanoramicStudio The pushed-in portion of the fa... More

NewsSpecification • 31 Dec 2022

10 commercial buildings with striking metal cladding facades

One of the most versatile and robust structural materials to come out of the industrial age, metal is inarguably a prerequisite for the 21st century. However, metal is no more just a structural aspect; it also has visual appeal owing to the magnificently evolved use of metal in architecture as an exterior cladding material.   Additionally, the most preferred material for cladding modern architecture is metal. It has a futuristic appearance, can be fashioned into any desired shape, and acts as a shield against adverse weather.    Commercial buildings feature metal facades because of their imposing nature and durability. From a curved steel membrane inducing visual movement to a gleaming aluminium façade, the followi... More

Project • By MAPOffices

the EYE

The Eye – named after the way this building looks – is a reflection of its location, climatic considerations and the desire of the owner to build a marque office representing the corporate brand. Mostly wrapped with vertical louvers that shields summer sun without blocking the breeze and daylight, this envelop at strategic corners are cut open to expose the interior of the building -announcing its important uses to the outside world and to capture views of surrounding landmarks. Designed as in-situ reinforced concrete frame structure, the elements that define the ‘cut outs’ on the façade are actually cross-bracing members that are necessary to provide structural rigidity for building located in a high seismic... More

Project • By CAN Design LimitedOffices

Landmark South Sky Garden

CAN is excited to announce its appointment to Sino Group and Empire Group’s recently unveiled ‘Landmark South’, a flagship commercial project in Wong Chuk Hang that inspires a new work ethos. CAN is delivering the interior design for the Sky Garden, as well as the façade and lobby design that features sustainably designed office spaces. The development sets the standard for future-proofed work environments, creating a landmark for the vibrant new community of Hong Kong Southside. Located at the heart of Hong Kong Southside’s new business district, Landmark South is only three minutes’ walk from MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station. As the key part of the Hong Kong Government’s Invigorating Island South ini... More