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Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices


India’s first listed power sector infrastructure investment trust. Established to own and operate power transmission and renewable energy assets in India.   Client Brief: Design an Office for this young company that meets with their current and future requirements and exudes their image appropriately to its internal team and the outside world. Yamini Krishna Photography Yamini Krishna Photography Client Expectations:  Raw, Rustic and yet Elegant design with a clear hint of company’s true business and values communicated aptly across the entire office space. Yamini Krishna Photography Challenges: Design challenges were addressed well by the experienced design team. It was the pandemic that hit just... More

Project • By AlkiOffices

Schott-Schwaab Notary Office

Based in the center of Strasbourg, only few steps from the cathedral, the Valentin Schott, Valérie Schwaab, Catherine Gillet et Yannick Schott notary offices are housing our Laia office chairs. Different models including high or low back support, on rollers or fix, elegantly furnish the meeting room. Henri Vogt More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSOffices

Deloitte Athens

Deloitte, one of the world’s leading consulting companies, decided to reorganize part of its headquarters in Marousi in order to reach the capacity needed in relation to its human dynamic. At the same time, the work environment aesthetics and optimization of unused spaces was a crucial parameter for the building’s transformation. A&M was assigned with the Design & Build of the space using Deloitte’s parameters, international ergonomics and safety standards as guidelines. The project was completed within the estimated timeline and budget while the spaces occupy 1080 M2 of the building distributed in 3 levels hosting 99 workstations both in open plan layout and close offices. The integration of the existing small atr... More

Project • By AB+PartnersOffices


Functionality and individuality are notions that are inherent to each of our projects. Even if they are characterized by simple lines and shapes, these interiors offer plenty of comfort. This was also the case of Sapico, where we relied on the correct partition of the premises, so as to provide the office with all zones that are necessary for a good functioning. In the working area we have created a common premise, offering enough space to guarantee personal comfort and isolating the premises by means of shelves. Thus, we kept the feeling of a large common space, but also that of privacy. In the meeting room we also applied rational zoning of space, which was divided into two parts: an area for the conference table and an area for speaking... More

Project • By Richporter LightingOffices

At Workbase

We worked closely with Inside Studio and At Workbase‘s owner to turn their vision of the space a reality. We had the mandate to provide lighting fixtures that would not only illuminate but also define their space. This concept of shared officed aims for a family aesthetic. so we custom made many decorative fixtures in bright colors and unique shapes.  Richporter Lighting was able to ease the entire ordering and coordinating process regardless of the very large number of manufacturers involved in the project and ensured the right items were on site at the right time. More

Project • By Partner DesignOffices

Office Bacardi-Martini Ukraine


Project • By MONO ArchitectsOffices


The office was built using a minimalistic approach, but with careful attention to detail, giving the office a modern feel while also being a comfortable working environment. We also reflected the company’s philosophy of environmental consciousness – using recycled eco-materials and incorporating living plants. Guests to Biosphere are greeted by a clean, minimalist reception area, the focus of which is the reception desk made of artificial white stone. Most noticeable is the metallic sphere set into the stone desk, which, constantly rotating, symbolizes the constant development and progression of the company. The managers’ offices are located in the center of the floor. They cleanly and visually divide the open space into... More

Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsOffices

Tween Coexistence

Tween Coexistence is a project of business park hall, absolutely white, that incorporates accurately defined functioning fluidity and provides form curvature expression by shadow transitions. The purpose of reception desk transforms into waiting zone, which, in turn, transmutes into the elevator hall.   NAME: Tween Coexistance WORK NAME: PRKLOCATION: Europassage Business Park, Prakhovykg Family str., Kyiv, UkraineAREA: 111 m2DATE: 2018PROGRAMME: Creation of expressive and functional image of the entrance hall denoting contemporary goals of the clientCLIENT: EurosouvenirCONTRACTOR: NeoconPHOTO: Alik Usik, Serhii NikiforovSTATUS: Implemented ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsPROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Vadym Mylostiuk, Aliona... More

Project • By Xypnitos ArchitectsOffices

Mazars Greece HQ offices

Headquarter Offices - Mazars Greece, in Athens. Our project goal is to design a functional, interesting working environment divided in two levels of 1000 sqm total area , in an office building which was rented, cold shell.  The idea was to dedicate the upper floor for partners and management and the lower floor, as workstations and leisure / common activities. All working areas, where designed as open space and every user can use any workstation without  fixed limitations. There are many openspace leisure meeting rooms and dedicated closed meeting rooms, as long as booths for more privacy.  Although the availiable height was not enough to ensure a more liberal infrastructure, we managed to have all air ducts and installat... More
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Project • By Atelier MjKOffices

National Sorority Headquarters

Atelier MjK aimed to make the spaces in these national headquarters more feminine and house historic documents, photographs and relics of the sorority, as well as create meeting and event spaces. The 12,000 square foot project maintains the historic shell of the original 1912 buildings and creates a series of interior modernist interventions. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsOffices

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex / Office

Located in Shiraz, Iran, 180 sqm. the limited office space of Honarshahre Aftab Cineplex Office was the challenge for our team to make the office management space a place to be experienced. The project is seeking to create a space to increase the interaction between the clients and office staff and also between the staff working. Creating intimate and dynamic environment leads to the point that staff feels they belong to the place and create a more efficient environment. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals these items are considered:1) Fading the boundary between inside and outside (office space and complex lobby) in order to have more connection with the complex management: Continuing movement of the outside form to inside and c... More

Project • By Nedlaw Living WallsOffices

Bell Trinity Square

Well known in Toronto as '483 Bay', this office complex occupies part of the former site of the historic Eaton's Annex. Built in 1983, the property achieved LEED Gold certification in 2010 and is home to several high profile businesses and organizations. We worked with property managers Northam Realty to create a biofilter design that would complement this corporate atrium setting and further their green initiatives. More

Project • By InteractionOffices


Sector: TechnologySize: 3,788 sq ftLocation: BathThe VisionFounded in 2004, Bath-based Rocketmakers have seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. In the last few months alone, the software developers have received A Queen’s Award for Enterprise, a Creative Bath Award for Innovation, and The Bath Life Platinum Award. With this in mind, the team needed a space that would meet their growing reputation and needs – in terms of space-efficiency, agility, and attracting potential new recruits and partners. The team found their new home at the recently refurbished 20 Manvers Street. Having completed an inspirational workplace for fellow Manvers Street tenants Wild & Wolf, the team here at Interaction were a natural choice when it... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

Modern Office Design for Administration of East Ca

A fine office interior always features the best of functionality and visuals, which is why CAS designed this Modern Office for Administration of East Capabilities Company by paying the utmost attention to all the details. Located in Al-Khobar, KSA, this office features stylishly warm wooden accents that create a comfortable ambiance, elegant marble flooring, plush furniture, along with sleek material and lighting accents that highlight its luxurious side.​​​​​​​ More

Project • By InteractionOffices


Sector: Consulting & Professional ServicesSize: 1,076 sq ftLocation: BristolThe VisionKeen to bring their Bristol HQ into the present, RedRock tasked Interaction with transforming their existing office into a modern, vibrant and future-proofed space.In addition to inspiring productivity and reflecting the company’s brand, the brief revolved around creating a workplace that would make a great impression for potential new business partners. The ResultHaving been creating dynamic and highly skilled workforces for clients for over 20 years, RedRock’s office will now help them to practice what they preach. The team now have a space to be proud of – and one that will appeal to all, whether that be staff members, existing client... More