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NewsSpecification • 9 Sep 2022

10 distinct residential bathrooms with geometric mosaic tiles

The art of mosaic tiles dates back to the third millennium B.C. Modern-day mosaic tiles come in a variety of materials like porcelain, ceramic and stone. Low maintenance, durable and available in diverse styles, colours and patterns, mosaic tiles make a popular material choice for modern bathrooms.   Geometric mosaic tiles, beloved for their old-fashioned allure, are resonating with homeowners looking for spaces that are distinctively patterned and boldly imaginative. Visually attractive and aesthetically striking, these tiles find application as backsplashes, flooring or walling material. Although frequently used as a protective layer, they can be simply used as an artistic and whimsical design detail.    From striking b... More

Project • By Antonio saporito architetture + designPrivate Houses

"CUBA" villa

Idea of a villa that looks a sculpture, ideally carved from a cube. More

Product • By ARKOF LabodesignPALAFITTA


“Palafitta” is born from an image, from the memory of an architectural typology, from the idea of a simple structure proposed in an equally essential and functional element of furniture. The lines emphasize the architectural aspect of the piece, while the play of media and volumes visually reverts the roles. The three-dimensional elements are separated from one another, such as dropped and suspended at the same time. The image of the “Palafitta” takes on a strong connotation determined by the importance of the support that deliberately does not hide, but accentuates the original concept. The volumes reveal themselves by taking on a function and separating each other, showing the added value of the entire creation: the flexibility of the... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRAFire stations

Fire Station Ruesselsheim Bauschheim

The new building for the voluntary fire brigade is situated on a main access road leading into the part of Rüsselsheim named Bauschheim on the corner of ’’Brunnerstrasse’’ and ’’Im Grundsee’’. The surrounding built fabric is made up of a heterogenous mix of double and single storey dwellings with hipped and pitched roofs. The front of the fire station responds to the building line along Brunnenstrasse via a roof cantilever over the facade of the vehicle garage, thus refering to the special useage of the building in its context. The fire engines are in full view through the fully glazed facade of the vehicle garage, as if they were parked inside an oversized display case. A fire brigade on standby mode is the theme here. Through this... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRAPump stations

Floodwater pumping station in Mainz

Function of the building: Through a bypass channel of 3 m diameter and a flow rate up to 22.000 l/sec. (statistic 20 year flood water) the surface water of the complete city area can be drained off into the river Rhine. At a 5 year Rhine flood level two pumps transport the city surface water into the river Rhine. One of the biggest flood prevention lifting shields worldwide (7,20 m high and 3,70 wide) protects the inner city of Mainz from a statistically 200 years Rhine flood, from a backwater into the local sewer system. With the total height of 8,50 meters, the visible part of the building is just the "tip of the iceberg", the bottom edge of the pit is 16 m under the surface. The orientation of the pumping station is directed to the flow... More

Project • By +ArqsOffices

CIMA headquarters building (2nd prize)

This building will give industrial chamber of Puerto Madryn emblematic place, a space with a sense of belonging, a building whose imprint Be further its function. It is projected as an icon, as a tool for growth, home to the future progress of expansion at national and international level, of the entities that make up the Industrial Chamber of Puerto Madryn. It seeks to create a center of attraction to the social and business ties, projecting a building whose objective is the operation of a local development agency, a space of Research, Training and Conference Centre. Considering the criteria of environmental preservation, the building is developed through the use and development of resources and local materials. The building is a... More

Project • By EYECinemas


EYE, the new film museum located on Amsterdam’s waterfront, will open its doors to the public on April 5, 2012. Starting on that day, visitors can watch films on the four screens, explore the exhibition area, the interactive basement, the museum store, and the restaurant and café. The new EYE Film Institute Netherlands is located on the northern side of the waterfront, directly across from Amsterdam’s Central Station. The Vienna based firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects designed a striking complex that houses four screens, 640 seats and 1200 square meters of exhibition space. EYE is the only museum in the Netherlands that is exclusively dedicated to film and the moving image. EYE exhibits film as art, entertainment, cultural her... More

Project • By Machne Architekten Cultural Centres

Community Center in Abfaltersbach

The field and the stones The new community center consists of three main parts (auditorium, music rehearsal room, Town Hall) and the fire department. The individual functions are as large "boulders" scattered on the site. These species were aligned along important edges (neighboring houses) and sightlines . Those stones are connected by the foyer. The fire department serves as the basis of the "stones". Through these seperation of the building in the various areas the urban scale of teh building fits very well into the existing structure. The spaces between the "stones" provide glimpses such as the view to the church,. The use of the site and the positioning of the town Hall on the street and the foyer to the north is creating two new s... More

Project • By Deceuninck N.V.Private Houses

Live House

At the request of singer Yulia Chicherina Deceuninck has developed and implemented a unique engineering solution for an entrance door of her Live House. A glass door has been specially designed for Yulia Chicherina and installed in the triangular doorway opening of her countryside house. Now all windows and the door in the singer’s house are made of Deceuninck profiles. The singer’s two-storey house has been designed as a cube with twenty four triangular openings for mirror-glass windows and a glass entrance door. The Live House, an exceptional project by Yulia Chicherina and her architect husband, gives plenty of room for creativity and leisure. It was originally conceived as an art laboratory to give inspiration, to originate fresh ide... More

Project • By PAUL LE QUERNEC / ARCHITECTESCultural Centres


CONTEXT The building is placed just in the center of a problematic working-class neighborhood in Mulhouse. This neighborhood is the object of a general development project in order to improve the living environment of its inhabitants. This political intention takes place on two fronts:the first one, in the “private domain”, is related to demolition, reconstruction or restructuration of housing projects. The second one, in the “public domain” is related to construction (or reconstruction) of public buildings, such as social and cultural centers like in our case. Thus, this new facility is meant to help to put a new face on this neighborhood by providing a new façade on the Agen street, as well as some other new projects like childcare f... More

Project • By Atelier Tekuto Co. Ltd.Private Houses

Reflection in Mineral

The site is a small land (44.62m2) with an irregular shape located at a sharp intersection of two frontal roads in a congested urban residential area. The client had three requests: Firstly it should be exciting architecture. Secondly they wanted a maximum livable volume. Thirdly they wanted a covered car parking. In terms of building codes, this house has to comply with three different height restriction lines, therefore the maximum buildable volume becomes a very irregular polyhedron volume. From this form we came up with an image of a piece of mineral that is buried in the ground. The shaping process was like a cutting process of a precious gemstone- we worked with most precision to ‘cut’ the volume to create maximum living space... More

Project • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCar Parks

Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg

The Science Center, the first of its kind in Germany, appears as a mysterious object, giving rise to curiosity and dis-covery. The visitor is faced with a degree of complexity and strangeness, which is ruled however by a very specific system of structural organization. Located on a very special site in the City of Wolfsburg it is set both as the endpoint of a chain of important cultural buildings (by Aalto, Scharoun and Schweger) as well as being a connecting link to the north bank of the Mittelland Kanal -Volkswagen’s Car Town. Multiple threads of pedestrian and vehicular movement are pulled through the site both on an artificial ground landscape and inside and through the building, effectively composing an interface of movement-paths. Vol... More

Project • By FR-EE Fernando Romero EnterpriseShops

Bridging Tea House

An ambitious master plan was designed for the construction of a multipurpose modern city in Jinhua. In the spirit of this plan, the local government commissioned a teahouse to be built beside a pond in a park next to the river that runs through the city. The concept was reworked formally to create a structure that also serves as a mirror—the lower part reflects the upper part, thus producing an effect of continuous space. Our first concept was totally open and functioned as a mask in relation to the neighboring pavilions. Working in collaboration with local engineers, a structure was suggested in which different platforms would be constructed for diverse uses. The translation of this suggestion gave birth to a building that contains a s... More

Project • By X ARCHITEKTENIndividual Buildings


Task: The temporary centre of pastoral care in the diocese of Linz, located on the steel company voestalpine’s site, was built decades ago and had to be pulled down due to its poor condition. The new building is designed to create good framework conditions for spiritual, liturgical as well as sociable secular events for both active and retired personnel. The initial project title “where man and work meet“ emphasises in which direction the needs of the people working at the steel company point. The plot of land lies between borders formed by the main traffic arteries Westbahn and Ebelsberger bypass and the voestalpine’s large industrial estate. This creates an island which, together with the deposit of a four-metre thick layer of s... More

Project • By C.F. Møller ArchitectsMuseums

Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

The small Norwegian town of Førde draws its qualities from its interaction with the surrounding mountains, which are visible everywhere, and from Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the European mainland, which lies in close proximity to the town. The town's new museum, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum also draws upon the distinctive landscape for its architectural expression: the museum lies like a crystal-clear block of ice that has slid down from the surrounding mountains. The crystalline form provides an asymmetrical plan solution, with varying displacements in the facade. The facade is clad in white glass with a network of angled lines, reminiscent of the fracture lines in ice. This network also defines the irregular window apertu... More