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Beyond from the surroundings eyes, a hidden gem in the suburb of Brasília, capital of Brazil.

IEZ Design as Priscila Bonifacio

The L.A.R. Residence is located in the area of Taguatinga, a satellite city that surrounds Brasília, the Capital of Brazil. Taguatinga is one of the oldest cities in the "Planalto Central" (which means Central Plateau, how Brasília is also known). It was founded by those who helped rising the Capital, it was supposed to follow a Urban Plan, but their citizens couldn’t wait because the Government was too busy building the new Capital, so the base-camp became a village, and then a small town, later a city.

This city is in the suburb of Brasília. Different from other countries, the suburb in Brazil is rarely a high-end neighborhood. Is usually the place where live those who have not enough money to live in the Down Town. It is usually violent, have no urban planning, no urban organization, and it is usually abandoned by the Government. However, this special city is facing a real state increase There are new buildings rising in the city, between houses and small buildings, and it is changing the landscape of Taguatinga. Unfortunately, this real state rising is not that good if it is followed by the greed of real state companies and the government, thirsty for money. The consequences are the unplanned growth of the city, its demographic explosion, which is not followed by infrastructure remodel to adapt the city to its new reality.

But there are still a few people who believe that this city has potential, and those will be the ones who will shape the new form of the residential areas of Taguatinga. Which is the example of this family’s house.

The concept

This residence was designed for a four members family, with grown-up son an daughter. The site is 10 meters wide and 30 meters long, and the topography is plane, for there was already a house built in the location. This neighborhood is made of townhouses, usually built by dividing the enclosure walls for both adjoining houses.

Problem VS Solution

The site presented some problems that should be solved in the concept of the Architecture project. One of them is the neighbor from the house at the right. It is a two story house, but it has a leisure balcony with a view towards the client’s site, reducing the privacy. The other problem is the multi-story building located at the other side of the street, right in front of the client’s site. The upper floors from the building also have balconies towards the site, reducing even more the privacy inside the house.

This location also have problems with safety,because of the crime rates of the area. So, this fact restrains the openings to the outside of the house, specially in the front façade. Solutions had to be created to solve the privacy problems and the safety problems. So, it was designed large louver wooden panels, that could be fully opened, or just had their slats regulated. The louver panels totally closes the front façade and the façade of the bedrooms. To solve the neighbor problem, a large louver structure was proposed above the adjacent wall, to create a view obstacle from the house at the right. In this structure, will be growth a green wall, increasing the privacy for both, and creating a beautiful green view, also improving L.A.R. Residence the air quality and humidity.

The Program

The Program of the house has designed to have a large garage, up to six vehicles, in order to accommodate all the family’s cars. They also wanted a nice leisure area, with a pool and a garden. The pool had to be oriented to receive sunlight the most part of the day. The pool was placed strategically, after solar studies to find you which place was better for it, avoiding the shadows of the building. Also, as a part of the program, the residence has a living area with living room, dining room and a kitchen, all of the together, for the owners use to have a lot of visitors, and they like to interact with them from the living to the kitchen, where the family serves drinks and foods, this is a standard habit from Brazilian people.

The family also wanted a big family room, with a Home Theater and a chat area, in order to have their most intimate guests, but also to spend a nice time between them, watching movies and talking about their day. Last, but not less important, there are three bedrooms with bathrooms for the family. The volume where the bedrooms are located is lightly dislocated to the top, so the volumes are terraced, to give more dynamism to the form.

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Priscila Bonifacio
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