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Project • By davide fancello |architettura & ingegneria|Parks/Gardens


The project deals with the rethinking of the outside area of the agritourism farm ‘Canales’, located on the edge of the basaltic edge of the Cedrino lake, in Dorgali (Sardinia, Italy); The design choices follow the awareness of an urgent... More

Project • By Atelier SADPrivate Houses

Barn conversion in Loubí

 A new life for an old farm building. Sustainability. The living room located in the space of the original threshing floor. Airy and light thanks to an added window and openings in the walls. Not wanting to meddle with the original building, the... More

Project • By RX ArchitectsWineries

Tillingham Winery

Tillingham Winery is situated in Peasmarsh off a winding lane, amidst fields and copses with panoramic views across the Tillingham Valley toward the Cinque Port town of Rye. Our client’s vision is to produce fine organic artisan wines. The brie... More

Project • By ARCHHOLIKSPrivate Houses

Mountain House Mošovce

The family house at the foot of the Veľká Fatra National Park is situated on the border between the built-up area and the built-up area. Folkly, the house is located behind the hummocks, so the whole formation of matter is aimed at preserving... More

Project • By De Rosee SaPrivate Houses


Known as Kilnwood, the property is located on the edge of the Mendip Hills with an extensive view overlooking Glastonbury Tor. The brief for the project given to De Rosee Sa was to ensure that the renovation and new build share the same local vernacu... More

Project • By Noero ArchitectsChurches

Christ Church Somerset West

The existing church needed to double in size to accommodate a growing congregation - the church could not be easily extended so it was decided to build a new church and to re-use the original church as a space for children and performance. The minist... More

Project • By Perathoner ArchitectsApartments


The private homes are located on a sloping plot in Selva, which - situated in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites - forms the end of the Val Gardena.  In terms of urban planning, the design of the buildings is inspired by the typical so-c... More

Project • By Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd.Private Houses


There was an existing property on the site that was demolished. It was formed from two workers cottages. It had a very long and narrow plan, was constructed to a very poor standard, had not been maintained for many years and was suffering from subsid... More

Project • By LP architekturPrivate Houses

Twin house Trausner

Two modest, single-floor structures – the smallest for the parents, the largest for the young, growing family – sensibly respond to the local topography and vegetation, and form a farm-like ensemble together with the existing farm buildin... More

Project • By Flubacher, Nyfeler Partner ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Rösmatt Rodersdorf housing association

The three building shells (a replacement building and two new buildings) allude to the former farm buildings in the farmstead areas, given the absence of protrusions and recesses and therefore their simple design. The replacement building that was co... More

Project • By Markus Tauber ArchitecturaHotels

Ellgass Allgäu Hotel

A simple building, inspired by the agricultural context, is deliberately placed at the original location of the rural barn. This preserves the space effect and intends a pleasant interaction of the two structures. The listed main building and the new... More

Project • By zanon architetti associatiAuditoriums


In the green countryside of Treviso, near the Sile river and the Venetian lagoon, is where H- Farm was born: a business and training center geared to innovation through new technologies. The renovation of abandoned farm buildings and the construction... More

Project • By Collective OfficePrivate Houses

Lake Geneva Residence

We’ve created a modern farmhouse that extends into the natural prairie landscape, providing a humanistic experience in natural light underneath vaulted ceilings. The interior experience is intended to mirror the exterior feeling.   Our c... More

Project • By Nash Baker ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Suffolk Farm House

It was only after living in their 400-year-old Jacobean farmhouse in Suffolk for 3 years that Architect Howard Nash (Co-director of Nash Baker Architects) and his partner Monique Beauval-Nash felt they knew the building well enough to make a start on... More

Project • By Nine Yards StudioPrivate Houses

The River Cabins

Floating in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is a serene Island lined with red sand beaches and ocean views. The smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island, has a vibrant arts and culture scene and is renowned for culinary experiences featuring world-... More