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Project • By Polymorph Design StudioPrivate Houses

Tangled Cubes

Designed as a lifestyle home the program was deliberately split into two units centered around a large central court. The larger of these two units holds the formal and informal areas on the lower floor with the bedrooms on the upper level. The smaller “Outhouse Unit” serves as the entertainment den along with a gymnasium, sauna, changing rooms, and service areas. The outhouse faces the central court on the South side while the North is defined by a monolithic white compound wall-as found in older tropical estates- that encloses a private garden, which could be developed into a gridded orchard over time. Polymorph Design Studio Polymorph Design Studio Polymorph Design Studio The West façade facing the entr... More

NewsNews • 30 Oct 2022

Azab redesigns a Spanish Farmhouse into an interlinked dual home

A transformation of a 1980s agricultural house on the outskirts of the Spanish town of Loiu, Re-house is a horizontally split home curated for its owners, an elderly couple and their daughter. Designed by studio Azab, the structure reconfigures and combines the couple's farm work with their daughter's telework while also responding to the future with positivity.  Luis Diaz Diaz Previously intended for agricultural storage, the ground floor now houses the parents' house while the daughter's apartment lies above. The two homes have independent front doors but share a common entrance space on the ground floor. The building's exterior is subdued, with a plain façade accented with a subtle diamond pattern. Luis Diaz Di... More

Project • By Woldon ArchitectsHousing


Woldon Architects is on site for a new farmhouse between the Falmouth and Helford estuaries in Cornwall. The proposal replaces a compromised and poorly laid-out farmhouse of 315sqm with a highly efficient contemporary house of nearly 400sqm. The proposal was developed to embrace the best elements of Cornish farmhouse design with careful consideration for the client’s requirements for a contemporary home. The local area has a strong tradition of farmhouses following a simple rectangular or “L” shape plan often with gables ends. The new house seeks to continue this distinct Cornish tradition. Key principles of local vernacular design have been incorporated. The external walls are finished in coursed local granite with dress... More

Project • By SamarchitectenPrivate Houses

H-shaped farmhouse in Haspengouw

A contemporary and open interpretation of a H-shaped farmhouse in Haspengouw, Belgium An outdated long-walled farm on a plot on the edge of the center of Kerniel transformed into a contemporary H-shaped dwelling. That is how this single-family home can be best described. Situated in a protected landscape with the typical features of Haspengouw, an area that consists of small villages in a rural landscape with fruit trees. An old farm with a long façade was situated on the 90 acres plot. The farm itself was not protected but was considered as a landmark valuable element by the Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed (an organization for the protection of architectural heritage in Flanders, Belgium).   A recognizable rebuildingThe typical... More

Project • By Pratic f.lli OrioliPrivate Houses

Un soggiorno all’aperto

Bring the usual activities of a young family by the pool, move outdoors the heart of the house, enjoy the benefits of natural light, outdoor life and the beauty of the Emilian countryside. These are the objectives obtained by the landscape architecture studio and construction company Frassinago with the installation of two Opera bioclimatic pergolas. It takes place in San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the province of Bologna, in the vast park of an old farmhouse, recently renovated maintaining the typical bucolic style, where a building has been created ex novo to support the swimming pool, with changing rooms, showers and toilets. An intervention that has stimulated the client’s desire to further exploit the large outdoor spaces. So th... More

Project • By noa* network of architectureHotels

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

As the age-old adage goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In South Tyrol, Saltaus, Apfelhotel’s young new generation of owners are breaking new ground while staying true to their traditional roots. noa*’s novel design and architecture evokes the vintage charm of this historical hotel while creating an oasis for the senses and shared moments. The apple, a fruit that originated in Kazakhstan and was brought to South Tyrol by the Romans, is central to the region’s cultural landscape.   The Torgglerhof lies at the mouth of the Passeier Valley, its roots run deep in classic apple cultivation culture. Over time, it became a spot for people wanting to linger, connect, and soak up the scenic views. It's here that... More

Project • By SOA ArchitectesNurseries

School group

Les Tartres school group organizes the suburban fabric of the Avenue de Stalingrad and the historically agricultural footprint of the specialized market gardeners of Stains, Pierrefitte and St Denis. The memory of this agricultural activity is deeply engrained in the structure of the sites landscape. The kindergarten and the school echo the large wooden farmhouses with their cisterns and eaves.   On the boulevard side, the building’s façade is signaled by the forecourt and entrance, the reception hall for the little children and the perspective opened between the two large buildings. At the western corner, a small volume housing the schools’ covered playground connects the forecourt with the Rue d’Amiens, whi... More

Project • By ETB StudioPrivate Houses


Located along the fringe of Venice’s Southern Lagoon, in an urban centre of low building density, the project for three housing units is composed prevalently by isolated buildings on lots. The decision to develop the different units through a single, compact organism stems from the strategic objective to optimise the area’s scarce available space, preserving as much surface as possible for the garden.   This morphological scheme simultaneously allows for the stimulation of social interaction and the civil cohabitation of residents, firm values that have always characterized the rural lifestyles of the Venetian countryside. These values once physically manifested themselves into villas, barchessas, farmhouses, and compact... More

Project • By HouseStylerResidential Landscape

Panchgani Farmhouse Design

Panchgani is a hill station and municipal council in Satara district in Maharashtra, India. Panchgani Farmhouse Design is 3BHK House Plan, 2200 SQFT Floor Plan which includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen, drawing room, lounge, swimming pool, campfire and staircase. We serve an aesthetic and authentic beauty of your home by contrast combination of exterior and spaces that offers proper happiness, health and wealth. The farmhouse is properly ventilated, where the placement of bedrooms and living spaces are Vastu based. Kitchen and dining are more spacious where you can start your daily work with morning sunlight for your healthy lifestyle.   More

Project • By Whitten ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Family Farmhouse

This new Maine home couldn't happen quickly enough for this high energy, growing family. With three small children, and active parents, this family was ready to build a home with room to grow and play. The home owners desired an architecture that spoke to a "modern farmhouse." In an effort to keep costs in check we used simple forms with a few large, multipurpose gestures.   Our site-specific solution sited the house on the northern portion of furthest parcel from the main road affording a sun pocket play yard to the south with views to the pond beyond. Upon approach one is greeted with a bold barn form, which shelters the main house from cold northeasterly winds, and breaks the scale of the house proper. A large portal, a take on th... More

Project • By Singleart Design and ArchitecturePrivate Houses

L House in Bourgogne - France

History of the old structure:      Dissangis is an old wine village. Most of the constructions in the village are made of stone because it is a limestone area. The construction is an old farmhouse. It was built in the 1850s. The stones comes from a nearby quarry. The main part of the building was used for storing animal fodder and a stable for cows. The inhabitants of the Village came in the evening to collect milk for their families. Stone is very present in construction, as well as wood. The frame was made with oak which was cut from the nearby forest. In the 1950s, the owner added a steel structure to follow up with the development of agriculture.​​​​​​​The concept:      The intention of the archit... More

Project • By AAANCare Homes

Hospice de Liefde

’De Kapel’ is a monumental farmhouse located on the southern edge of Zuidwijk, a residential district in Rotterdam. This national monument has been transformed into a centre for terminal care: Hospice ‘de Liefde’. The thatched building has been extensively renovated and expanded. With the addition of a new wing, the experience of the routing through the monument and the garden, nature, light and spaciousness is used to contribute to a dignified farewell. Sebastian van Damme The 18th century farm, of the Overmaasse cross-section type, was designated a National Monument in 1975. From 1992 to 2017, ‘de Kapel’ was used as a work centre for adults with a (mild) intellectual disability. Due to major renov... More

Project • By OHLABPrivate Houses

Palerm House

Casa Palerm is as an extension of a rural hotel in the countryside of Lloret de Vistalegre, in the centre of Mallorca. It is a new independent building, close to the original farmhouse, which functions as a small holiday home. The project follows a discreet architecture, being integrated within its surrounding environment and performing efficiently, both economically and energetically. José Hevia The program is resolved in one level with a compact and elongated volume with pitched roof. The width is kept to six meters in order to use low-cost beams and structure with no columns. The layout, parallel to the slope of the terrain, allows all the rooms to enjoy views of the countryside and the Tramontana mountains towards the north... More

Project • By CORE architecture + designPower Plants

Pepco Darnestown Substation

Following their collaboration on the Southeast Substation, Pepco returned to CORE to design their location in Darnestown, which turned into a farmhouse style building that beautifully integrates into the suburban landscape. The Darnestown Substation presented a unique design challenge due to its proximity to single family homes and the project’s height requirements. It was critical to use a building typology that would allow for masking of the scale of the structure and making it blend in with its surroundings. CORE came up with a design that is inspired by a barn, with the use of the materials adjusted to the scale of the substation and carefully considering the location of openings on varying roof heights. The substation design was... More

Project • By WoodtoneHousing

Shiplap Home Renovation

A beautiful, custom farmhouse renovation project in the scenic Fraser Valley. The home features our 1×6 Shiplap product. The clean, white Shiplap provides a tasteful foundation throughout the home for simplistic design elements, thoughtfully chosen by SMB Interior Design. More