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Project • By GKD Metal FabricsShopping Centres

Hermes Bangkok

For Hermes Bangkok, the all-glass façade is veiled in Sambesi metal fabric. The custom mesh includes gold-coated rods that cast a warm glow, whether it's catching the sun during the day or illuminated from within at night. More

Project • By OMAShops

Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

Tiffany & Co. and OMA have collaborated on a new vision for the brand’s iconic Fifth Avenue Flagship store. The renovation reimagines the retail experience while preserving the historic identity of the original building. Construction on the project is currently underway and is on track to be completed in Spring 2022. The project marks the first holistic renovation and preservation effort in the building’s 80-year history. OMA has collaborated with Tiffany & Co., on specific aspects of the transformation— including the re-imagined upper volume atop the building. This new addition (floors 8 to 10) of the 10-story architectural icon located at 727 Fifth Avenue will become an exhibition, event and clienteling space th... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsConcert Halls

Multi-Ifunctional Hall

Our design proposal for the Multifunctional Hall / Congress Center, pays special attention to makes a flow of people, connects with the city and reflects the scenery. The facade makes the inside and outside visible like a waterfront. The building realizes the fascinated scenery of the mountains and the waterfront of the city. By the beautiful scenery and the outdoor space such as the roof and terrace, the unique complex is connected to the city. Inside, you can experience the space like going around the natural terrain. The reflective ceiling is also a screen that abstracts the activity of people and the surrounding landscape, as if the landscape were reflected on the water surface. By opening the sliding walls, theater performances can... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Showrooms

TOYOTA Car dealership 1

This is automobile dealer along roadside in the suburbs.It includes automobile retail and office for staffs. Some glass cubes are inserted into glass facade randomly. Each cubes has each functions, such as image ad, video ad, kids space and car display space. There are car display area, reception space and office area in a big interior space. Ceiling is porous surface like a facade. Sunlight come into interior space through white fabric roof and porous ceiling to make soft atmosphere. Customer can watch cars and talk about purchasing cars in calm environment by soft lighting. Space above the ceiling produce hot air which works heating for interior in winter time and is released by pressure ventilation for inslation. Passive design is... More

Project • By Metall RittenPrivate Houses

Casa nella roccia

The archaic idea of living in a cave is the basis of the unique rock house. The architect Werner Tscholl has catapulted it fantastically consistently into the present time. And we were allowed to accompany the construction of these living spaces. When working directly on the rock, variables were to be expected from the very beginning. So we brought with us the necessary flexibility to precisely fit the modern and fragile materials, such as glass, between the sharp edges. The rock house now offers the primeval human protection through the proximity to the stone as well as the wonderful modern comfort of our time. More

Project • By Metall RittenHeritages

Marmolada, Punta Rocca

Marmolada is the highest panoramic terrace in the Dolomites. But it is less this record detail of which we as steel constructors are proud. It is the countless little things that we had to master for this special place. The transport of the components via three cable cars was extremely cumbersome. Heavy parts had to be pulled up with the snow groomers. The impossibility of pre-assembling larger parts required complex assembly work on site and in thin air. The visitor no longer notices the steel construction. For him, the former clearly prevails: the highest Dolomite panorama in the world.   More

Project • By Metall RittenExhibition Centres

Im Kult

The rooms of the former soap factory in Marling combine the cultural sectors of food, design and art in a wondrous way. The architecture offers the space to present special objects and to feel the vibrating lifestyle in a concise and at the same time reserved way. We have lined up to implement the concept in the best possible way. In addition to the light points shimmering through the perforated sheeting in the roof, the realization of the 3x3m glass revolving windows was a tricky task. So the original outside windows could be preserved, while inside unobtrusive linear glass constructions guarantee the necessary insulation.   More

Product • By S-VITECHFA7100-Support for glass (quick fit)


This is a patented product developed for Museum of Image and Sound, a project from the New York architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.The part that connects to the structure is adaptable and we can personalize in dimensions and aesthetics. More

Product • By GammaStoneGammaStone GLASS AIR

GammaStone GLASS AIR

The panel is composed of an ultraslim glass slab, a structural core inserted between two fibreglass layers and a stainless steel plate having a thickness of 0,5 mm. Maximum panel size 4200x1500 mm with variable thicknesses. The glass, with its timeless beauty and extreme flexibility of use, gives majesty and elegance to the buildings and places. The wide selection of colors, the various compositions and processes allow to meet all architecture requirements and endless customization. The most important glass manufacturers in the world, our partners, enable us to offer multiple solutions: varnished, reflecting, screen-printed glass and more. More

Project • By ECOSTEELOffices

SIDI SPORT headquarter

The new SIDI SPORT headquarter is an extremely high tech and dynamic building. Each one of the steel arches, whose job is to erect the whole building, are positioned 30m away one another. The arches intersect with each other at an inclination angle, which varies from a minimum of 10 degrees to a maximum of 15. This has been achieved thanks to the implementation of modern computing, 3D design software and a fierce collaboration with Architect IvanoSebellin Valentino. More

Project • By Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & PartnersPrivate Houses


A butterfly conservatory, the key thrown away: a space defined by the transparency of the windows, an infinite space where thoughts take flight at the whim of imagination. Texte : Baptiste rpicum More

Product • By Keller minimal windowsKELLER minimal windows® highline

KELLER minimal windows® highline

The innovative premium glass façade system combines aesthetics with outstanding performance features. The slender and frameless glass façades enhance the pure minimalism of current architecture. The glass façade between two structural floors comprises thermally insulated, concealed aluminium frame profiles and is ideal wherever minimum facing width and maximum glazing height are desired. The flush-mounted or symmetrically alternating offset planes of the glass façade can be combined with ultra-slender design sliding doors to give the perfect solution for high-rise residential projects and business premises. Available as double- or triple glazing versions. Stability of the sliding system tested under extreme wind loads with a nomina... More

Project • By NanaWallPrivate Houses

Park City Residence

A house presented Otto Walker Architects with dramatic views and a choice site. Using a mix of raw timbers and chunky, native stones, Otto developed a concept that responded to the client’s specific wishes.“The materials are intrinsic to the area, and it’s still a bit of an Alpine feel that just seems to make sense there,” says Otto. “The client wanted lots of views, and indoor/outdoor living was also a component. Everybody wants to do some cooking outdoors.”In this case, the use of an opening glass wall was “kind of a program requirement,” says the architect. “The owners definitely wanted a large opening in that location – it was a deck.” Otto / Walker specified the highly weather-resistant NanaWall WA67, a thermally broken, aluminum foldi... More