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NewsNews • 31 Dec 2022

Darwin 111 by Hermanos Goldenberg exemplifies interdisciplinary design process

Situated at the corner of Darwin and Loyola streets in front of an old tannery, Darwin 111, designed by Hermanos Goldenberg, is a residential building with a gastronomic place and parking.  Federico Kulekdjian The structure comprises two volumes interlinked via a circulation bridge and separated by an enclosed patio or a street, inspired by the typology of the formerly mentioned tannery. Featuring steel construction, the structure was built in a contemporary and interdisciplinary design process, taking only a year to complete.  Federico Kulekdjian Alveolar concrete bricks were used to raise the dividing walls between the exterior and interior. Upon enclosing the structure, reinforced concrete stairs with railin... More

NewsNews • 5 Oct 2022

Ksoul Studio layers emotions, colours and playful elements in the Chee-se restaurant in Tay Ninh

Popular amongst youth and families in Tay Ninh, Vietnam, Chee-se opens its second store and restaurant to offer people not just quality food but also a lively space. Ksoul studio has taken up this venture of making the chain’s food and spatial journey a memorable one. Valor Studio The design uses yellow and grey as the primary colours, taking inspiration from the identity of the brand. The façade features yellow fluid lines reflecting layers of melted cheese, evoking a visual reminder to the passers-by. Valor Studio The design pays equal attention to aesthetics and function. Single tables inspired by jigsaws are movable to become larger tables for bigger groups. The cashier and bar unveil a stainless-steel f... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2022

Wezo Hotel by Wedo Design interweaves art, culture, lifestyle and business

Located in Qingyang, the Wezo Hotel designed by Wedo Design is a social platform for art, culture, lifestyle and business. The design idea revolves around the circle of art life and creating a social space for urban youth to interact.  XIANG AO The exhibition hall portrays a romantic synthesis while the collection shop, with a mysterious aura around it, replicates the atmosphere of a castle. A grape-trellis-shaped stone pillar highlights the open-ended cafe and bar, creating a vintage look. Corridors are paired with wooden panes, giving a classical charm. XIANG AO The transition from the entrance creates a liminal space enhanced by a water bridge side and tones of subtle luxury. The design integrates characteristics... More

Project • By ED Design LtdRestaurants

616 & Maks Hotpot and Brewpub

616 and Maks has collaborated a new restaurant 616 Maks. Both of the brands are specialized in handcrafting products of their own kind: beef and beer. This restaurant situated in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui is distinct with local building techniques and craftsmanship to be blended in an industrial ambience. Glass blocks, terrazzo and golden signages are significant elements in the 80’s interior design which become the main features in 616 Maks.   The main entrance is framed with two walls of glass blocks and white tiles with the golden signages of the two brands confronting each other which explicitly tell the customers that there are two different brands. Customers can enjoy a freshly brewed seasonal handcrafted beer from the... More

Project • By Lagula ArquitectesHousing

16.13-SCL-Santa Clara

Sta Clara 11 is settled in one of the best areas of the Girona old quarter, facing the river. The aim of the Gironi developer is to transform a 70’s office dense storey building in a new dynamic living typology.   Several surgical operations are developed to transform the apparently indifferent modern movement structure into a rooted Gironi edifice, linked to the urban fabric pre-existences. All those aimed both to improve the inhabitant’s common life quality and to enhance the urban values.   A new curvy courtyard is proposed. This is thought as modern, transparent, luminous space, open to the sky. As a building heart, provides light, ventilation and character to the homes and to the public mew. It is defined in g... More

NewsMaterialization • 20 Jul 2020

Tiny urban house retrofit takes a fresh look at the design potential of glass-block

Accommodating a start-up leather shop, with accompanying living space and bedrooms, this tiny urban house is a retrofit project occupying an 18 square-meter site in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The architects, ROOM+ Design & Build, found a creative retrofitting solution by carefully removing two old brick facades and replacing them with glass-block facades and integrated windows with new minimal steel structure. Credit: SM Art Studio Located on the northeast and southeast façades, the translucent glass-blocks allow for natural light and ventilation without sacrificing interior privacy. The house blends into its surroundings during the day while at night, when the lights are on, the glass-block takes on a lantern-like effect.... More

Project • By BodinChapa ArchitectsBars

Tamarind Bistro and Music House

Tamarind  bistro and music house is the renovation of 2 old wooden houses with over 50 years old , which is located in Chiangrai, to be desirable location at a various times by selecting it to be the cafe & restaurant in the middle of the day and a music house at night. The challenge of the design is to use less of the construction's budget with the best value and can change the aspect of Chiangrai people that still familiar with a scary old wooden houses into an interesting area , as well as being able to bring a group of people with various ages to efficiency use the area since the original area was an old wooden building with over 50 years old , causing the internal and external conditions quite shabby and decay over the time .... More

Project • By Maden GroupBars


The love for cafes, restaurants, bars and practices to spend a lot of time in our favorite places is one of our characteristics. Our culture enjoys good food and coffee especially with good company while eating and drinking, it is also worth asking that we also eat fast food slowly. One of the strongest points we wanted to pay attention to was the comfort, the special look and the feeling “at home”.    Glass blocks have been used in cases where in the past they needed light and not views … mostly secondary places like wc, stairwells, etc., while we have given them added value by showing that the glass bones do wonders. One of the reasons we used glass blocks is because of the depth of the strip, to create the... More

Project • By STUDIO SHOOBars

SHAVI Bistro

The uniqueness of the Shavi project lies in the concept “Gastronomy through Art”, that inspired STUDIO SHOO during the process of designing. Look at the colors, art or Georgian architecture throughs the prism of modern world and today’s fashion, and you will see the new Gastro bistro with the spirit of non-traditional Georgia. Polina Poludkina “Fast casual” is a completely new format for Yoshkar-Ola city: quite petit area, high seats, waiter-less and quick service. However, at the same time there are always fresh dishes straight from the kitchen and the whole cooking process is just in front of the guests. Discovering a such sophisticated concept is pure enthusiasm and high ambition. Polina Poludkina... More

Project • By MIYAOApartments

Bay view apartment

BAY VIEW APARTMENT | INTERIOR | RUSSIA | 219 SQ. M If the apartment has a stunning sea view, then it has to be shown to everyone. The owners of this spacious penthouse in the downtown did just so: they rebuilt their home in such a way that the loud parties could be held there. In the middle of the spacious living room combined with a kitchen there is a large table for friendly feasts. It’s very comfy to chat at the bar, or, if you want some solitude, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city opening from the terrace. At the far end of the apartment there is a bedroom with a labyrinth of dressing rooms. It was important for the mistress that she could put her impressive collection of clothes there. The windows in this apartment look... More

Project • By gh3* architectsPump stations


The built environment, and its use and care of resources, plays a central role in the sustainability and resiliency of our life on this planet. While climate change impacts many areas, water is foremost among the resources that humans must learn to use less of and care better for.   With climate change resulting in hotter weather and more energetic storms, existing municipal stormwater infrastructure is being overwhelmed. The Real Time Control Building #3 is part of the City of Edmonton’s expanded urban ecosystem strategy; a vital component in the reduction of untreated run-off and sewage flowing into the North Saskatchewan River.   Situated on the corner of 84th Street NW and Jasper Avenue, just east of the downtown cor... More

Project • By StudioMDAMuseums

Faurschou Foundation

Faurschou Foundation is a private museum designed by studioMDA in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. With this addition, Faurschou Foundation is expanding its global art footprint to three permanent exhibition spaces including Copenhagen and Beijing. The Foundation aims to enhance the already rich cultural landscape of New York City by providing unique experiences for local, regional, and international visitors—engaging them with topical ideas and themes through artistic practice.   In designing this 12,000 sq. ft. building, studioMDA has converted an industrial warehouse to an exhibition space which maximizes spatial flexibility and natural light. The new space houses three distinctive exhibition spaces of varying aesthetic characteristics,... More

Project • By Tanja Lincke ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Haus an der Spree

The former grounds of the GDR water police in the south of the Plänterwald in Berlin-Treptow were found as a fallow land with mainly dilapidated buildings. Fascinated by the morbid presence of the abandoned industrial site, it was decided to underline its condition by an architectural and artistic reappropriation, resulting in the transformation of the main building of the former shipyard into a real ruin. Besides the conversion of the auxiliary buildings on the site into studio spaces, a new residential building, which in its materiality and appearance is gently reacting to its immediate context, was constructed and finished in 2017.   The essence of the property is primarily determined by the ruin and its garden. Distinctive f... More

Project • By Tonkin Zulaikha GreerOffices

75 Myrtle Street

The two storey inter-war factory building located at 75 Myrtle Street, Chippendale was constructed c1925 for J.C. Goodwin & Co Ltd, glass importers, bevellers and silverers, who were first established in Chippendale in 1875 in a factory on Abercrombie Street. It is significant for its association with the nineteenth and early twentieth century industrial activities that took place in Chippendale.   The building has now been remodeled into three purpose built offices located either side of a central courtyard. The Brief called for one large and two small tenancies, the larger tenancy to be accessible via Myrtle Street and the two smaller tenancies to be accessed from the rear of the building, via Dangar Place. The largest offi... More

Project • By Luigi Rosselli ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Pacific View Point

Docked into the steep rocky strataof the Pacific Ocean coast, this home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is a place for contemplation; a place to observe and absorb the shimmer of the water, each fold and fall of the waves, the serene passage of cetaceans and cumulus, the infinite permutations of textures and hues that form a welcome diversion from our urban and global concerns.   Arranged in an offset layered composition, the geometry of the main frontage reflects the complexity of the front boundary line, both of which are generated by the irregular geology of the site.  The angles of each level of the house are precisely positioned to optimise the views for the occupants whilst maintaining neighbourly harmony by ensuring the... More