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Project • By Baxter Green ArchitectsHousing

Sutton Veny

Location ·         Wylye Valley, Wiltshire   Project Particulars ·         A new contemporary property outside the village boundary in the Wylye Valley, Salisbury 500msq internal floor area ·         Planning granted 2019 and completed 2021 ·         Incorporating Bath ashlar stone, Weber render and Zinc ·         Vernacular architecture through simple forms and undecorated openings using  Bath ashlar stone walling to the font elevation ·          The mono-pitch roofs and recessed brickwork panel is used to signify the entrance and to create both depth and sh... More

Project • By Alhumaidhi ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Reborn House

Reborn House is a seaside property in Bidaa, Kuwait. With the western elevation facing a busy street, we opted to carve a series of openings out of the main mass. Cuts were made at acute angles and the windows were set within a slight tilt. By partially masking the windows, we were able to create shadows that minimize solar heat gain while allowing for diffused light to enter the house. On the other hand, the eastern elevation (facing the sea) benefits from deep set openings and balconies that maximize both views and shade. When the client first approached us, the initial foundation had already been laid out before they decided to change the design. The general spatial configuration from the previous design had to be retained for the organ... More

Project • By Malan Vorster Architecture Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Private Residence in Cape Town

This home embraces the beautiful natural landscape provided by the slopes of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.   Situated in the center of the City Bowl’s curvature between Devil’s Peak and Signal Hill, the building’s site offers expansive views of the city and the surrounding metropolitan area. Some of the challenges presented by the site were negotiating the slanted terrain leading from the lower cable car slopes into Table Mountain National Park with a coherent spatial flow and mediating environmental factors whilst maximizing and framing the panoramic views of the city, bay and mountains beyond. The building is defined by its relationship to the landscape; in some instances, revealing glimp... More

Project • By zeropixel architectsPrivate Houses

Unique Home Creations | Crete

We are Zeropixel Architects, a group of engineers who chose to live and create in this unique place, Crete. Just like you. We share this desire with you. Our buildings that we design and construct for you reflect this mutual passion. For us, designing a home is based on trust and honesty. Constructing it requires responsibility and professionalism. These principles are key elements of our mentality. Our approach to construction combines the intimacy of an architecture office and the stability of a construction company. We see creating homes as a means to making people happy and building bonds that last after the construction process is over. Our team and Karl Heinz and Gabi are shown in this video. We had the pleasure to design and build th... More

Project • By SIAN ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Corner House in Meerut

Completed in 2018, the corner house spreads over 540sq.yards for a large family, however, the occupational dynamics were such that, for a substantial part of the year, it was intended for inhabitation by only two women members who were home-makers and preferred centering their entire social lives around their home. Hence, the brief asked for a palatial home that included various possible residential, economic and leisure-related programs into the interior. In short, a house that could not only induce a comfortable living but also encourage the residents, especially the women, to use their house for functions that were yet to be conceived.   Our initial discussion with the family revealed that they were anxious about the relatively la... More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.   The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play... More

Project • By Architect Show co.,LtdPrivate Houses


Main concept is protecting privacy and safety; bringing sunlight and wind into the house. More

Project • By D. Champsas architectural officeApartments

LINE-PLANE-PRISM | Loft addition to a penthouse

The progress achieved by systematic research will give birth to a dictionary of elements that, developed further, will lead to a “grammar”.W. Kandinsky, 1924, “Point and Line to Plane” A. ANALYSIS1.  A groundbreaking architectural vocabularyDefining the POINT and the LINE, W. Kandinsky and P. Klee have identified rich symbolic and conceptual content to these archetypal engravings. With their theoretical and painting work, the modern masters of abstraction laid the principles for a methodical composition on canvas, based on these primary Elements.What would the content of this radical vocabulary be if, reductively in some way, it was to be extended to the "3D canvas"?Extruded to the third dimension, the POINT, the LINE and the... More

Project • By Studio MohenjodaroPrivate Houses

Residence 2105

Reminiscent of an older, simpler era, yet contemporary in spirit, Residence 2105 is essentially an extension to an existing residence. Initially designed keeping in mind a family of four, with time, as the family grew, a need was felt to expand the space to include two more bedrooms. The new construction was visualised as part of the first floor of the residence, which ultimately was designed to include a living, dining and kitchen space, turning the first-floor space into a comfortable, warm abode. The clients wanted to retain the old structure, being familiar and comfortable with the way they interacted with the functional spaces daily. And though the decision made economical sense, it also turned out to be the main challenge. The decisio... More

Project • By IEZ DesignHousing


The L.A.R. Residence is located in the area of Taguatinga, a satellite city that surrounds Brasília, the Capital of Brazil. Taguatinga is one of the oldest cities in the "Planalto Central" (which means Central Plateau, how Brasília is also known). It was founded by those who helped rising the Capital, it was supposed to follow a Urban Plan, but their citizens couldn’t wait because the Government was too busy building the new Capital, so the base-camp became a village, and then a small town, later a city. This city is in the suburb of Brasília. Different from other countries, the suburb in Brazil is rarely a high-end neighborhood. Is usually the place where live those who have not enough money to live in the Down Town. It is usually viole... More