Tianmen Mountain Restaurant

Tianmen Mountain Restaurant

Liu Chongxiao
Guilin, China
Project Year
Deng Xixun,Liu Chongxiao,He Rong,Song Yan

Tianmen Mountain Restaurant

Liu Chongxiao as Architects

Located on riverside opposite the peach blossom island which is a fantastic sight point in Tianmen Mountain scenic of Guilin, the restaurant was oriented not as a building but a special viewfinder.

The concept is to create unique experience through combine the natural Environment with the manmade boundary surface. The 627-square-meters interior space contains repast space, kitchen and toilet. The ground floor is elevated to respond the change of Water levels. On the restaurant’s interior, the steel beams support roof and the beams also accommodate several strip -shaped clerestory windows which bring in natural light and view from outside. A series of different shaped shelves made of local fir looks warm and vernacular. The building looks like a super window for overall view.

Observing the exterior facade of the building from various angles, through the architectural interplay of composition of solid and void, one could sense a mixture of architectural exterior membrane interacting with the nearby bamboo grove, mountain and the materiality of interior space.

Once entering the building, one’s perception is surrounded by the combined power of building materiality, natural lighting and adjacent landscape. This new sense is generated by the juxtaposition of the building merging with the natural surroundings.

While the rain falling in drops, there was a soft, hushed secondary light around the warm interiority which constructed by fir, and the beautiful scene of river rise gleaming……Everything, the water, the air, sound, material presences, textures…… calmed people's heart. The sense of expectation that filled them while they were sitting there.

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