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Project • By LIKO-SOffices

IDEAL-Trade Service Brno

From outside... The gray envelope of the facade panels in the street, where there are mainly companies and car showrooms, fits in with the others. At first glance, however, it differs by its dark framed horizontal windows, which thus refer to the most famous, functionalist period of the city of Brno. With a little imagination, you can see the outlines of the famous Villa Savoy, an icon of the period. And thanks to these wide strip windows, there is enough light inside for all the offices in the administrative part of the building. The two-storey administrative building itself is supplemented to the rear by a production, development, and storage facility. An important element of the exterior, which is not visible from the street, at first... More

Project • By AD ARCHITECTURE | Architecture + interior designPrivate Houses

A Minimalist Geometric Home

A large single-storey home features a restrained aesthetic "I've always been trying to apply the principle of subtraction to design practices, so as to accentuate people's sensory experiences in the space. I seek pleasure in architectural practices, and work to create minimalist art."   — Xie Peihe Background Situated at the CBD of Shantou, this single-storey luxury residence embraces the river view outside. Spanning 300 square meters, the space is like a piece of white curtain, which opens up a free field for people to experience. The project draws inspiration from the visual presentation of performances on stage. We turned the white space into a serene backdrop and stage for the occupants, with the details and dotted brigh... More

Project • By Rina LovkoApartments


Architect: Rina Lovko/Pavel Botvinovskiy Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Type: Residential Area: 50 sq m Year: 2020 Photo: We made an experimental shooting on iPhone   The owner of this apartment and co-author of this project is Pavel Botvinovsky. He is a lover of Soviet architecture of the era of brutalism and modernism. The apartment is located in the Soviet-era block house of the 70-s. To increase the aesthetic emphasis on the bedroom, we used a large round mirror, to see it in the reflection from hallway. The uniqueness of this project is primarily determined by its functionalism. Three main materials and colors prevail - white, stainless steel and natural wood. The layout of this apartment in the heart of Kyiv previously fragment... More

Project • By ra15 GroupHotels

hotel URBAN CREME Prague

In the centre of Europe. The metropolis of Czechia. In the Prague Conservation Zone.  On Na Poříčí Street.   Prague, a unique city of architecture of diverse styles, coexisting harmoniously among each other. And this is no different on Na Poříčí, one of Prague's first streets. Urbanistically speaking, this street is generously widened at the site of the well-known Rondo-Cubist building of the former Legiobank to become an urban commercial boulevard serving a range of functions. Hotels, banks, department stores, with a lively parterre and various architectural style. Classicism, Functionalism, Rondo-Cubism, everything side by side, so typically for Prague. The gap site for the new hotel is situated be... More

Project • By Papundekl ArchitectsPavilions

Summer pavilion

March 2020 (Prague, Czech Republic) - The new pavilion designed by PAPUNDEKL architects invites visitors to the Prague Exhibition Grounds, an area that has recently reopened its gates to the public. The modular pavilion features an adjustable facade made of translucent fiberglass panels that can be modified according to different uses or changes in weather and light conditions.   The pavilion lies within the Prague Exhibition Grounds, an area opened in 1891 which features cultural, sports and exhibition venues, designed in various architectural styles, including Art Nouveau and Functionalism. Recently, the Exhibition Grounds decided to open the area in order to make it more accessible to the public by creating a connection to a large... More

Project • By l i n e a r c h i t e c t sApartments

m o n o c h r o m e

The planning solution is based on functionalism, in which there are two main zones, a common zone and a private one, united by a single storage system along the entire apartment.   Sensual and sophisticated interior with a monochrome palette and attention to detail, which emphasizes the importance and quality of materials.   Monochrome is the main acting force of this interior, which is characterized by the aesthetics of tranquility and solitude. When designing, the main task was to create a comfortable, restrained and balanced interior, which reflects the philosophy and lifestyle of the owners (no more, no less), which emphasize the feeling of moderation , as well as practical and aesthetic orderliness and the ability not to... More

Project • By gon architectsPrivate Houses


Scenographies of living for a bachelor in Madrid.   The traditional structure of Madrid's flats -a system of load-bearing walls parallel to the facade enclosing a set of rooms of different sizes that revolve around interior courtyards and are both isolated and connected by a corridor- is the starting point for this house for a single person located on a third floor of an apartment building in the Malasaña district.   The most singular physical and measurable characteristic of the flat is its length: from one end of the house to the other there are 21 linear meters that give the clue to the intervention to be carried out. The aim is to enhance this condition, which has now become a desire, with the floor plan of the proj... More

Project • By AedasCommunity Centres

Shanghai Kingboard Centre

Aedas was commissioned by the Kingboard Group to design a multi-functional commercial complex at Kingboard Culture Plaza, a key nod and starting point of the central axis of Shanghai Hongqiao Business Zone, a future CBD at the heart of Yangtze River Delta. Anchored at the Fifth Avenue of Hongqiao, the site pride itself for its prime location, transportation network and waterfront scenery.   Design Overview The design is a grand “Gate” in a staid yet dynamic form responding to the brief of a prestigious commercial complex. Panoramic view over the entire Hongqiao District is secured from the sky business centre and roof garden. Tapping advantages of the river views, the outdoor exhibition space, sunken dining plaza and a r... More

Project • By Cano Lasso ArchitectsOffices

Second Home London Fields

Second Home London Fields is located in East London, on Hackney’s neighbourhood, one of the most popular ones of the city at the moment. The old working-class neighbourhood of East End, grey and marginal, has transformed its image, becoming an alternative point for multiple trends, thanks to the hosting of young middle-class designers and artists who couldn’t afford the extremely expensive rentals of the city centre.   Second Home’s arrival to Hackney with its diversified co-working program, its free provision of multipurpose spaces, the cafe, nursery, etc., meant a new opportunity to facilitate the creation of emerging activities of the Local Community.   It was one of the project’s goal, in addition t... More

Project • By PAUM FamilyOffices


The office for IT department of the PETSHOP company is located in St. Petersburg, on Chkalovsky avenue, in soviet industrial building of 50th – 60th years of the 20th century. Ridge ceiling and concrete columns more than 4 meters high, the top floor and huge windows overlooking the Petrograd Side – these are fine introduction of space for creative department of moderm dynamic company.   The aesthetics of Bauhaus (the higher school in Dessau and the architectural direction of the first third of 20th century) has become a basis of style and the main source of inspiration. Simple laconic forms, utilitarian approach and the ideas of functionalism once has made a revolution in architecture. Now we transfer this esthetics to in... More

Project • By Gallardo Llopis ArquitectosHospitals


The intricate tangle of streets that, with Arabic hints, make up the historic center of this town located in a singular area called “La Rivera del Xúquer”, find an open space in the square that fronts up the historic local church “Capella de la trobada”. The clinic is located at the inner vertex of a building whose "L" floor surrounds the public space. A close relationship is therefore established between the building that delimits the external area and the public square, which provides access to the clinic. However, this essential link between the public space of the square and the private space of the clinic was circumvented by the preexisting architectural solution, with wimpy windows and a meager door th... More

Project • By Studio ReaktorOffices


“The Palace ARA was built during the First Republic by the original owner a.r. Aschenberg who was mainly focused on the sale of textiles. His appearance was inspired by the American modern way of building and European functionalism.   During the 60’s, the building was modified and named “Perla” Department Store. Especially design, fashion and clothing were sold here. The main concept for utilizing the new coworking space of ARA Palace was to continue on the department store typology – Shopping Mall, but in modern way, with abstract products – ideas, creativity, startups, innovations, talent – all offered as the main items. Each floor is named after various shopping environments – showr... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsApartments

Atlant Astana

Location: Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanType: Residential ComplexScale: 211 155 m2Stage: Technical design   Elegant, modern and multifunctional complex Atlant is designed by architects to embody the idea of ​​comfortable living in a quiet cozy corner created in the heart of the capital, in the center of the business and cultural life of the city. The complex consists of four spacious courtyards and areas for cultural recreation and children's entertainment, which combines a picturesque wide boulevard, where the key element is a monumental glass arch, which plays the role of an open gate.   Developed internal infrastructure embodies the concept of the city in the city and creates a functional space for living and re... More

Project • By Gudmundur Jonsson ArkitektkontorPrivate Houses

Casa Myhrer Hauge

This house is not merely about esthetics, it is about bringing natural settings and Architecture into dialog. Finding the Stream and opening up, landscaping it, and giving it back to nature as a visual end influential element. Then creating the dialog with the house itself. This becomes an intellectual challenge where the house concept is created by the natural settings (difficult to see in heavy snowy pictures). The opened-up-Stream, together with strict boundaries for where to be allowed to built created a great challenges in defining the concept and giving the house it´s form, which interacts so perfectly with the natural settings, making it a great experience entering the house on bridge above the sound and experience of trickling water... More

Project • By CrosshatchPrivate Houses

Folding Floor House

Harmonising with surroundsWith a narrow 8m frontage, Crosshatch sought to understand, borrow, weave and tie together this new kid on the block with the language of its neighbours, whilst delivering a contemporary, considered and striking home.The core opportunity for a reinterpreted form was presented by a converted slipper factory directly opposite. By mirroring the sawtooth roof, the function of this classic mid-century warehouse roofline was repurposed and reinterpreted, in a folding slab and roof that allowed scale and light penetration deep within the home. The striking and intriguing form that resulted, opened up opportunities internally to fold the requirements of the programme through the ground and first floors.The front elevation... More